Blast Auxiliary Portable AC Reviews: Personal Portable Air Cooler and Air Freshener

Blast Auxiliary Portable AC Reviews: Personal Portable Air Cooler and Air Freshener

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The Blast Auxiliary Portable AC is a portable air conditioning system that utilizes a water curtain and a water tank to cool the surrounding air.

Instead of operating the home’s air conditioning system all summer and installing cumbersome window-based systems, one may utilize this Portable AC to chill any room of the house. The device is compact and includes a handle, making it simple to transport from room to room.

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Fill it with water, install the replacement water curtain, and switch it on to utilize the portable AC. By forcing air over the water curtain to create a cooling effect by evaporation, the device quickly starts to deliver pleasant relief.

The gadget is offered only online and costs $89.99 per unit.


The characteristics of the product are as follows:

Portable: The AC is compact enough to be carried from room to room, and it even has a handle for enhanced mobility.

It does not need a nearby electrical outlet, nor does one need to bother about tangled wires and connections. Instead, one may transport it wherever it is required and let it operate for hours on batteries.

Adjustable: With customizable vents and three cooling speeds, the product makes it simple to direct the flow of air. Users may choose between extreme cooling and a mild breeze, based on your preferences.

Ease of Use: The Blast Auxiliary Portable AC is simple to use, especially for those with little technical knowledge. Simply pour water into the unit’s top and turn it on. There is no need to replenish the tank, and the controls are easy to use.

Cools air Instantaneously: The portable AC instantly starts to reduce ambient temperatures and chills the air.

Hydrates to Prevent Dry Skin and Eyes: Air conditioning will dry the air in the house, causing people to wake up with a sore throat and itchy eyes. Or, if they reside in a region with dry summers, they may have dry skin and eyes throughout the season. The Blast Auxiliary Portable Air Conditioner moistens the air instead of drying it. A typical air conditioning system takes moisture from the air to provide cooling. However, the Blast Auxiliary Portable Air Conditioning system adds moisture to the air to decrease temperatures. This reduces skin, eye, and nasal passage irritation.

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The following are the essential characteristics and functionalities of the device:

Reduces the Temperature of the Air: Similar to a conventional air conditioner, this device will chill the surrounding air. It draws hot air in via one side and cold air out through the other. The water curtain provides moisture to the air, while evaporation takes heat from the air. This implies that cooler air will circulate around people.

Vents to Regulate Air Flow: It has vents to regulate airflow. Users may control the direction of the cold air by pushing it in the desired direction. Some individuals like cold air right on their faces, and others like it on their bodies. Some want air to flow throughout the room, while others prefer it to be directed in a certain direction. With this portable AC, users have control over where the air is directed.

Air Filtration: It does more than simply chill the air; it also filters the air. It also utilizes silver particles to filter the air. Silver is antibacterial by nature. The product does not promise to filter out 99.99 percent of airborne pollutants or eliminate all airborne pathogens. Nevertheless, the silver filter might eradicate certain bacteria, microorganisms, and other airborne particles.

Moistens Air: Traditional air conditioning systems may dry up the skin and sinuses but this new device adds humidity to the air rather than removing it. Air travels through the water curtain humidifying the air. If people dislike the dryness of a standard air conditioning system, this product may be for them.

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Similar to other tiny portable coolers, the Blast Auxiliary Portable AC employs evaporation to reduce ambient temperatures. And, unlike conventional air conditioning systems that remove moisture from the air, it adds moisture to the air, making it both a humidifier and air chiller.

Here is how it operates:

1) Insert the water curtain replacement into the portable AC. It lasts for approximately eight months.

2): Add water by pouring it straight into the unit’s top.

3): Upon activation, it instantly starts to distribute cool air. The device forces cool air via the front vents. People may direct it anywhere they like cold air, such as towards themselves or the room’s center.

Overall, Blast Auxiliary Portable AC appears to be the simplest method for coping with excessive heat and dry summer air. People can establish ideal working and living circumstances in their house regardless of whether they have an air conditioning system or not.

In addition, since it gives moisture to the air rather than removing it, it may prevent the skin, nose, and eyes from getting dry and irritated.

Science Behind Blast Auxiliary Portable AC

The theory behind this product is straightforward: water evaporation needs heat. This heat must originate from some place. It draws hot air into one side of the gadget before expelling it out the other. The air evaporates water from the inside water curtain, causing temperatures to drop.

This is how science works:

The water curtain is immersed in water and saturated with moisture before it is returned to the cooler.

Warm air enters one end of the Blast Auxiliary Portable Air Conditioner and meets the water curtain.

When heated air contacts the water curtain, evaporation commences: The water curtain’s moisture evaporates due to the heated air.

Evaporation needs heat to function; this explains why the skin feels chilly after a shower: The water on the skin is evaporating, taking moisture and heat away from the body.

The AC pushes colder, wetter air out the opposite side of the gadget as air evaporates, chilling the space without utilizing a normal AC system.

Conventional air conditioners operate quite differently. They employ electricity, metal coils, powerful fans, and vents to distribute cold air throughout the house. They are efficient for big dwellings. They are also costly. In addition, they dry out the house.

It provides comparable cooling capacity in a portable, compact device.

It has an additional filter. After air flows through the unit, it is subjected to an additional layer of silver ion filtration. Silver is antibacterial by nature. Germs cannot thrive on silver’s surface. When bacteria come into contact with silver particles in a filter, they die.

The result? The Blast Auxiliary Portable Air Conditioner emits cold, clean, and invigorating air into the surrounding area. After connecting to the AC, the transformation occurs in only seconds.

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The characteristics and benefits of the product are as follows:

  • Functions as a portable humidifier and air cooler
  • Functions as both a cordless air chiller and a standard fan
  • Simple to employ
  • Totally transportable and battery-powered (cordless)
  • Available at a 50% discount


The price per unit is $89.99, and savings are possible when purchasing several units per order.

Here is how pricing is structured:

  • One Item: $89.99
  • Two Items: $179.98
  • Three Items: $201.99
  • Four Items: $246.99

The firm does not reveal shipping fees until buyers have entered their payment information, completed their order, and completed the checkout process.

Refund Procedure

There are no returns for opened or used goods. If buyers have already opened or used the device and decided that they do not like it, they are not eligible for a refund.

However, if they have not opened or used the item, the firm gives a 30-day money-back guarantee for unopened, unopened products that have not been used. The firm will provide a complete refund, excluding the cost of delivery.

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How loud is the Blast Auxiliary Portable AC?

No, it is a personal, low-noise cooler.

Is it portable or rechargeable?

The Blast Auxiliary Portable AC must be plugged in for operation. However, its lightweight construction makes it simple to set it next to a recliner, on the desk, or next to the bed!

How can I use the portable air conditioner as a humidifier?

Simply plug in the personal cooler to begin utilizing it as a humidifier. No adjustments are necessary; it automatically humidifies the dry summer air!

How do I keep my Blast Auxiliary Portable Air Conditioner?

Before storing the personal cooler for a lengthy period of time, please drain the water tank and allow the device and filter to dry up.

When should the filter be replaced?

Depending on use, it is advised to change the filter every three to six months.


The Blast Auxiliary Portable AC is an online-only portable air chiller. Priced at $89.99 per unit, the Blast Auxiliary Portable AC provides instantaneous cooling throughout the home. Simply add the water curtain and fill the device with water to experience quick cooling anyplace.


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