BuzzBGone Reviews Consumer Reports: Does BuzzBGone Actually Work

BuzzBGone Reviews Consumer Reports: Does BuzzBGone Actually Work

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The sound made by mosquitoes is quite disturbing and uncomfortable. Around the world especially Sub Sahara Africa and South Asia, mosquitoes are causing serious havoc to both children and pregnant women. They are among the most irritating and harmful bugs you can see around. The most annoying part of a mosquito is its irritating sound. They can keep you awake throughout the night which is capable of rendering you useless during the day. They majorly cause malaria infection.

The increasing number of malaria infection has caused the sudden demand for mosquito treated net. These nets are quite uncomfortable to lie under. This is because they cause too much heat in the night and doesn’t give you 100% protection against mosquito bite. Until now, the use of chemicals in form of mosquitoes repellent have been making waves as they protect the body against mosquitoes, but sudden discoveries have shown that this chemicals are very harmful to the body. No matter how much mosquitoes repellent you spray on your body, you cannot escape from the horror of this fly.

Summer seasons attracts a lot of mosquitoes, this is because whenever there is increase in temperature, mosquitoes comes out from their hideout and ready to play around in your ears. They mostly live outdoors for people that have backyard pool. They breed more in dirty pools or bushy surroundings, so it is advisable to take care of your pool from time to time and always try to cut over grown grasses around your homes.

However, summer is the mosquito season as well. The heat and the humidity in the air during summer period bring out all kinds of mosquitoes. Mosquitoes can travel from your abandoned water pool and make their way into your apartment. They can do this through the windows and doors if you are the type that always leave your windows open.

Apart from mosquitoes, there are other dangerous insects that are capable of causing disease in humans example of such insect is house fly and bedbug. House flies can infect your food and causes you GIT related diseases which are life threatening. Also, bedbugs are tiny insects that live in beds and are very tiny to the eyes. They cause skin infections that make you itch always. It is important to protect yourself from these dangerous insects. A new innovation, the BuzzBGone is the best solution to eliminate mosquitoes and bugs. The BuzzBGone Zap is a safe method because it uses ultraviolet (UV) light to capture and kill mosquitoes. When using the BuzzBGone, you will not only have a more relaxed and itch-free experience, but you will also be significantly less exposed to those blood sucking insects. It is best for you to read through this BuzzBGone Reviews Consumer Reports before making a purchase.



What is the BuzzBGone Zap? (BuzzBGone Reviews Consumer Reports)

BuzzBGone are non-toxic LED light that attracts and kill mosquitoes and buds with no cost. This device gives you maximum protection from mosquito attacks, instead of applying sticky lotions and repellents filled with harsh chemicals; you can get rid of pesky mosquitoes with the use of the BuzzBGone. However, the primary insect targeted by BuzzBGone is mosquitoes, but it seems that other random small flying insects can also be trapped and killed inside of the device.

There are claims that the BuzzBGone Zap makes use of a combination of a LED light and a suction fan. The LED light attracts the mosquito while the suction fan helps in killing it. Studies has shown that mosquitoes are easily attracted to LED lights, this is not specific to mosquitoes only but other small insects can get attracted by the LED light. Once bugs are close enough to a powered BuzzBGone, a suction fan pulls the pests inside before dehydrating them to death. This device takes care of your children, making sure they are protected always from flying pests. Mosquitoes can easily identify yellow and blue light but this doesn’t give them any protection from LED light as there are other warm lights in LED Lights that easily attract them.

This rechargeable device can be set up anywhere and there is absolutely no mess and no odor, so you can simply set it up and enjoy a mosquitoes-free home. There is no much stress using this device but it should be restricted from children. They have hanger on their top through which you can hang them on your ceiling. In form of a bob light, they light up your living room and at the same time protect you from mosquitoes. Its LED Light gives your room an exciting look and keeps it free from noxious smells. 

What are the features of BuzzBGone? (BuzzBGone Reviews Consumer Reports)

BuzzBGone is new innovation that can be used anywhere. It is a convenient USB-rechargeable that is lightweight and compact for easy traveling. Below are some of the amazing features of BuzzBGone that keep them unique in the market.

LED Light – The BuzzBGone has an in-built LED light that has the ability to attract mosquitoes and other bugs to it. Although anopheles mosquitoes are resistant to both yellow and blue light but it hard for them to escape being trapped by spectrum of LED light. According to the manufacturer, LED lights attract bugs to the unit, giving you effective protection against mosquitoes.  Mosquitoes will always find their way to the BuzzBGone because of this LED light and when they do so, that’s the end of their life.

Rechargeable batteries – BuzzBGone batteries never run down, this is because of its rechargeable batteries that can last for couples of hours when fully charged. They come with a USB cable chargers, this cable is used to charge this device by connecting them to a power source. It is safe to always unplug this device once is full to prevent over charging. They can retain energy even when not connected to electric source. You can simply hang the BuzzBGone on your ceiling and enjoy an amazing night that is mosquito-free.

Compact and modern designs – The fact that the BuzzBGone is rechargeable makes them compatible for both indoor and outdoor use. You can easily carry them to anywhere it needs to be with less stress because of their ergonomic design. It is designed with a hanger at the top which makes it possible to hang them around your room. They can easily be carried along when you are going for camping, hiking or anywhere you can be exposed to mosquitoes.  This device is designed in such a way that it can attract and kill mosquitoes from all angles. The LED lights radiates from every circumference of this device, thus no mosquitoes can escape death once it flies around the perimeters of this device.

