How to Install an Electric Tankless Water Heater?

How to Install an Electric Tankless Water Heater?

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Nowadays, all people want to surround themselves with all sorts of comfort. There are various devices and home appliances to make our lives cozy and practical. One of them is the use of a tankless water heater. It is a special home appliance that helps to heat water merely in a blink of an eye. You can turn it on when the hot water is required to take a pleasant shower, as well as wash clothing, dishes, and something of the kind.

It is a very practical device because a tankless water heater is preferred by many households in the USA, Europe, Japan, and other parts of the globe. The popularity can be explained thanks to various benefits. It helps to save your money on energy billing, does not require a lot of space in your house, is durable, serves for many years, and so on. You may like to install this appliance in your house as well. Accordingly, we would like to explain how to install it without using professional help.


Before we hit the main part, we would like to warn you about the possible danger of installing a tankless water heater on your own. If you are not an expert, and you do not have the required skills, it is safer to use someone’s help. Otherwise, you risk harming your health, even though the installation process is not that hard to complete. It may be much better to hire an expert from an installation service.

Another vital thing to consider is to define the type of tankless water heater. They are commonly divided into four types according to the fuel type they use. These are:

  1. Gas;
  2. Propane;
  3. Solar;
  4. Electric.

The last source on this list is widely spread throughout the country. That is why we have decided to explain how to install an electric tankless water heater.

Tools You Need

If you intend to install an electric tankless water heater on your own, you will surely require a number of tools for that operation. Make allowances for the next essentials:

  • A drill and drill bits;
  • Flathead screwdriver;
  • Pliers;
  • Pipe cutter;
  • An adjustable wrench;
  • Mounting screws and anchors;
  • Stainless steel flex pipe;
  • A Shut-off valve;
  • Sealing tape;
  • Pipe insulation;
  • Double pole circuit breakers;
  • Grounding wire.

Find an appropriate store to buy them all. Look for online stores because they commonly offer cheaper prices.

Turn It Off!

Your first steps are to turn off certain lines. These are circuit breakers and a water supply line. Be sure you power off electricity to save your life. When you turn off the water supply line, do not forget that some amount of water will surely remain in it. Therefore, take a bucket to prevent flooding of your house. Otherwise, you may lose a lot of money.

Disconnect and Remove

The second phase is to disconnect the old heater. You should not forget to drain it. Be careful with writing and old pipes as there is a risk of damaging them. Afterward, remove the front cover. Take a screwdriver and remove the screws from the unit. Be sure to store them in one place because they will be needed when you mount the new unit.

Mount and Connect

The third phase is about mounting and connecting. Use the manual for the electric tankless water heater you have bought. Different manufacturers have different instructions, and you ought to follow them precisely. It should not be covered by any items, and it should be easily accessible (just in case of emergencies). Mount the new heater.

Once it is mounted, start to connect the pipes. It is vital to use a stainless steel flexible pipe, which fits the new unit. In case you do not have it, you may apply a copper analog. Follow the instructions stated in the manual. Mind that you should clean those pipes regularly, and so you ought to be sure they are easily detachable.

Deal with Valves

Now, you are to install 2 kinds of valves. The first valve is a flow valve. It helps to turn off water locally, without isolating the entire household. A pressure valve helps to regulate pressure and thus prevent an explosion. Be sure to bleed the hot water system. Open hot water outlets first! Bleeding is a vital process, which gets rid of the air from the system. Continue it for several minutes and turn off all the outlets in the house afterward.

Check Everything

The next step is to run an attentive checkup of everything that is possible. Firstly, check all electric connections and terminals. They must be wired tightly and correctly.

After you examine all electric connections, re-attach the cover. Do you remember the screws we have told to store in one place? Use them again to attach the cover. Afterward, you should turn on the circuit breakers.

The Final Touches

You are almost there! You should check the temperature settings. Depending on the model of an electric tankless water heater, it may be very powerful and if you are not careful enough, you risk getting severe burns.

Finally, you should check hot water outlets. Do it steadily to prevent any health damage. Turn on one outlet at a time. Check temperature to be sure it suits your needs. You should be 100% sure it will not burn your skin.

You should also do in-depth research about the possible electric units. There are various manufacturers who offer various models. Those models differ from each other and you should learn all the differences.


The process of installation of an electric tankless water heater is not that complicated. However, you ought to remain cautious and fulfill the instructions of the manufacturer and the ones that were mentioned in our review. Be cautious when you mount, screw, and install everything on your own. If you are not sure about the quality of your skills, find a reliable installation service to prevent possible injuries.

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