Best Stablecoin Development Companies

Best Stablecoin Development Companies

Are you in search of the Best Stablecoin Development Companies to be successful in your business? The stablecoin market is currently on a surge of popularity due to its high stability and the estimated market cap of stablecoins is around 3.77% of the total cryptocurrency market cap. This significant momentum gained by stablecoin points to a complete change in the financial systems and great opportunities for businesses.

With stablecoins becoming this popular and gradually gaining demand in the market, access to authentic stablecoins is important and for this, consulting the best stablecoin development company is a must. Consulting the right stablecoin development company will help in getting the best solutions.

Best Stablecoin Development Companies: Services, Types & Solutions!

It is crucial to look for stablecoin development companies with years of experience and trustworthiness. You might come across several stablecoin development companies but only a handful of them deliver the necessary solutions. To help you out, this article has compiled all the best stablecoin development companies and they are sure to help you flourish your business in the stablecoin market.

Why Stablecoin Development?

In simple terms, we can say that stable coins are dollars in digital form and they focus on maintaining a stable value. Here are the main reasons why stablecoins and their development matter:

  • Low Volatility- As stablecoins are pegged or tied to national currencies or commodities like precious metals, collateralized with other cryptocurrencies or algorithmic coin supply management, they aim to preserve stability and thereby overcome the fluctuations to reduce price volatility.
  • Liquidity- Stablecoins being supported by assets with liquidity enable them to be used by various businesses for securely raising funds. Here, its stability is highlighted as with a hike in price, more tokens are produced to maintain stability.
  • Transparent- The next factor that makes stablecoin a trusted financial asset is that it is completely transparent. Every transaction made using stablecoin is recorded on the blockchain, indicating that transparent money flows enhance market efficiency.
  • Widespread integration- As stablecoins are less volatile, exhibit great stability, and are backed by assets like commodities or cryptocurrencies, they are widely adopted and accepted in all crypto exchanges. This indicates that their trading is easy in all exchanges across the world.

Features of Stablecoin

Stablecoins are a high production intervention designed for the global economy and the following are its main features that point to its scope in the current scenario:

  • Scalability

Being a stable asset, backed by cryptocurrency, fiat currency, or commodities, stablecoins are widely adopted and accepted across trade exchanges across the world. The stablecoin use cases of adoption also increase and some include store of value, banking, and payments. So, scalability is a key feature of stablecoin making it a better choice for trading.

  • Decentralized

An important feature of stablecoin is that it is decentralized and not under the control of any central authority. So, the flow of stablecoins is not under any establishment. As stablecoins have widespread integration, their exchanges are not limited to a single place. This makes stablecoins exchanges secure and free from the intrusions or disruptions caused by malicious attacks. All the stablecoin transactions are stored in the blockchain indicating that the data is dispersed across the network and all holders have this data.

  • Easy Exchange

The ease of exchange feature of stablecoins is also linked to their low volatility and as they are pegged to assets like fiat currency, cryptocurrency, or commodities. To make it more clear, stablecoin holders can easily convert and exchange these coins into fiat currency. With the possibility for easy conversions and exchanges using virtual wallets, funding currencies becomes easier.

Best Stablecoin Development Companies

From the above-mentioned, the scope and advances of stablecoins are evident. Due to their stability, scalability, and liquidity, stablecoins have surged in popularity over the last few years and many stablecoin development companies are coming up. As per extensive research, the following 5 companies are found to be the best stablecoin development companies to help businesses flourish and cater to all investors across the world.


Minoid is a leading stablecoin development company that is experienced in metaverse development and dedicated to the blockchain industry.  The company has been delivering strategic guidance on stable coin development to startups as well as businesses. The major stablecoin development services offered by Minoid include stablecoin consulting which lists out a well-crafted plan explaining market conditions, business strategy, and more, stablecoin creation which includes stablecoins backed by cryptocurrencies, fiat currency, and commodities, white paper creation, stablecoin marketing, payment, and KYC services, and community support management. The expert crew of the company uses tech stacks such as Rust, GO, Solidity, React, Node, and Hyperledger Fabric.

