HVN Sleep Pod Review: Does HVN Sleep Pod worth the Money, or SCAM?

HVN Sleep Pod Review: Does HVN Sleep Pod worth the Money, or SCAM?

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HVN sleep Pod is a snore-stopping device that helps you combat sleep apnea on the fly. It is a continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) device that implements TENS technology to help you stop snoring and get a better night’s sleep. With this HVN Sleep Pod review, we’ll cover everything you need to know about the device, how it works, its features, cons, pros, benefits, the company behind it, and how you can use HVN Sleep Pod for sleep apnea.

Do you snore when you sleep? Is snoring a source of contention in your life, and are you looking for a way to stop snoring while at the peak of your sleep? Then you’ll be overjoyed to have discovered the HVN sleep Pod – a snore-crushing device with thousands of favorable customer reviews. Keep reading to learn about a proven solution to sleep apnea and how people from the United Kingdom (UK), the United States (US), Canada (CA), Australia (AU), and other parts of the world have safely and effectively end snoring with the HVN Sleep Pod for sleep apnea.

There are several symptoms that could potentially mean you are suffering from sleep apnea, ranging from Fatigue, insomnia, hypersomnia, air gasping during sleep, difficulties breathing while you sleep, and loud snoring. But in this HVN Sleep Pod Review, our focus is on the loud snoring symptoms of sleep apnea.

While snoring can be hereditary, many other factors can contribute to snoring. Let us discuss a little about the other snoring factors that may be the primary cause of your sleep apnea. (HVN Sleep Pod Reviews)

Snoring is caused by excessive alcohol consumption. If you notice that you frequently snore on days when you consume a large amount of alcohol, consider abstaining entirely from alcohol or taking only a tiny amount for a better night’s sleep. Otherwise, you may continue using the HVN Sleep pod for sleep apnea when intoxicated to avoid snoring all night. Your partner deserves a good night’s rest also; and because you would not want to be the reason why they complain of an awful sleep, using HVN Sleep pod is a perfect way of keeping your partner happy as you won’t have to snore even at the worst state of alcohol.

Not having a break from work during the day will also cause you to snore at night. The only way out of this situation is to avoid getting excessively worked up throughout the day without observing rest, even for only 30 minutes of siesta (nap). You may use the Hvn sleep pod on days when you don’t get enough rest during the day to make sure you have a better sleep at night with your partner.

Your sleeping position can also cause intense snoring. Most times, you never knew that you always have back sleeping positions. If you happen to get a video record of your whole night’s sleeping positions, you may find it very difficult even to accept that you are the one in the video. We recommend buying an HVN Sleep pod to keep complete records of your sleep patterns and determine the best course of action to resolve the issue without taking over-the-counter pills or anything that may risk your health since you already know why you always snore.

Hereditary factors may also play a significant role in your sleeping positions and bad snoring habit. Simply because you inherited a bad lifestyle from your parents does not mean you have to live with it indefinitely, especially when the family trait can easily be corrected with time. Snoring should not be tolerated forever when there is an easy-to-implement solution; identify and resolve the source of sleep apnea so your children wouldn’t have to suffer the same in the name of a family trait. At least do the best you can to fix your using HVNSleep Pod. This hvn sleep pod review has already established a tried-and-true solution for you.

Furthermore, chronic nasal problems and your mouth anatomy may also be the primary reason you snore so loudly without knowing. Nonetheless, the HVN Sleep pod is a superactive solution to end snoring on the go. Take a chance on it and be happy you did!

The HVN Sleep Pod was introduced into the global market for consumer use in 2020 in the mid-of covid. You know how the covid sit at home has really affected us and made us spend more time at home with our families than we should. This brought up many bad sides in many people and even contributed to divorce in a few families.

Since the inception of HVN Sleep Pod, it has received more than thousands of positive customer reviews with an overall rating of 4.8 out of 5.0 from consumers in the United States (US), the United Kingdom (UK), Australia (AU), Canada (CA), and many other western countries.


What Is HVN Sleep Pod?

