Is Compass Real Estate Legitimate?

Is Compass Real Estate Legitimate?

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It is important to do plenty of research and fully understand what you are dealing with when you are working with a new company, especially when you are buying or selling a property. Real estate is a large investment with a lot of money involved and you need to know that you can trust the company that is handling your transaction. You may have come across an article about Compass in your search and you might be asking the question; are they legitimate?

Negative reviews

Like every company, Compass Real Estate has received both positive and negative reviews. Positive reviews are obviously preferable, but it is important to have a complete and balanced view of any company – not everyone has the same expectations or needs when it comes to buying or selling a property.

If you take notice of what the negative reviews say then you will find that the majority of these less favorable reviews for Compass predominantly focus on a lack is communication and those who felt they had a low number of offers on their property. Negative reviews often make potential clients wonder whether a company can be trusted. But the fact is that the level of communication can vary depending on the agent, and it also relies on whether they have information to relay. 

For example, if there are few or no offers or expressions of interest are made, there is probably no need to contact the client. But the rise in agents that Compass is attracting means that many of their newer agents will understand the importance of keeping to touch, even if it is just to inform the client that there has been little interest (something that is out of Compass’s control and would apply to any other real estate agent).


Some concerns about how legitimate Compass Real Estate stems from the high-profile investors that they attract – some worry that it may be a pyramid scheme. However, these investments have all gone into the innovative technology that Compass uses to make it easier than ever to sell homes for clients. They are now the fourth-largest brokerage in the United States and have attracted more and more professional real estate agents to help with the increased client base they have gained over the years. This money is passed on to their investors and the homeowners they sell for.

Licensed real estate agent

Compass is fully licensed and works with home buyers and sellers across the whole of the US. They help homeowners sell their property by handling the process including marketing the property to attract potential buyers, arranging viewings, and using their expert knowledge and training to negotiate and get the best price for the client.

They work on behalf of the buyer to help find properties that match their specific requirements so they do not have to waste time looking at homes that are too big or too small or lack the amenities they really need. Compass has access to information on homes that are not listed on public websites, widening the options which buyers have.

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