NovaWave Antenna Review: Is Nova Wave the best FREE TV antenna or scam?

NovaWave Antenna Review: Is Nova Wave the best FREE TV antenna or scam?

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Novawave Antenna is said to be the best free tv antenna for use in rural areas and urban settlements. It is an incredible TV broadcasting device that enables users to watch premium broadcast television channels for free. (novawave antenna reviews)

While it is well-known that accessing favorite satellite TV channels can be pretty costly for most people from the rural areas, and even a few from the urban settlements can’t afford such luxury of watching paid channel TVs at home; Novawave promises to eliminate those exorbitant bills by bringing pure entertainment, sports, movies, sitcoms, and broadcast channels to your homes and workplaces all for Free.

Most countries like the United States (US), Canada (CA), the United Kingdom (UK), Australia (AU), and others have many citizens who wish to explore top viewing tv channels, but due to high cable subscription fees, they get limited, and as such, they are self-denied with the freedom of enjoyment. This global challenge has taken over in number, especially among those living in rural areas.

Everybody deserves equal care, and those living in the rural areas deserve equal cable viewing enjoyments as those in the urban settlements. Hence we bring you this NovaWave TV Antenna review as it is rated the best free tv antenna with hundreds of premium TV channels for your free viewing.

Novawave TV claims that the majority of the premium tv channels are available for free over the air, and viewers can take advantage of this NovaWave Antenna without having to pay high-priced cable bills and enjoy all these premium channels for free. Novawave provides free access to all these digital TV broadcast channels in high definition for your optimal viewing experience.

Additionally, this Novawave broadcast device is small and lightweight, making it simple to operate and install. It is purpose-built to obtain the maximum number of premium broadcast stations while placed at a designated location.

You must have seen top brands and great influencers giving their one-cent opinions on the Novawave Antenna Reviews. Or seen adverts on TikTok, Facebook, Taboola from some great social influencers in the United States (US), United Kingdom (UK), Australia (AU), Canada (CA), and even seen some users showing you practical usage of how they are enjoying their premium channels with the NovaWave Antenna for free. When you see these tremendous positive reviews, what comes to your mind?

Well, I guess you want to buy NovaWave and start enjoying your favorite TV channels from anywhere for free as well. Novawave is packed with incredible features and does not require advanced technical expertise to operate.

In this Novawave review, we shall be revealing every vital information you should know about the NovaWave Free TV antenna before buying. The features, the pros and cons, the technical specifications, the company behind it, the price, where to buy, and a few lists of Novawave Channels are all topics we shall be discussing in this Novawave Antenna Review. So keep calm and ride with us.


What Is NovaWave TV Antenna? (Novawave Antenna Review)

Novawave is your best free tv antenna that helps you stream premium tv channels without paying exuberant channel subscriptions fees. It helps strengthen the signals of your top channel stations to prevent viewing interruptions. The Novawave antenna allows you to stream your favorite TV shows, news, international broadcasting stations, and others in a high-definition of up to 1080 pixels for free.

The Novawave tv antenna enables you to quickly scan for and access up to a large number of available broadcast channels in your area. It does not require any special installation skills; you do not need to hire a professional to do it for you.

The Nova wave Antenna can be installed near a window or on a wall. You can choose to conceal it from children’s reach or the gaze of your visitors. It does not necessitate the purchase of numerous wires and cables, which would leave your home looking untidy. Rooms with junky cable wires can also be hazardous in the house for your children, as they can trip and fall. So you need to keep the house as neat as by using the Novawave TV antenna for your cable shows.

Unlike many other free tv antenna that experiences difficulties in finding and transmitting signals, the novawave has proven to be your best free tv antenna. It automatically scans for channels and transmits them in 1080 crystal clear HD quality on output without any viewing difficulties to you at all.