The HVN Sleep Pod is a CPAP device designed to prevent snoring and provide help for sleep apnea. It includes a snore-stopping feature using simple to grasp mechanisms for its operation. It is an intelligent electronic muscle stimulator that releases gentle pulses on the user to trigger and massage the neck muscles, thereby easing breathing and preventing snoring. The HVNsleep Pod features the latest cutting-edge technologies to manage your sleep ability and complete tasks efficiently as an AI TENS-powered CPAP device. It is user-friendly and ergonomically designed for the pleasure of sight.

Intense snoring while sleeping on the same bed with your partner may result in divorce, self-pity, unjustified hatred from partners, and a loss of self-esteem, among other negative consequences that can make you feel unwell. Nobody wants to associate with a chronic snorer who would always deprive them of their night’s sleep; not even the snorer enjoys the memory.

Clinical trials have shown that it is 100 percent useful in combating sleep apnea caused by snoring. Whatever the cause of your intensive night snoring, you can be assured of a better sleep when you make the HVN Sleep pod your sleep assist.

According to sleep foundation research, over 90 million people in the United States are affected by snoring, and the number continues to grow. While the United States has the highest prevalence of snoring and snoring-related health problems that causes sleep apnea, citizens of the United Kingdom (UK), Australia (AU), Canada (CA), Singapore, Ukraine, Germany, Russia, and some other countries of the world also suffer from the same conditions but in a bit lesser volume to compare the US and UK.

So you see? You are not alone in this, as everyone shares the same burden and seeks a workable solution to end it. People have recently turned to using CPAP devices to combat snoring, and it always goes down well with them. The HVN Sleep Pod is one of those CPAP devices you can give a shot without breaking the bank for it. It has been working for many since 2020, hence your best solution to sleep apnea.

Rather than blaming yourself and subverting your self-esteem, concentrate your efforts on finding a long-term snoring solution by utilizing the HVN Sleep pod to control your sleeping and put an end to snoring on the go. After a few months of active use, you’ll be surprised at how easily you can stop snoring and reclaim your sleep without using the CPAP device or any snore-stopping device any longer.

Important Features of HVN Sleep Pod (HVN Sleep Pod Reviews) 

The Hvn Sleep pod is your go-for artificial intelligence (AI) system to end snoring with its powerful features. The following are just a few of the outstanding features of the HVNSleep Pod:

  1. Portable and Ergonomically Designed: The ergonomic nature of the Hvn sleep pod makes it sleek to flaunt around and simple to use. It will aid in the cessation of your severe snoring habit, but the ergonomic design will also make it look great and comfortable to use. At no point should your overall comfort be compromised; thus, you should consider the HVN Sleep pod as your go-to device for resolving your snoring problem and that of your friends without fear of side effects or inconvenience.
  2. Adopted TENS Technological: Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) is an amazing technology that the makers of HVN Sleep pod adopted to send very mild sensational triggers to your body when it detects that you want to push out those snoring sounds during sleep. The soft triggers are so subtle that you will be unaware you were tapped as you regain control of your sleep. It can’t wake you up, but it has done its job and awaits the next like a breeze.

    This TENS technology is better and will always be superior because it eliminates the need for humans to tap you while you are at the peak of your sleep just so you can stop snoring – most of the time, human taps completely wake you up. Most persons find it very difficult to regain their sleep once woken. But with the Hvn sleep pod, you reclaim complete control of your bed, having no one tap you, and at the same time, no one complains that you did snore at night. Hence regaining authority in your home and anywhere you should find yourself – Is comforting!

    Additionally, the use of CPAP devices such as HVN Sleep pod for sleep apnea was evaluated and tested by over 60 snorers at the Southern University of Science and Technology during research. Evidently, electrical stimulation of the respiratory muscles has significantly reduced or eliminated snoring, allowing you to sleep peacefully!

  3. Advanced Sound Recognition: The HVN Sleep Pod is equipped with sophisticated and intelligent sound recognition technology that instantly dampens snoring sounds as you are about to push them out. Simultaneously, you maintain an alluring sleep pattern and an admirable sleep flow.

    The HVN Sleep pod effectively replaces your human efforts by preventing you from pushing out those snoring sounds that you do unaware. As a result, neither you nor your sleeping partner will be distracted during night sleep. And there would also be no need for your partner to tap you or abruptly interrupt your sleep in the middle of the night. It is perfectly ok to refer HVNSleep Pod as your AI Sleeping partner or as your safeguard against snoring. Whichever term you may prefer, the Hvn sleep review accomplishes the objective by giving full details on how you can leverage this nifty device.