Noiseless feature – Mosquitoes are always active in the night. This is the time most people are asleep after a stressful day. They usually disturb your sleep with their irritating sound they make. It is a dream comes through for everyone that makes you of BuzzBGone as you don’t have to bother about mosquitoes waking you up in the middle of the night with those irritating sounds. BuzzBGone has a noiseless feature which gives you a zero disturbance during the night. They make use of second generation engines that produces zero noise. You can also read with this device and still be able to focus because of this noiseless feature.

Hangable – One of the most amazing features of the mosquito zapper is that you can hang it anywhere you want. The very handy hook on top of the device is suitable to take the weight of the zapper. Just hang it over your head somewhere to kill the mosquitoes in the area.

Safe to use – This device only shock mosquitoes that fly around them. They don’t have enough voltage to cause electric shocks on humans. They produce high voltage that clean up your surrounding keeping them safe from mosquitoes. Unlike mosquito repellents, the BuzzBGone doesn’t emit harmful chemical that is dangerous to users. It functions using the LED light to attract mosquitoes that flies around it and at the same time dry them up.


How to use BuzzBGone (BuzzBGone Reviews)

The use of BuzzBGone zapper is a straight forward thing, even a 4-year old child can easily on and off this device. The very first thing to do after the un-boxing of this device is to plug it to a power source and makes sure it is fully charged. Below are few steps that will guide you on the use of this device.

Step 1: Once you are sure the device is fully charged, then you can go ahead and switch it on by turning the top rotary switch. It will always make a unique sound once is on.

Step 2: Next is to place the device on a flat surface, this can be on a smooth table or just on a bare floor depending on your desire. Some people prefer hanging it in the air because they feel like it functions well in that position.

Step 3: It is expected you leave this device at that desired position for about 2 hours. After two hours or more, it is best to clean up its surrounding littered with dead mosquitoes to prevent technical faults from dirt.

Does BuzzBGone Actually Work? – Take a Look at Its Benefits

  • They kill mosquitoes instantly by attracting them with LED light, BuzzBGone is designed to stop this infectious creatures before they ever get the chance to make contact.
  • Mosquitoes are swiftly eliminated and discreetly swept under the light for a mess free and odorless cleanup thus, giving your room a fresh scent.
  • BuzzBGone are very effective in elimination of pests thereby stopping the use of sticky lotions which are harmful to the body. This device is the safe and natural way to keep your family safe from mosquitoes without the risk of any disease.
  • They can be used anywhere due to their compact nature and they make use of USB-rechargeable batteries.
  • This device requires a tiny space to set them up and run. So they can sit on your reading table, bed, even at lakeside to keep the mosquitoes away.
  • If you are the type that always travel, the BuzzBGone is portable to go with you especially if you are travelling to the tropics
  • This product is free of harmful chemicals and is completely safe. They use electricity to zap bugs. BuzzBGone is mainly made up of an electric coil and purple LEDs, so you don’t need to be afraid of anything. You won`t regret investing your hard-earned money in this product according to numerous BuzzBGone Reviews Consumer Reports.


How does BuzzBGone works?

The BuzzBGone attracts mosquitoes and other bugs using LED lights. These lights are like UV light that has high affinity for mosquitoes. Once these insects are close enough, the charge electric suction fan dries them up and leaves them dead. Mosquitoes and other flying insects are attracted to UV light by nature, but the device’s powerful fan draws them in and kills them. The two technologies, LED light and suction fan, work together to kill these creatures.

Pros and Cons of BuzzBGone


  • It has a long-lasting batteries
  • They are compact and portable for use anywhere
  • It’s completely safe to use and thus, poses no challenge to the environment and the user
  • They are effective for a very long time. it can be on throughout the night
  • Highly affordable and you can return them if they doesn’t reach your taste
  • Manufactured with high-quality materials for the best results.


  • You can only order via the internet
  • They might not able to cover large space
  • There are limited stock available

Price and where to buy the BuzzBGone Trap?

This product can be easily sourced via the official website of the manufacturer. To avoid being scammed, it is advisable to make use of the official website to place your order. Their payment system is highly secured. You can pay using your debit card like MasterCard or Visa. There is also provision for people that has a PayPal account. Below are some of the price options of the BuzzBGone:

  • 1 X BuzzBGone cost $39.99
  • 2 X BuzzBGone cost $79.98
  • 3 X BuzzBGone cost $89.98
  • 4 X BuzzBGone cost $109.97

You get a 55% discount off the original price and 30-days money-back guarantee when you buy this product from the official website.


BuzzBGone Reviews Consumer Reports

“On a full charge, this can last a very long time. I even used it for an outdoor party and it lasted from beginning to end, no hiccups” –Anthony

“I’ve had other zappers, but this one is the easiest and most effective. You won’t even notice it’s there. They are 4 times better than other bug deterrents” – Claudia

It charges quickly and holds a charge all evening. This is a terrific quality compared to other zapper I’ve used” – Sharon

Final Verdict on BuzzBGone Zap Reviews Consumer Reports

The main aim of this article is to explain how infectious mosquitoes and other bugs are and the need to protect yourself from them. We took time in this write up to explain a new innovation currently in the market that protects you from mosquito infestation. The BuzzBGone are highly safe to use unlike the popular mosquito repellents that contain harmful chemicals dangerous to the body. Don’t miss out on this, get yourself a BuzzBGone Zap and enjoy a night free from mosquitoes.


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