In addition to stablecoin development services, Minoid also offers a range of other services including blockchain development, metaverse development, cryptocurrency development, ICO development, NFT marketplace development, DeFi development, DApp development, smart contract development, IPFS development, hyperledger development, and solidity blockchain development. The company’s blockchain expertise are Algorand, Terra, Polkadot, Cosmos, Cardano, Hedera Hashgraph, fantom, bitcoin, polygon, Binance Smart Chain,  Tron, Stellar, and much more.  Minoid assures quality blockchain solutions for enterprises of all sizes and its ultimate aim is to solve real-world challenges.

Blockchain App Factory

Blockchain App Factory is an advanced stablecoin development company that helps people to peg their assets and thereby stabilize the crypto world. The company offers end-to-end stablecoin development services including the creation of stablecoins, trading, and finally marketing, and also guarantees stable cryptocurrency, 100% backed by assets, transparency, and security. The main stablecoin development services delivered by Blockchain App Factory include Gold-backed cryptocurrency, Fiat-backed cryptocurrency, and Precious stones-backed cryptocurrency.  Other notable services provided by the company include NFT, NFT games, DeFi, Binance Smart Chain, and blockchain solutions. Blockchain App Factory is currently partnering with Certik and BitMart.


Antier is a stablecoin development company providing real solutions to businesses for creating a decentralized digital world. The company offers several stablecoin development services to help people tap into the billion-dollar stablecoin market. The key stablecoin development services provided by Antier include Fiat-collateralized stablecoin development, crypto-collateralized stablecoin development, commodity-collateralized stablecoin development, and non-collateralized stablecoin development, and gold-backed stablecoin development. The company also offers stablecoin solutions such as whitepaper creation, stablecoin consulting, and stablecoin marketing to boost the stablecoin development journey. A few other services delivered by Antier include DeFi, P2P Exchange Development, P2P Lending Platform Development, STO Exchange Development, Smart Contract Development, and KYC Blockchain Solution.


Developcoins is a stablecoin development company that focuses on creating customer-desired stablecoins and helping avert the risk of crypto instability. The company is providing stablecoin development solutions in 30+ countries and the main stablecoin development services include fiat-backed stablecoin development, crypto-backed stablecoin development, commodity-backed stablecoin development, non-collateralized stablecoin development, asset-backed token development, and token distribution platform development. Developcoins also delivers supplementary stablecoin solutions such as stablecoin consulting services, stablecoin whitepaper creation, smart contract development, and stablecoin marketing solutions. The company also offers stablecoin launching platforms like Stellar, Waves, Minter, and Tezos. Other services supported by Developcoins include NFT, MLM, DeFi, token development, ICO/ STO/ IDO, and blockchain.


Somish is a trusted stablecoin development company with an expert team of blockchain developers. The major stablecoin services offered by the company include stablecoin creation, stablecoin whitepaper, stablecoin consulting, and stablecoin marketing.  Other important services provided by Somish include Blockchain development, fundraising tech development, cryptocurrency development, cryptocurrency exchanges, and blockchain auditing. The company’s main customers include Nexus Mutual, Morpheus Network, Asure Network, Zillios, Indorse, Thales, Aion, Verify Chain, Capitalusm, ICO Governance Foundation, Akiva Capital Holdings, Globsyn Business School, and SPML Engineering Life. The company offers efficient stablecoin development services and also assures a 30-minute free brainstorming session on stablecoin development and related aspects.

Stablecoin Development Services

Stablecoin development companies offer a range of services. Here let us see some of the services provided by the best Stablecoin development companies:

  • Stablecoin creation

The major stablecoin development service offered by stablecoin development companies is stablecoin creation. The companies focus on creating different stablecoins that are backed by cryptocurrency, fiat currency, commodities, and precious metals like gold. They also create multi-collateral stablecoins that are decentralized and thereby free from the control of any central authority.

  • Stablecoin consulting

The expert team in the stablecoin development companies offers consultations to clients so that they can be clear about their stablecoin-based blockchain project. The blockchain development team creates a well-planned map listing the market analytics, business, and technical strategy, development, and delivery procedure. So, stablecoin consulting ensures a better understanding of how the project is dealt with and the consequent outcome.