  4. A Free Downloadable Mobile APP: The makers of HVN Sleep pods acknowledged the importance of providing you with complete control over the data correlated by HVNSleep while you sleep; thus, they developed a free mobile app. “Sleeplus” is the name of the mobile application, and it is available for download from the Apple Store or the Google Play Store for both iOS and Android mobile phone users, respectively. You will also find a link to download this app from the HVN Sleep Pod Manual contained in your package.

    While the HVN Sleep Pod is on throughout your sleeping time, this app records all of your sleeping patterns and the data associated with them. It enables you to analyze your sleep pattern results and compare them to the previous days, allowing you to track your progress toward quitting snoring completely. Curious to know how you’d feel if you didn’t have these data to support the excellent work of the snore stopper. Supposedly disappointed; however, there is no reason to be saddened because the makers met your demand for a better sleep stopper and provided you with everything you need to help yourself fight snoring back-to-back.

  5. Fast Wireless Bluetooth Connection: This feature enables the HVN Sleep pod to be connected to your smartphone using the sleeplus app and your phone’s Bluetooth pairing technology. When paired, you can synchronize statistics on the go for convenient reading later. Pairing the HVNSleep Pod with its mobile app via your phone’s Bluetooth takes less than just a few seconds.
  6. A Magnetic charging base with Electrode Patch: Connecting the hvn sleep pod to a USB port for faster charging is simple with the magnetic charging base. This remarkable feature enables you to charge the device virtually anywhere and at any time.

    Furthermore, the device is made of a Medical-grade magnetic electrode patch material that is highly adhesive and hypoallergenic, ensuring your comfort as you sleep wearing the HVN Sleep Pod. The patch is easy to fix, has a medical inkling,  is entirely safe to use, and never falls off when set to rest on the throat (Under your chin).


Technical Specifications of HVN Sleep Pod

(HVN Sleep Pod review)

  • Brand name: HVNSleep Pod
  • Dimension (in mm): 5mm * 13mm * 5mm
  • Color: Mixed Black and Light Gray
  • The material used: ABS+PC
  • Pulse frequency: 10Hz-1500Hz
  • Compatible Mobile App: From Android 4.3 or iOS 7.0 and above
  • Battery capacity: 7V/80mAh
  • Average operating time: 15hours when fully charged.

Hvn Sleep Pod Price (How Much Is a Sleep Pod Cost?)

1 unit of HVN Sleep Pod is priced at $119.99, while 4 units go for $329.97. These are all discount Prices of Hvn sleep pod as it significantly reduces as you purchase more units on a single order. The following is a full breakdown of the discounted HVN Sleep Pod price by quantity:

  • 1 HVN Sleep Pod price for $119.99
  • 2 HVN Sleep Pod price for $239.98
  • 3 HVN Sleep Pod price for $269.98
  • 4 HVN Sleep Pod price for $329.97

Please be aware that these discount prices for HVNSleep Pod are only covered for the date of publishing this review. They are not fixed as the company changes prices at their personal discretion; therefore, we highly recommend that you confirm the current HVN Sleep Pod price only on its official website here.

Where to buy HVN Sleep Pod?

HVN sleep pod is marketed by different retailers online through their personal websites, but we suggest buying HVN Sleep Pod directly from the company. According to their TOS, buying from the company offers you a special discount, full buyer protection directly by the makers, and a 30-day money-back guarantee. The company website is secure to transact with multiple payment options like PayPal, MasterCard, VisaCard, etc.


How do you use HVN sleep pod? (HVN Sleep Pod Reviews) 

The hvn sleep pod review won’t be complete if we don’t show you how to use the sleep Pod. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to set up and use the HVN sleep pod:

Step 1: Unpack your HVN Sleep Pod once you’ve received it. Ascertain that the device comes with all necessary accessories – a charging dock, a USB charging cable, a user manual, an instruction manual on how to wear the device, and ten electrode pads—review of the Hvn sleep pod.
Step 2: Connect the Magnetic charging base using the TPYE C USB cord provided to the charging socket on your device. Charge the HVN Sleep Pod completely till it’s full.