The price of Novawave antenna is very affordable yet offers the best value for money. Easy to order directly from the official company’s store with a buyers protection coverage for 30days. (novawave antenna reviews)

Key Features of Novawave Antenna (Nova Wave Antenna Reviews)

Novawave Antenna is packed with many outstanding features that should ignite your love for the best free tv antenna you can use indoors in rural areas and urban dwellings. Here are the key features of Novawave Antenna Review:

  • High Definition Pixel: Novawave offers you the ability to view your best tv channels in High definition (HD) pixels. The TV Antenna can receive FM, UHF, and VHF signals and transmit them to the user in utmost 750 to 1080px clarity. If you know that you want to be able to receive HD Quality broadcast in the exact resolution it is from the inputting source, then I bet you can’t fail to buy Novawave Antenna.
  • Very Portable antenna, Compact, and Sleek: Novawave antenna is very portable to behold. You can easily take it with you to events, tours, workplaces, or any special occasions that you may need to boost the signal strengths for your satellite channels.
  • Easy to set up, configure and use: Setting up the novawave TV antenna in your home or office is very easy and straightforward. It may interest you to know that you won’t need to hire any technician to help with the novawave setup, and you don’t need any technical expertise either to use this portable TV antenna.
  • Wide range receiver: Novawave is a portable Tv antenna that comes with an app for controlling how the best portable tv antenna works from anywhere you are within the environ. The free portable Tv antenna can receive signals and allow you to stream many broadcast channels with a range of up to 30 miles in all directions (that is about 470 to 862MHz).
  • Low energy usage: The Novawave consumes very low energy when plugged into the TV’s coaxial input. It saves you the cost of energy supply while still amplifying your entertainment lifestyle to the high point.
  • Installable Mobile App: Thanks to the great innovation of the Novawave team for bringing you the ability to control your portable antenna with its mobile app. The Novawave mobile app is available on playstore and apple stores; you will get the download link in the provided manual that comes with your package.
  • High-grade materials and components: Novawave is made with high-quality materials that form up to its components. Be rest assured that you are getting the best while searching for the best free tv antenna for rural areas and urban settlements. Novawave is an excellent choice for you.
  • Affordable Pricing: Because Novawave teams target consumers searching for only the best free tv antenna that should serve them without a subscription fee, they built a first-grade portable tv antenna for a fairly priced budget. They needed to target these consumers that would appreciate the brain behind the making of nova wave and be glad of their purchase. You can’t see any better portable tv antenna with the tag “best in quality and pricing” if it’s not Novawave. For as cheap as $39.99 on promo, you get yourself prepared for the next world of entertainment.


How does Novawave Antenna Works?

The Novawave antenna works very fine as supposed for a high-end portable tv antenna. To put it simply, a TV antenna is a group of specially arranged wires or metal elements that are used to receive broadcast signals from television networks. HDTV antennas receive television broadcasts via electromagnetic signals and convert them to video and audio to display the air space channels you desire.

Due to the fact that the digital broadcast spectrum is still publicly owned and regulated by the FCC, you can access all of the space channels without paying a monthly subscription fee. While you will need to purchase a portable tv antenna like Novawave that will help you in the quality transmission of these channels, you will also need to have some modern-day television sets for a seamless connection. So, in a nutshell, for you to use the Novawave portable tv antenna, you will need an HDTV to transmit perfect crisps and high definition video and audio.

While some cable networks compress their signals efficiently, local broadcasts transmit their signals in their entirety, ensuring that you receive the highest possible audio and video quality. Around 90% of all households can receive up to 90 local stations for free when equipped with the Novawave HDTV antenna. (novawave antenna review)

You can easily connect some portable antennas directly to the HD TV for television sets with a built-in tuner, and you are set on the fly. Those without a built-in tuner can get a single-aided tuner to help connect the portable TV antenna and the television.

The Novawave Tv antenna requires just one standard coaxial cable, which comes with your package to connect between your tv and the free tv antenna.

Having known this, let us talk about connecting and using the Novawave Antenna for both rural areas and urban settlements. (Novawave Antenna Reviews)


How to Connect and Use Novawave Antenna

In this section of the novawave antenna review, let us explain in 5 easy steps how you can seamlessly connect and start using your Novawave antenna when you receive your order.

