Arctic Air Pure Chill Review 2022: (Buyers Beware!) Is Arctic Air Pure Chill Worth Buying?

Arctic Air Pure Chill Review 2022: (Buyers Beware!) Is Arctic Air Pure Chill Worth Buying?

Arctic Air Pure Chill Review: With COVID-19 cases on the rise, most people are looking for a cost-effective and trustworthy way to remain cool at home this summer. The Arctic Pure Chill Portable AC is a new piece of portable air cooling equipment from Arctic Air. To learn everything you need to know about Arctic Pure Chill, read this review.

It comes with new customizable features as well as custom air-cooling choices. There’s no better motivation to go outside and enjoy unfettered fun than the onset of scorching summer weather. This, however, only applies to people who have high-tech air conditioners in their houses.

Others, on the other hand, have little choice but to deal with the inclement weather once they get home. Fortunately, all of it may be changed simply by acquiring a Fortunately, you can change all of that by purchasing a personal air cooler. The Arctic Air Pure Chill

What is the Arctic Air Pure Chill

Arctic Air Pure Chill is a small personal air cooler that cools and humidifies one’s immediate surroundings for maximum comfort.

Arctic Air Pure Chill is a portable air cooler that allows consumers to keep cool and comfortable no matter where they travel. Also check out Coolme Pro Air Cooler

Features of Arctic Air Pure Chill

1). Simple to Operate

A top-fill pouring system is included with the Arctic Air Pure Chill Portable Air Cooler. It’s a portable air chiller that makes living easier.

The 450-milliliter refill tank allows you to cool for longer periods of time.

2) Adjustable

It has a sleek, modern design that can be used in any room of the house. Three fan settings and moveable directional vents for direct ventilation are included in the machine.

3) Portability

Portability and convenience are two of its best features. While performing some tasks, one can stroll from one room to the next, or even bring the air cooler unit on their next road trip.

4) Compact

Because they’re about the size of a toaster, these air coolers won’t take up much space on a table, desk, or countertop. If one wanted to take one on a trip, it would most likely fit comfortably in the backseat. Furthermore, because each one is only a few pounds (even when full of water), most people will have no issue carrying it around their home or business.

5). Outside as well as inside

This type of device is commonly used to cool and moisturize the air within homes, but it can also be utilized outside. It could be useful on a scorching hot day when you want to relax in your backyard or balcony but don’t want to be drenched in perspiration. 

6). Whisper-Quiet

On a similar note, the fan on this device is engineered to be whisper-quiet so that it does not wake people up while they are sleeping. It’s also unlikely to irritate someone who is using the air cooler while working or doing something quiet, such as reading or knitting.

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Specifications of Arctic Air Pure Chill

  • Device that can be taken anywhere
  • Water Curtain on the Inside
  • 2.73 pound total weight
  • Three types of work modes (Breeze, Cool, Chill)
  • Range: less than 45 sq. ft.
  • Nature’s Power: Electric
  • Charging is quiet. Powered by included DC5V plug, Input voltage DC 5V.  165mm (H) x 165mm (W) x 145mm (L)
  • LED light that may be adjusted in brightness

How Best To Install Arctic Air Pure Chill

Step1: Unboxing

The first step in setting up Arctic Air PureChill is to unbox it. It must be taken out of the box, the plastic coverings removed, and the stickers removed. A DC5V plug is also included. Remove it as well, and plug it into an AC outlet.

Step 2: Chairing

It is believed that once the device is in front of one, they will investigate it. All of the components and buttons, as well as the water tank, should be found. Using the other or the power cord, connect this Arctic Air PureChill AC to a power source.

Step 3: Watering

While the device is charging, you can locate the water tank and fill it up to the full capacity. This one water tank is enough to keep the air conditioner running for 10-12 hours.

Step 4: Settings

The device’s red light indicates that it is charging, and when it turns green, it is ready to use. Different temperature settings, fan settings, and modes buttons can be found. It is expected that one selects the parameters that suit one’s preferences and turn it on. It will take less than a minute for the cooling process to begin.

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How Does Arctic Air Pure Chill Work

  1. The water is poured into the tank until it is entirely full.
  2. When you turn on the Arctic Air Pure Chill, hot, dry air is pushed over the water tank.
  3. When air passes over a water tank, it collects moisture from the water and causes evaporation. This mechanism removes heat from the surrounding air because evaporation requires heat.
  4. Water is removed from the tank by evaporation and released into the atmosphere.
  5. The air on the other side of the equipment is cooler and wetter. The Arctic Air Pure Chill has chilled and humidified the air, helping to create a comfortable atmosphere.

Places Where Arctic Air Pure Chill Can Be Used

  • Home and business offices can be found in garages, bedrooms, campers, and dorm rooms.
  • Also, because the Arctic Air Pure Chill is portable, it’s easy to take with you when you’re out and about. The Arctic Air Pure Chill can be taken on the go or used in a hotel room for added cooling efficiency.

The Advantages of Arctic Air Pure Chill 

  • It’s transportable.
  • For personal use only
  • It’s simple to use.
  • Irritation is kept to a minimum.
  • It helps to cool and humidify the air for maximum comfort.
  • Rapid Cooling cools hot, dry air.
  • It humidifies and cools the air at the same time.
  • It runs for several hours per charge and has a top fill system that helps prevent spills and messes.
  • It’s light and portable, making it simple to move between rooms.
  • A multi-directional air vent, an LED night light, and whisper-quiet operation are just a few of the features.
  • The bulk of germs are destroyed.
  • When you place this personal air cooler in a certain area, the temperature in that area will drop to a comfortable level. This is especially important on a really hot day, since it can mean the difference between someone suffering from heat exhaustion and not. Furthermore, if a room is too hot to sleep or work in on a regular basis, lowering the temperature may make it uncomfortably pleasant to do so.
  • It is not necessary to change the water curtains. With some air coolers, the filter may need to be replaced every few months or so. The Arctic Air Pure Chill, on the other hand, specifies that the water curtain within will not need to be replaced. Each device is expected to have a single curtain that will endure for the duration of its life.