Step 3: Go to your mobile application store (Apple Store for iPhone users and Google Playstore for Android users) and search for “SleepLus.” You will find the app at the top of your selection and then proceed to download it.

After downloading the sleeplus mobile app, turn on your mobile  Bluetooth connection and follow the on-screen guidelines to pair the app for easy data synchronization with your mobile phone. (Hvn sleep pod Reviews)

Step 4: Following pairing, adhere the Magnetic Electrode Patch to your lower jaw on the throat, just below the chin, using the adhesive strip. Retain suspension for 30 seconds or longer to ensure a secure grip on the throat. Please make sure that your throat is well dry and clean before applying this adhesive strip to prevent it from falling off during your sleep.

Step 5: Turn on the HVN Sleep pod and allow yourself to drift off to sleep. When you awaken in the morning, reach for your phone and open the sleeplus app to see how you did the previous night based on all recorded data correlated.

Pros and Cons of HVN Sleep Pod

(HVN Sleep Pod Reviews) 

Pros: (HVN Sleep Pod Review)

  1. The HVN Sleep pod is simple to use.
  2. It is way down cheap compared to other sleep pod brands out there.
  3. The company offers you value for your money with great features packed in the HVN Sleep Pod.
  4. It is very portable and ergonomically designed to please the sight.
  5. Using the Hvn sleep pod for sleep apnea holds no risk to you at all.
  6. Delivered within days to customers from the United States (US), the United Kingdom (UK), Canada (CA), Germany, and Australia (AU), but it may take up to two weeks (more or less) to reach some other countries like Africans.
  7. Buying directly from the company grants you 100 percent money-back buyer’s protection upon order completion.
  8. ACCORDING TO THE COMPANY, the HVN Sleep Pod has gathered more positive reviews since its inception in 2020 with thousands of sales.

Cons: (HVN Sleep Pod Review)

  1. There are only limited stocks of HVN currently available.
  2. Limited use for toddlers and under-aged children.
  3. Not available to all countries. If you can’t access the company’s official store, then HVN Sleep Pod is not available in your country.

Why You Should Buy HVN Sleep Pod

(HVNSleep Pod Review) 

Reviews of the Hvn sleep pod show the advantages of getting one of these awesome devices. Nonetheless, we shall also give you our share of benefits.

When you buy HVN Sleep Pod for sleep apnea, you attract many valuable benefits also. Among them are the following:

  1. Hvnsleep pod is a sleep pod made in the United States (US) and has passed all due diligence and quality checks before it got released for end-users. If you are looking for a fairly priced sleep pod with satisfactory qualities, then you should buy Hvn sleep pod
  2. The HVN Sleep pod is manufactured in a regulated health facility with medically proven materials to protect your health and keep you out of risk while using the HVNSleep Pod device.
  3. HVN Sleep Pod is relatively cheap compared to its class of sleep pods in the market today.
  4. There are many promising customer reviews from users in the US, CA, the UK, AU, NZ, and others currently using or have used the CPAP device and confirmed it is working as advertised by the company.
  5. What else could boost your confidence and ensure your safety if the 30-days money-back guarantee promised by the company doesn’t? Well, we know you need this sleep pod either for yourself or as a gift to friends and family. Whichever be your reason, you should not expect to be disappointed as the company promises value beyond money. However, You can easily return your HVN Sleep Pod within this 30-days customer protection if you are not satisfied with your purchase and get a refund from the company. Please note that refunds from the company are only made available for those with an order number issued by the company from their website upon any order completion.


Hvn Sleep Pod Electrode Refill

(Reviews of Hvn Sleep pod)

If you want to get the hvn sleep pod electrode refill, you should contact the HVN Sleep support using the customer care info provided below. The company did not officially include the HVN Sleep pod electrode refill in their store, but they create a custom order for you when you contact them for an electrode refill.

Otherwise, you may wish to buy more hvn sleep pod to get the refill in numbers. Below is the HVN Sleep Support information.