Please, be guided that a novawave manual comes with your order. We strongly suggest that you first go through the manual before using the Nova wave TV antenna.

Here are the steps to connect and use the Novawave antenna with your HDTV:

STEP1: Choose the ideal location to keep your Novawave antenna. You can mount it to your wall or place it on the window side. Please, the novawave should not be mounted outside during the rainy season to avoid water damage. It is not water-resistant.

STEP 2: Locate the antenna input on your HD TV and use the coaxial cable that comes with your package to connect with the Novawave.

STEP 3: Turn on your HD TV, and tap the menu button on your tv remote to navigate to the settings menu.

STEP 4: On the settings menu, scroll to “connectivity or input” and select “cable/Antenna”

STEP 5: Set your television to auto-scan channels and allow it to run through the Novawave Antenna to bring you crystal clear channels.

STEP 5: Once all scans have been completed, select your desired channel to watch, then sit back and start enjoying the peak of entertainment free of charge.

Please note that you can control the channels and input systems of the Novawave Antenna using its designated mobile app.

Pros and Cons of Novawave Antenna (Novawave TV Antenna Reviews)


(Novawave Reviews)

  • Novawave is very cheap and offers quality features.
  • The Novawave is guaranteed high quality.
  • It is simple, easy, and straightforward to set up.
  • It is compact and portable to carry.
  • It supports full High-definition resolution from 720 to 1080px and transmits quality audio.
  • You can stick the portable antenna anywhere in your home or office, and it would be working fine.
  • Comes for an unbeatable price.
  • 100% money back with 30 days of buyers’ protection.
  • Novawave is compatible with most modern tv sets.
  • It is the best free tv antenna for its class.
  • It saves you energy.
  • The Portable antenna does not require monthly bills subscription.


(Novawave Reviews)

  • Novawave is not water-resistance. Best kept away from humidity.
  • It goes out of stock very fast, and the company delays restocking.
  • Some customers recorded difficulties in payment as a result of poor internet connections.
  • It is not officially listed for sale at any third-party marketplace. If you see Novawave on Amazon, eBay, Walmart, and other third-party stores, it is either a fake variant or marketed by a retailer. The company only sells Novawave directly from its Website.
  • Suppose you buy from third-party marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, and Walmart. In that case, the company’s direct refund policy won’t be covering you since they can’t identify that you ordered novawave from them.


Benefits of using Novawave Antenna (Novawave Review)

We can’t afford to round up this Novawave Antenna Review without listing out some of the benefits you get from using Novawave. These benefits included in the Pros are all features that set Novawave ahead of its competitors. Keep reading.

  1. Novawave offers you an outstanding HD premiered viewing experience. You can’t go wrong with the Novawave TV antenna. Most of its competitors don’t have the capacity to maintain a strong signal connection. This is one of the many reasons Novawave rakes top list of best free tv antennas for rural and urban areas.
  2. The Nova wave Antenna is very portable, discreet, and ergonomic. You can carry it to a new location without having to worry about lifting a thing. And also, the portable tv antenna doesn’t come with multiple wiring that will make you spend extra money on technicians. It is just a plug-and-play free tv antenna.
  3. You can stream all your favorite free cable channels in HD resolution from the comfort of your house. Your favorite sports channels, local news, cartoons, music video, and other entertainment channels will be transmitted in pure HD pixel with very high signals.
  4. Novawave does not require bulky wiring. Just like w earlier mentioned that it is a plug-and-play tv antenna. You can decide to mount it on the wall or keep it beside the window side to get a stronger signal connection.
  5. You can get optimum HD Signals from channels located miles away. All you need to do is connect the novawave to your HD TV and start scanning for channels. The Portable Antenna allows you to receive FM, UHF, and VHF digital signals right from your comfort with a full 1080P HD Resolution.
  6. We can’t mention all benefits without including that Nova wave Antenna is very cheap and affordable to everyone looking to get the best free tv antenna for rural areas.