  • Whitepaper drafting

White paper drafting, as the name indicates, is the drafting process of the details of the completed project. This is the next important stage in the stablecoin development process. White paper drafting is intended to help companies better place their stablecoin offering in the market. So, this draft includes every detail of the project explained and specifically points to its potential benefits in solving a real-world problem.

  • Stablecoin marketing

The next and the most crucial step is marketing the stablecoins developed. For this, several activities are carried out by stablecoin development companies including email marketing, PR outreach, social media marketing, and other time-tested and reliable techniques. Using these growth hack strategies, businesses can reach out to their desired investors successfully.

Types of Stablecoins

Stablecoins are categorized into 3 types based on their underlying collateral structures, that is, the assets that they are pegged or tied to. So, the 3 types of stablecoins are fiat-backed, cryptocurrency-backed, and commodity-backed stablecoins. Each of these stablecoins is listed below in detail:

  • Fiat-backed stablecoin

Fiat currency-backed stablecoins are the most popular and it is an off-chain asset that is controlled by a central or financial institution and whose ratio to the number of stablecoin tokens circulating is 1:1. This stablecoin is also called traditional collaterals as they are linked to the fiat currency. The Fiat-backed stablecoins produced include those for currencies such as USD, GBP, EURO, etc. these stablecoins are regulated by powerful authorities and are centralized.

  • Cryptocurrency backed stablecoin

The cryptocurrency-backed or crypto-collateralized are those supported by cryptocurrencies. In the production of this stablecoin, the process followed is on-chain where the transactions are available on the blockchain ledger and are managed using smart contracts. These stablecoins are over-collateralized and hence are not affected by price fluctuations. Crypt-collaterals are decentralized, transparent, scalable, and of high liquidity.

  • Commodity backed stablecoin

Commodity-backed stablecoins are supported by physical and stable assets like gold, silver, diamond, oil, and real estate. These stablecoins are subjected to frequent auditing and are completely trustworthy. Gold is the commodity that is often used as collateral and some of the commodity-backed collaterals include Tether Gold (XAUT) and Paxos Gold (PAXG).

All the stablecoin development companies mentioned in this article develop these 3  types of stablecoins as required by the clients.

Use cases of a stablecoin

The use cases and benefits of stablecoins are listed below one by one that you can go through to understand why they are becoming so popular.

  • Day to Day payments

Stablecoins being highly secure digital assets makes its access easy and payments and transactions can be done without undergoing big formalities.

  • Proper p2p payments

With high stability and very low fluctuations in the price value, peer-to-peer payments of stablecoins are much easier and there are no extra charges for transactions.

  • Smart Escrow

As stablecoins are decentralized and are managed using blockchains, they enable automated escrow via smart contracts which are agreements that evaluate the escrow without the requirement of an intermediary or a central authority. The stablecoins also offer stability to escrow holdings and they are fully audited.

  • Fast remittance

With stablecoins, remittance and payments become faster. For cross-border payments and remittances, usually, a high transfer fee is applicable and people find it extremely difficult to send money. Stablecoins solve this crisis as their value doesn’t fluctuate and is the same everywhere. So, no extra fee is remitted from migrant workers for cross-border transactions.

Final Take on Best Stablecoin Development Companies

As cryptocurrencies and other assets are highly volatile, the importance of a stable, scalable, and transparent asset like stablecoins is becoming more sound.  As of now, several authentic stablecoins are available but, on the other side, false stablecoins are also coming up that might cause huge losses. Many trustworthy stable development companies are functioning worldwide but, choosing the right one for your business needs can be a real task. So, in this article, after extensive research, we have filtered out unauthorized stablecoin development companies and have listed the best stablecoin development companies currently operating.

Each of these companies has been selected after analyzing their blockchain and stablecoin industry experience, services offered, security, and several other factors. All the 5 stablecoin development companies mentioned here ensure providing the best stablecoin development services. Based on your business requirement, you can choose the most suitable one to accomplish your goals, drive the best results, and secure investors’ trust.

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