How 2 Ukrainians started selling websites in America for $15,000?

How 2 Ukrainians started selling websites in America for $15,000?

The Vektra agency is one of the ambitious newcomers to the American market. The company offers a full range of services for creating and promoting brands.

How Did the Agency Come About?

The founders of the company are David Karagez  and Gleb Trazanov. They decided to establish a business focused solely on US customers in early 2022. However, the history of the company began several years earlier.

David Karagez founded Karagez Web Studio in 2017. Its main focus was the creation of turnkey brands. The team, which brought together specialists from different areas, performed a full range of services from creating a name and slogan to developing a website and launching advertising campaigns.

During their work, Karagez Web Studio professionals have implemented more than 210 projects in cooperation with both private individuals and large representatives of the industrial and public sectors.

Having a company with an impeccable reputation and a large number of clients, David decided to scale up and start operating in the American market. The war that began in Ukraine in February 2022 was a serious impetus to the implementation of the plan.

The First Successes of the Vektra Agency

Although Vektra is just starting to work with American clients, we can already talk about the active development and success of the company. So, the agency’s specialists launched advertising in Baltimore, Pittsburgh and Boston. Spending on advertising campaigns increased five times, but the result was the receipt of applications for the development of corporate websites with a minimum cost of $15,000.

Thanks to a large number of customers and decent payment for services, the company continues to develop and increase turnover. Special attention should be paid to supporting the Ukrainian economy, which becomes possible as a result of the regular payment of taxes and the payment of wages to a team of more than 30 employees.

Time Difference Is Not a Hindrance

One of the main difficulties in working with the American market for David Karagez and Gleb Trazanov was the mismatch of time zones. The fact is that the team is located in Kyiv, while customers are in different regions of the United States.

As experienced leaders, David and Gleb quickly solved this problem. A few days later, the agency team was replenished with a project manager, who is located in the United States. Thanks to the expansion of the staff, the company was able to continue to maintain a high quality of service.

For example, a manager is ready to respond to each request within 30 seconds. They will not only call back but also provide detailed advice on issues of interest to a potential client. The professional work of the project manager plays an important role in achieving the set goals.

Today, Vektra is a successfully developing agency in the American market, which effectively creates and promotes brands. The company not only pleases customers with the quality of work but is also a vivid example of a socially responsible business. 

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