Teds Woodworking Review – Is Teds Woodworking Plans Legit?

Teds Woodworking Review – Is Teds Woodworking Plans Legit?

Adding a furniture piece that would make your home feel warm and cozy is possibly what you have always dreamt of. Unfortunately, buying furniture pieces for both home and office use is not an easy task. After all, you have to start by taking the measurements of your home, choosing the furniture that fits your style, and deciding on the budget. Ted’s Woodworking Plan promises to end the problems.

Teds Woodworking Plans package is a good choice for woodworkers who would want to try unique projects every day. It, therefore, offers 16,000 different woodworking project plans with systematic guidance and video tutorials to help you get started. Even more, this guide claims to offer a list of tools you will need to complete each new project. But is it worth buying? Is it a scam? We have the answers.

What is Ted’s Woodworking Plans?

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Ted’s Woodworking Plans, Created by Ted McGrath, is a collection of over 16,000 woodworking blueprints and projects that you can follow to make your garden chairs, home furniture, bird feeders, sheds, and many other items without hiring a professional. All the plans in this guide are simple and very easy to follow and the author guides the users from the start to finish. You will get the exact measurements of every furniture piece or structure you intend to build and all needed materials.

Ted draws every diagram with utmost care and focuses so that the users can figure out how to build it easily. You will find the building process easywhether you are creating a rocking chair, a toy, or a chicken coop because the diagrams are clear and concise in all aspects, therefore, providing a hassle-free experience.

What’s more, the author provides pictures from all angles so that users can figure out things even before starting the building process. And because this guide provides all details, you do not need to be a professional to start using it. The author believes that you can be a nonprofessional and still build stunningly beautiful furniture pieces. The instructions and the pictures will help you complete every project easily and the 16,000 unique projects mean that you will always have something new to try. The guide also comes with several bonuses.

Who is Ted McGrath?

Ted McGrath was brought up in Slate, Iowa, United States. He is an experienced teacher, author, and trainer. Besides, McGrath is a skilled woodworker who has handled many projects in his life. He decided to create this guide to put his many years of experience into something useful and to help beginners develop their woodworking skills and make money.

In addition to this guide, Ted published many other books and articles on woodworking to make the work of woodworkers easy. Ted’s Woodworking guide has many positive reviews and it is helping many woodwork enthusiasts learn and improve their skills.

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What to Expect in Ted’s Woodworking Guide?

After buying the Ted’s Woodworking plans, you will have access to a wide range of projects created by Ted McGrath himself. The over16, 000 projects will aid you in the construction of furniture pieces and indulge your creativity. To provide you with the experience you need, the author gives you the chance to try both small and large projects such as cutting boards and building boxes, cabins, and barns. Here is a list of everything you will get after buying this course.

Detailed Woodworking Plans

This is the main part of this course and consists of over 16000 unique woodworking projects. The many projects range from beginner-level projects to advanced-level projects to challenge you. While most people doubt whether the number is real, most user reviews show that you will have a new project to try every day. They also show that the author offers designs for every project, from beginner-level to experienced level.

After buying this course, the best thing to do is start with the projects meant for newbies before progressing to those meant for intermediary and expert-level woodworkers. The beginner-level projects are easy to complete, therefore, providing the users with a good starting place. On the other hand, the extensive and complicated ones will help you craft and polish up the new skills.

If you are an experienced carpenter, this course will cater to all your garden and house needs. It will help you build barns, sheds, furniture, decks, and carts. The newbie-level projects are also a good choice for kids and professionals who would want to polish up their skills. Speaking of the expert-level projects, they will help you furnish your entire house or office.

Instructions Handbook and Illustrations

The Instructions Handbook and Illustrations is the second thing you should expect in Ted’s Woodworking Kit. It is an instructions handbook for the 16,000 projects expected in this course.

The instructions and illustrations are more like woodworking lessons for the users. You can read them as you progress with the projects you select to be certain that you are doing the right thing. Ted presents these instructions in a user-friendly and easy-to-understand manner so that they can serve the role of an expert holding your hand on each step of your journey.

In addition to the user-friendly and easy-to-understand instructions, Ted offers detailed illustrations for every step. The types of images to expect to include 3D drawings, schematics, close-up sketches, measurements, and annotations. You will see how every project should turn out before starting it, something that eliminates chances of guesswork. As you might already know, accuracy and perfection are important in woodworking.

The Purchase Guide

Ted McGrath further includes a comprehensive list of equipment and materials you have to buy for every project. So, expect to find a detailed list of tools and the type of wood required for every design.