Hvn Sleep Support and Customer care Service

(HVN Sleep Pod Reviews)

  • Company name: Quality Performance Limited
  • HVN Sleep Pod Website: com
  • Company Support Email: support@buyhvnsleep.com
  • United States (US) Phone Support: 855 219 4892 (Toll-free)
  • United Kingdom (UK) Phone Support: 033 0818 0828
  • Australia (AU) Phone Support: (02) 5133 5668
  • Canada (CA) Phone Support: 855 219 4892 (Toll-free)
  • New Zealand (NZ) Phone Support: (02) 5133 5668
  • Official Address: 377 Valley Rd #1123, Clifton, NJ 07013

HVN Sleep Pod reviews Consumer Reports (Reviews of HVN Sleep Pod)

This section covers a few Customer Reviews of HVN Sleep Pod extracted from different sources online.

Before we conclude this hvn sleep pod review and give you our final verdict, we thought it necessary to share customer reviews as seen on other review sites and forums and also from the company’s website. Here are what users of HVN Sleep Pod have to say:

“At first, I was skeptical of this small sleeping device, but I decided to give it a shot. It takes some time for me to adjust, but after about 30 minutes, I’m completely unaware of its presence. According to my wife, it significantly reduced my snoring! It is not something I use every night. I am pleased that my wife enjoys it, as this indicates that it is functioning reasonably well. I have no grievances. We appreciate HVN SLEEP POD,” – Says Chris, from the United States (US) 

“HVN sleep pod is good but kept me uncomfortable using it for the first few days. Later got used to it, and I completely loved it. I can get records of my sleep pattern every morning and sees how I perform at night. I highly recommend” – Says Jon, from Canada (CA)

“I can’t imagine what my relationship life could have been without the HVN Sleep pod device. I am Jessy from the United States, and I have been snoring over the years; having tried different essential oils for snoring that never worked, I stumbled upon this HVN sleep pod. I am glad it is working for me, and I won’t have to hear complaints all night from my boyfriend anymore,” – says Jessy, from TX, United States (US)

“It’s cozy! AND VERY FIT! It felt strange the first night, but now it’s as natural as breathing. It’s enjoyable to peruse the statistics and determine how well you sleep at night. Extremely cool. The best part, of course, is that it eliminates snoring. “I’m loving my HVNSleep Pod.” – says Austin, from the United Kingdom (UK)

“I love how the HVN Sleep pod records my sleep pattern with the sleeplus mobile app. My partner confirmed that my snoring has tremendously reduced within a few days of using HVNsleep Pod. Thanks to the brains behind this CPAP device.” – says Drake, from Australia (AU)


Our final verdict on the HVN Sleep Pod Review

(HVN Sleep Pod reviews)

This HVN Sleep Pod Review was first published and seen as a Press release on Healthweakness in 2020 during the initial launching; they have further updated the press release to cover most of the information we highlighted here. According to the testing process carried out for the hvn sleep pod and other HVN Sleep Pod Customer reviews we got online and on the company’s official store, the HVN Sleep Pod has been rated 4.8 out of 5.0 on average by happy users since 2020.

While many customers bought the hvn sleep pod solely to monitor their sleeping patterns and reclaim complete control, others purchased it as a gift to family and friends who they want to help alleviate their sleep apnea.

So definitely, for having stumbled upon the reviews of HVN Sleep Pod, we are confident that either you or a loved person in your circle needs this. You can choose to buy HVNSleep for yourself just to monitor your sleep pattern even though you don’t snore, or better still, gift this to someone you love whom you know would appreciate you.

Just as we earlier stated, snoring has become one of the significant problems facing residents in the United Kingdom (UK), the United States (US), Australia (AU), Canada (CA), New Zealand (NZ), as well as a number of African countries. We want to inform you that there is now a solution to snoring, and proven to be working according to research. Using CPAP devices such as sleep pods, HVN Sleep Pods, and other suitable variants from reputable brands has proven to be very efficient in combating snoring without side effects.

It is better to naturally control your snoring habit with the HVN Sleep Pod than to use over-the-counter medications filled with chemicals that may cause severe health issues in the future.

Therefore, we recommend that you get yourself one of the HVN sleep pods today to take absolute control of your sleep pattern and make sure you put an end to snoring for good in a natural way.


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Any advice or guidelines revealed here are not even remotely a substitute for sound medical advice from a licensed healthcare provider. Make sure to consult with a professional physician before making any purchasing decision. Individual results may vary as the statements made regarding these products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The efficacy of these products has not been confirmed by FDA-approved research. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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