NovaWave Antenna Pricing

With the best discount, a unit of Novawave Antenna is priced at $39.99, while four units are discounted more to $109.99.

The discount price is not static as the company has offered up to 3 discount prices in the last two months. When you check on the company’s store, you can easily confirm today’s actual discount if they are still running on promo the day you stumbled on the novawave reviews.

Here is the least discounted price for novawave antenna as of the day we are publishing this Novawave review:

  • 1X Novawave Antenna cost $39.99
  • 2X Novawave Antennas cost $79.99
  • 3X Novawave Antennas cost $89.99
  • 4X Novawave Antennas cost $109.99

As we have earlier said, these prices are discounted and can only be verified at the company’s Website here. They change discount prices often and most times take off discounts completely. So head on to the company’s official store here to check today’s deal and place your orders asap.

Where to buy Novawave Antenna

(Novawave Review)

Novawave is available for purchase at the company’s official Website. You may also buy Novawave on Amazon, eBay, and Walmart, but not recommended at all. We don’t recommend buying Novawave Antenna from these third-party marketplaces because retailers sell them, and you can easily get scammed or given a fake, refurbished antenna in the name of Novawave.

Also, the company only offers buyer protection to customers that bought directly from them. So if you want to play secure when making your order, we advise you should buy from the company’s official store. You have a 30-days money-back guarantee to return the package and get your refund.


Does Novawave antenna work in the UK, AU, CA, and the US? (Novawave Tv Antenna Reviews)

Novawave is a smart digital tv antenna that works in any country. It is mainly demanded by those living in the rural areas and is still being used by the urban dwellers in the United States (US), the United Kingdom (UK), Australia (AU), and Canada (CA). So long these top countries use it, rest assured that it will work even in your country without drawbacks.

General Tips to Strengthen Novawave Antenna Signals (Nova Wave Antenna Reviews)

On rare notes, you can face signal challenges, as stated in this nova wave antenna review; please follow these general tips to diagnose and put back your TV antenna signal strength to the best state:

  1. Check for dust particles: You should check if there are dust particles on your Novawave Antenna and keep it clean If possible for better signal transmission.
  2. Check Novawave Terminal: Verify that the novawave terminal is firmly tight and well connected. Check for brittleness and fraying and ensure that nova wave connection terminals have not rusted. Also, check for breaks or cuts along the cable lines.
  3. Reposition the antenna: You can change channel position and verify signal strength for different locations. Also, consider the weather conditions too.
  4. Make sure you use one Novawave Antenna per TV Connection: You have to make sure that you are using one Nova wave antenna to one HD TV, or you can use a distribution amplifier to use one Novawave for multiple TVs.
  5. Re-run the channel scan again: After performing all checks in 1 to 4 above and confirming that everything is perfect, re-run the channel scan and have all channels loaded back. If signal issues persist, maintain “tip 3” until you find stronger signal locations.

Novawave Antenna Reviews Consumer Reports

Here are what customers using Novawave Antenna have to say:

“Certain Major League Baseball games were not available on television in my area, so I was forced to watch them on the tiny screen of my cell phone. However, thanks to Novawave, I can now watch the big game on my massive TV! Rather than squinting at a tiny screen, I’ve started hosting viewing parties for all my friends. I would not return to cable even if you paid me a million dollars!” – says Austin, from the United Kingdom (UK)

“I was afraid to cut off cable TV for fear of losing access to my favorite shows. However, once I discovered that over 90 of the top 100 television channels are available for free over the air, I made the switch. I’m happier than ever with my television, and I’m saving a bundle by not paying for cable!” – says Hendrix, from the United States (US)

“Novawave is incredible! Each month, I was duped by my cable TV provider. I’ve finally said “goodbye” to my cable bills, but not to my favorite television shows! Novawave is absolutely fantastic – it enables me to cut the cord while still watching all of my favorite sports and shows on broadcast networks!” – says Master F, from the United States (US)