The information will eliminate guesswork when it comes to the selection of materials and eliminates the chances of overbuying or buying the wrong materials. Even more, the author includes the exact quantity of every material, therefore, helping users save money and time during the shopping part.

Woodworking Videos

The author further offers woodworking videos for people who enjoy watching tutorials. Each of them shows a master woodworker completing a project. This might be all you need to polish up your craft and put together many projects successfully.

Additional Bonuses

After signing up for this course, you will get other goodies as a bonus. They include DWG or CAD viewer, which will give you a superior visual edge, for your design work. Furthermore, you will have access to many premium woodworking videos from experienced woodworkers made to provide you with more techniques, tips, and ideas.

In addition to guiding you on making projects, Ted will educate you on how to establish a woodworking business. Expect to receive a guidebook on starting and running an enterprise along with the tips and tricks you need to turn your passion into a profitable business.

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Is Ted’s Woodworking Legit?

You are likely to come across people who claim that the woodwork projects are not authentic. Others claim that Ted McGrath is not a real person and that the creators of the woodworking projects have copied information from many sources and put it together to create the guide. They, therefore, claim that Ted’s Woodworking is a scam and the motive behind it is money-making.

While Ted might have borrowed some ideas from other sources, the designs and layouts of every project are original. People have been using the plans for many years, which make us think that the owners would have taken them off the web if they were grounded on copyright infringement. Moreover, user reviews that make the claims are many years old. The reviews released recently show that the Woodworking plans are resourceful and packed with comprehensive guides and ideas.

Pros and Cons

Before buying any product online or registering for an online course, you should take your time to read the pros and cons. Here are the pros and cons of Ted’s Woodworking Guide.


–          Offers professional plans

–          Provides many projects so that the users can choose those that match their needs

–          The instructions are very easy to follow

–          The author offers detailed sketches and diagrams

–          The plans offer exact measurements and annotations

–          Comes with detailed tutorials and videos

–          The basic plan comes with freebies

–          Offers a list of materials and tools needed for every project

–          It is inexpensive


  • Some of the plans are not as good as others are
  • The bonus videos are not of good quality
  • The course is online based and you will therefore need the internet to access it


Unlike many other woodworking programs, Ted’s Woodworking is affordable. It will cost you $67 only.

It comes with a complementary bonus, which consists of DWG, DXF,and DWF Plan Viewer worth $97 as well as 150 Premium Woodworking Videos worth $77. In addition, you will have a guide worth $27 to help you establish your woodworking business.

Speaking of the money-back guarantee, the author offers a 100 percent risk-free money-back guarantee. Therefore, you can ask to have your money back if you are not satisfied with what you get.


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Why choose Ted’s Woodworking Plans?

Ted’s Woodworking Plans come with many benefits that you are unlikely to enjoy if you choose any other program. Here are some of the reasons you should go for this program.

Monthly and Lifetime Plans

In addition to the lifetime plans, you will also have access to monthly plans that you can download at any time. The company further offers lifetime customer support through its site and helpline. You can ask for customized drafts if you realize that something is missing in the original blueprints.

Inspiration Bank

The many plans will provide you with ideas and inspiration to keep your creativity flowing. After handling enough projects for yourself and your family, you can use the plans to establish your business. This is a great way of changing your hobby into a profitable business.

Smooth Refund Process

If you happen to get something different from what you expected, you can demand to have your money back. You just need to open the official ClickBank site and provide your information. After that, customer support will initiate the refund process.

Projects for Everyone

You do not need to be a professional woodworker to benefit from the plans. The author offers projects that are suitable for both experienced and beginner-level carpenters. All projects come with systematic instructions and illustrations so that you can complete them without the need for professional help.

Unlike other training authors, Ted assumes that all his students have no background in carpentry. He, therefore, ensures that all instructions are listed straightforwardly.

Comprehensive Projects with Visuals

In addition to the instructions manuals, you will have access to 3D pictures, detailed sketches, schematics, and images to show you the complete projects from all angles. The purpose of the images is to help eliminate mistakes and allow the creation of outstanding designs.

Even though you may not like some of the Projects, you will have the option of combining several of them to come up with something you like. Completing most of the projects, starting from the beginner-level ones, will allow you to master the woodworking craft.


Ted’s Woodworking Plans offers over 16000 woodworking projects, which is possibly more than you need to furnish your home and start a business. All the plans are well organized and thorough and they come with detailed instructions. You can use the course to learn a new craft or polish up your skills.

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