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Cons of the Arctic Air Pure Chill

  •  It won’t be able to cool a lot of space.
  • While the Arctic Air Pure Chill is powerful enough to cool (and humidify) a bedroom or a bathroom, it will not entirely cool a large space. If you want to chill an entire floor of your house or your basement, you’ll need more than one of these units.
  • For their respiration, some persons prefer cool, humidified conditions, while others prefer cool, dehumidified environments. This personal space cooler humidifies rather than dehumidifies, so individuals who prefer the latter may be disappointed. They may realize that the humidification function of the gadget exacerbates their asthma symptoms, in which case a dehumidifier and a cooling fan would be preferable.
  • It is only available for purchase online.
  • Stock is limited due to high market demand.

Prices of Arctic Air Pure Chill

  • 1 Arctic Air Pure Chill unit  cost $89.95
  • 2 Arctic Air® Pure Chill units cost $179.98
  • 3 Arctic Air® Pure Chill units cost$202.99
  • 4 Arctic Air® Pure Chill units cost $247.99

Where Can One Buy Arctic Air Pure Chill

The Arctic Air Pure Chill is only available on the manufacturer’s official website at a discounted price. If you buy more than two pieces of the personal fan, you can save even more money.

What Makes Arctic Air Pure Chill SPECIAL

 The air is cooled and humidified:

A typical air conditioner removes moisture from the air, resulting in colder temperatures. The Arctic Air Pure Chill is one of a kind in that it cools and humidifies the air at the same time.

Three fan speeds and a multi-directional air vent are included.

Only one fan speed and a multi-directional air vent are available on some portable air coolers. The Arctic Air Pure Chili’s three fan speeds can be used to customize the cooling. For example, on a hot summer afternoon, you might choose to utilize the low fan speed overnight and the high fan speed. The multi-directional air vent lets you direct the cool air in whatever direction you like.

Efficient Cooling:

 Using Hydro-Chill Technology, the Arctic Air Pure Chill pushes air through an evaporative air cooling filter. The air leaves the machine quickly as cool, pleasant air. The Arctic Air Pure Chill instantly transforms hot air to cool air without wasting hundreds of dollars on power.


The Arctic Air Pure Chill has color-changing LEDs that change color when in use. These LEDs can be adjusted in any way, from peaceful night-time colors to fully turning them off. The Arctic Air Pure Chill comes with six different LED color options that may be combined to match any room’s decor.

Adaptable to Any Situation:

The Arctic Air Pure Chill can be used in any setting. Simply fill the tank with water, fill the top with water, and then press the button. The unit lasts 10 hours on a single charge.

Transportable and compact

Unlike other air conditioning systems, this one cannot be moved. It is firmly secured. This is not the case with the Arctic Air Pure Chill. It’s simple to move between rooms, and the portable design allows it to be used whenever cold, fresh air is needed.

Frequently Asked Questions on Arctic Air Pure Chill


Arctic Air Pure Chill works as a portable air chiller. It may be used in severely dry environments, especially since it has a built-in, high-quality humidifier that can readily aid in moisturizing or humidifying our surroundings.


There is, indeed. Empty the tank and allow the unit and cooling cartridge to dry before storing it if it won’t be used for a long time.


Before it needs to be replaced, the cooling cartridge should be utilized for 1-3 months, depending on usage. Extras can be found on the official website.

Customer’s Review on Arctic Air Pure Chil

Arctic Air Pure Chill cools my personal space in less than a minute. I’m pleased with my new portable air cooler. It comes with my highest recommendation. 5.0 out of 5.0 stars!”


The Arctic Air Pure Chill was purchased as a gift for my father, who owns a small business. It is quite beneficial to him.

 Steve Jones 

This was purchased as a gift for my father, who works in a tiny workroom on rock polishing projects. It piques his interest. Because he is more at peace, he can now do what he enjoys for longer periods of time

Larissa B. Canada,

I used to sleep with a fan by my bed, but it was too noisy! Furthermore, the breeze was generally an issue if I was reading ahead of time. Without the drawbacks of my prior fan, the Arctic Air Pure Chill device gives all of the cool air I require. It’s incredible.”

Geoff L.

Although I adore the pleasant weather, sleeping during those hot August nights may be a nightmare! Thanks to Arctic Air Pure Chill, I am always comfortable, regardless of the outside temperature. Even when I go camping, I bring it with me. 

Karen W.,

Final Verdict on Arctic Air Pure Chill

Arctic Air Pure Chill is a portable air cooler that cools effectively and efficiently. During the summer, it can be utilized to keep one cool in a bedroom, office, dorm room, or other small space.

Traditional AC are notorious for consuming a lot of electricity, resulting in higher household bills. They also require a lot of maintenance. Due to their high price, they are out of reach for the average buyer. As an alternative, most individuals use portable evaporative coolers like the Arctic Air Pure Chill Portable AC.

You have the option to reclaim your summer and create the conditions you choose for optimal comfort. Arctic Air Pure Chill provides a constant stream of cool air to keep the area at a pleasant temperature.

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