“I wished I’d discovered Novawave years ago! It pulls in all of the broadcast channels I want to watch, and even my finicky husband is pleased. I can’t believe I was paying for cable to watch my shows when I could have simply installed this simple-to-use Nova Wave antenna!” – says Phil, from Australia (AU)

 “I despised squandering good money on cable channels that I never watched! As a result, I terminated my cable television service and switched to Nova wave. Now I can start watching the shows I want without having to pay for a bunch of nonsense. Novawave revolutionized the way I watch television, and it also saved me a lot of money!” – says Kings, from Canada (CA)

“Novawave was incredibly simple to set up! I am not a computer or gadget expert. I’m completely clueless when it comes to technology. However, setting up Novawave was a simple task, even for someone technically challenged like myself. Believe me, if I could set this thing up, anyone could. I highly recommend Novawave!” – says Chris, the United States (US)

“Great antenna for a small environment with unobstructed access to the outdoors. The footprint is very nice and lightweight—a very portable and hassle-free setup. I tested the Nova antenna against the “ANTOP” and the basic Best Buy model. They all received almost all the channels in the area. The Nova wave antenna transmitted about 76 channels in the Arizona setup, which is slightly less than the “ANTOP” but much more than the Best Buy model. I am so happy with the functionality of my Nova antenna.” – says Lucas, from the United States (US)


Novawave Company Customer Care (novawave antenna reviews)

To contact the Novawave customer care support helpdesk for anything that may interest you about Nova Wave, below is their official contact information. The company name, official Website, company address, customer care email, and phone number:

  • Official Website: com
  • Company Address: 300-20689 Fraser Highway, Langley BC V3A 4G4 Canada
  • Phone support: 866 335 1612
  • Support

Frequently Asked Questions on Novawave Antenna Reviews

Q 1: What are the Novawave antenna channel lists?

Novawave can stream as many channels as possible within your locations digitally. Suppose you are using a Nova wave antenna. In that case, you will get a powerful signal connection with some of the following channels: DECADES, Fox movies, ABS, CBS, PBS, MeTv, Univision, COMET, and many other channels not listed here but are available in your locales. In a nutshell, Nova wave can receive and transmit up to 90 channels in the digital space for free.

Q 2: Is Novawave Antenna Scam or Legit?

No, the Novawave antenna is not a scam. MATRIX TRENDY GOODS LIMITED makes it with an office address located in Canada. The company has recorded a significant amount of positive customer reviews on novawave antenna and proven it to be legit. They also offer you a 100% money-back guarantee should you want to return the nova wave within 30days of order delivery and following their TOS. Feel safe to place your orders for a novawave antenna and have it delivered within the expected time.


Q 3: Does Novawave work in the Rural Areas?

Novawave antenna is our best tv antenna for rural areas. It allows you to scan up to 90 channels and view them on a High-quality display while granting you the best long-range access of up to 30 miles in all directions.

Q 4: Does Novawave Work in the UK?

Yes, Novawave works fine in the united kingdom (UK). There are many customers already using Novawave antenna in Uk according to the manufacturers.

Q 5: Is Novawave Antenna available in Australia?

All customers using Novawave Antenna in Australia (AU) bought from the official company’s Website and have it delivered to their respective addresses in AU. While you may decide to buy yours from other marketplaces, we firmly maintain buying directly from the company to ascertain that you are getting the original Nova wave and get covered by the buyers’ protection service offered by the company.

Our Final Verdict on the Novawave Antenna Review

We often have many reasons to switch from paid cable stations to using free digital tv with antenna. It is not a crime for one to make a switch or think of making a switch. Whichever is the case, you need to switch to using the best free tv antenna that can offer you some reasonable amounts of channels in HD and a strong signal connection for even rural areas.

Novawave has recorded good customer reviews with an overall 4.6/5 user rating and also has a seamless refund policy. If you are to decide which brand to go for the best free tv antenna for rural areas and urban settlements, we would suggest you go for the Novawave digital TV antenna, and it is the real deal that offers you the best value for your money.

Use the company’s link below to place your order, and feel free to contact their support channels should you need any technical assistance for anything.



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