Genie Script Reviews: Is Wesley Virgin’s Motivation Program Legit?

Genie Script Reviews: Is Wesley Virgin’s Motivation Program Legit?

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Genie Script Reviews – Genie Script is a 30-day program created by Wesley Vergin that teaches you proper ways how to meditate and manifest to acquire financial, emotional, and mental improvements. Read my complete review to know all about this valuable course.

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What is the Genie Script?

The Genie Script is a 30-day program that helps expand your awareness and open your eyes to the thousands of possibilities, It teaches you the proper way to meditate to be able to reflect on where you are in your life and in which direction you want to go in. 

The Genie Script is designed by Wesley Vergin to enable its readers to learn how to manifest better mental, emotional and financial status. It is available in form of eBooks, videos, and audio to help ready your mind for the positive changes that are about to come.

The Genie Script program can help change your life completely if you allow it to happen. Genie Script claims it is used by billionaires and millionaires to help them acquire the success and wealth that they have now.

The Genie Script program is perfect for individuals who want to change their life for the better. The program comes with so much knowledge on how to improve your life that it can also improve your overall health and well-being. 

The Genie Script also has a sense of community where you can connect with other people who are going through the same journey. Anyone can easily follow the strategies, guides, and techniques that are taught in the Genie Script program. 

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Genie Script Course

Here are the chapters you will be reading and practicing in the 30-day program of Genie Script:

  • I. Introduction: How to Use Genie Script
  • II. The Inception Point of Sucess
  • III. Rules of the Mind
  • IV. Mind Controlling for Abundance
  • V. Rewrite your Subconscious Mind Now
  • VI. You Must Feel You Already Have It
  • VII. Sensory Emotional Acceleration
  • VIII. Brain Waves
  • IX. The Meditation Script

When reading the Genie Script program, it is important to keep an open mind and be willing to act on the opportunities that come to you. Each of the chapters in the Genie Script program is detailed and you will be well-guided on the strategies, techniques, and other exercises that are asked to do.

Everything in the Genie Script program is safe. There are also no additional costs or hidden fees that come with the program. You are not asked to purchase other equipment, supplements, or any other products when following the program. All you need to pay is the price of the program and there are no other required payments after. 

How does the Genie Script work?

Genie Script works by educating you on the proper ways to meditate. It teaches you how to silence your mind, how to do proper breathing exercises, and how to properly manifest your dreams. 

Genie Script works by teaching you the rules of the mind and how to control your mind to attract abundance. It taps into your subconscious to efficiently help you manifest and attract positivity.

The Genie Script also uses audio to help guide you in the problem efficiently. There is also video training for you to properly learn and understand the instructions set by the Genie Script program.

When following the Genie Script you will undergo a 10-minute meditation 4 times per week. This helps you brush up on your meditation techniques. You will also learn 5 different meditative states.

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What free materials do you get in availing of the Genie Script?

  • Access to Wesley’s Private Facebook Community

When you have access to this, it enables you to post, share photos and interact with classmates in the program. It helps you connect to other people who are going through the same journey as you. This can help motivate and inspire you during the whole 30 days of the Genie Script program.

  • Wealth Frequency Binaural Beat Track

This is a bonus material inclusive when you purchase the Genie Script program. It contains a simple binaural beat track that is carefully designed to influence and engage your brains in a unique and powerful state of manifestation which can be acquired by simply listening to the beaten track.

  • Kundalini Touch Exercise

The uses the power of mantra. It contains sounds for energy healing. It allows you to open yourself to positive things you are attracting. it also arouses the beliefs of profusion to be able to manifest physical desires more quickly.

  • Supernatural Third Eye Activation Exercise

A human’s third eye is considered the most powerful source of knowledge because it enables us to see things common people usually cannot see. This bonus material inclusive in the Genie Script program also focuses on aligning and opening your chakra. It teaches you to connect to yourself and strengthen your psychic and manifestation abilities. 

The Benefits of Genie Script

The Genie Script is a non-intrusive program that helps you learn more about the proper way of meditating and manifesting. When you follow the Genie Script program correctly, you will be able to experience these benefits.

  • The Genie Script program can provide stress relief. It can prevent you from feeling exhausted, fatigued, stressed, anxious or depressed. It brings down your cortisol levels and can even help you sleep better at night.

  • The program can increase your energy levels. It uplifts your mood and helps you feel better and more confident. it also lets you live your day with a positive spirit.

  • The Genie Script program can attract more opportunities in your life. It can help you get rich financially and can also work to improve both your mental and emotional health.

  • The program is safe and there are no harmful or dangerous exercises that are taught in the Genie Script. It is also available for everyone regardless of age, gender, and social status.

  • The Genie Script program can help with addiction management. Some meditation techniques in the program can help you manage your addiction issues.

  • Everything in the course of Genie Script is well-written and detailed. It does not leave any room for confusion or misunderstandings. It helps you follow the exercise and learn more about Genie Script efficiently.

  • The Genie Script can open your third eye, increase your self-awareness, improve your confidence and open your chakras. Genie Script allows you to connect to yourself and listen to what your mind and heart say.

When following Genie Script, be sure to open yourself to the techniques being taught. Prevent yourself from being doubtful or hesitant to fully attract the positive things in your life and for you to manifest the things you need and make it easier to chase your dreams.

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Who is it for?

The Genie Script program is for anyone. There are no age limits needed for someone to start following the 30-day program. It does not matter what social or financial status you are in right now. Genie Script is for everyone interested and open-minded.

According to the official website of Genie Script, it is not surprising if you immediately start to feel positive changes in your life after listening to the audio or even after reading the program itself. 

Genie Script also notes that for the program to work, it also relies on your willingness to take action. So remember, with Genie Script you need to open your mind and be ready to take action when opportunities come.

Price Deals

The Genie Script program is available on its official website. Upon making the purchase, the eBook and other materials of the program will be emailed to you and you will gain access to the free materials that are inclusive with the Genie Script program too. 

Genie Script is sold at an affordable, marked-down price of $37. The price it was once sold at was $4,497 and that makes Genie Script a very good deal.

Genie Script also offers a risk-free experience to its skeptical consumers. Upon your purchase of the Genie Script program, you get a 365-day money-back guarantee. So if you had a bad experience with Genie Script, although unlikely, you can easily contact their customer service and get your full refund easily.

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Genie Script Reviews – Conclusion

Genie Script is written by a self-made millionaire that can transform your life with success, abundant opportunities, and wealth. The program is a guide to help you live the best life you can live. It teaches you proper ways how to meditate and manifest to acquire financial, emotional, and mental improvements. 

This program is guaranteed legit and is not comparable to the fake gurus you see on social media. Genie Script is the perfect guide to transform your life for the better.

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