Performance Lab Reviews: Secret Facts Behind Performance Lab Supplements Revealed!

Performance Lab Reviews: Secret Facts Behind Performance Lab Supplements Revealed!

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Performance Lab is a complete line of all-natural health supplements produced and manufactured in the United Kingdom by the Performance Lab company.

Performance Lab’s product ranges are divided into CORE and SPORT. Each line-up has a particular health focus, yet they all give an exceptionally wide range of health advantages.

What Is the Performance Lab?

Performance Lab is a renowned supplement inventor and manufacturer in the United Kingdom. Their team of nutritional, health, and supplement specialists strives to keep on top of what supplements may offer.

Investigating the Performance Lab Range

Sport Products

Performance Lab’s SPORT formulations are designed to help with athleticism, strength, training quality, intensity, endurance, muscular growth, and overall body composition.

The SPORT line includes six distinct supplements and one utility item.


The Protein supplement by Performance Lab is an organic brown rice protein concentrate intended to give the body a robust and prolonged dose of natural proteins.

It aids in developing muscular mass, general strength, power, and endurance and laying the groundwork for users to maximize the training program.

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The Performance Lab Carb supplement is intended to supply users with a high dose of natural carbs.

Each Carb supplement capsule will supply almost two hours of muscle energy and will aid in optimizing muscle activation in the body. It will also aid in improving strength, endurance, and muscle recovery.

The Carb supplement is ideal for those who want to enhance the amount of energy their bodies can burn without resorting to high-calorie foods.

The supplement will also speed up the rate at which users absorb other nutrients. This is especially true if users use additional supplements.


It makes use of a variety of distinct natural substances to supply the body with a potent source of slow-burning energy.

The amino acids in the BCAA supplement aid enhance growth cycles, protein synthesis, muscle maintenance, muscular energy usage, and development of lean muscle.


The Performance Lab Pre supplement is a pre-workout supplement containing various fast-burning natural energy sources. Pre’s formula is intended to boost energy, improve lactic acid buffering, increase blood flow to the muscles, flush the system with important electrolytes, promote oxygen consumption, and even improve the mood.


The Post supplement from Performance Lab is the Pre formula’s sibling supplement. A post-workout powerhouse designed to help the body recover from exertion.

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The Maintain supplement helps slow down muscle loss and provides the body with various potent nutrients that stimulate healthy growth and repair throughout the body. In addition to some slight metabolic boosts to assist users to shed fat while toning muscle.


SPORTMixer is a utility item. It comes with a leak-proof mark of approval from Performance Lab’s developers, and it’s the perfect method to easily integrate all of the Performance Lab vitamins.


The CORE supplement line includes the following:


The Energy supplement is intended to help promote improved mitochondrial cell energy and vitality in daily life.

The supplement promotes cellular vitality, is stimulant-free, increases both physical and cognitive energy levels, and even raises the resting metabolism.


The supplement supplies a variety of brain energy nutrients, cerebral circulation enhancements, nerve and brain tissue regeneration qualities, and even mental state stabilization.


The supplement aids in the relaxation of the brain, muscles, and neurological system. It promotes a healthy circadian rhythm and increases joint comfort.

Furthermore, the Sleep supplement relieves muscle spasms, reduces the effects of sleep deprivation, helps extend REM cycles, and improves sleep quality.

If users are having trouble obtaining a decent night’s sleep or waking up exhausted all the time, users might benefit from Performance Lab’s Sleep supplement.


MCT enhances cognitive energy while also increasing overall metabolic performance.

It helps improve cerebral connectivity, extend focus, and increase mental endurance.

Omega 3 fatty acids

It is intended to supply users with a large dose of healthful omega 3 fatty acids and a variety of other natural substances that benefit their health.

The supplement effectively enhances cell membrane structure, heart health, blood pressure, and cholesterol levels.

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The Stim supplement contains naturally sourced, refined caffeine and a variety of other healthy natural ingredients to offer users the ideal dose of stimulation for the body.

It is a wonderful option for individuals who need additional energy but don’t want to eat too many calories.


Prebiotic is an all-natural enhanced microflora support for the metabolism, digestive system, and immunological health.

The supplement will aid in the growth of beneficial Bifidobacterium bacteria in the GI tract while also contributing to the regular soluble fiber intake. This will help users digest better, lose weight, and enhance the immune system simultaneously.

Furthermore, the supplement boosts heart health and blood pressure equilibrium.


With Performance Lab’s Flex supplement, users may start improving their flexibility in a matter of weeks. The supplement aids in the improvement of joint health, the control of inflammation, the healing of connective tissue, and the provision of natural lubricant to the joints.


The Performance Lab Vision supplement is an innovative eyesight enhancer that helps improve the quality of the vision and the health of the eyes.

The supplement contains a variety of substances that have been demonstrated to improve macular pigmentation, ocular circulation, retinal transmission speed, antioxidant defenses, and long-term eye health.

Additionally, the supplement can help with light sensitivity and deteriorating vision. It is an excellent alternative for those who want to reduce the number of new prescriptions they receive each year and take control of their ocular health.

Women’s NutriGenesis Multi

The NutraGenesis Multivitamin for Women has a little bit of everything excellent. It is designed to give users a comprehensive set of health advantages and aid in maintaining the system’s health and stability.

The supplement is intended for women of all ages and will help protect their health. Many of the underlying health concerns crucial for women are being addressed.

The NutriGensis technology is used in this Performance Lab multivitamin. A breakthrough in the extraction, refinement, and delivery of natural nutrients and compounds to the body.

Men’s NutriGenesis Multi

The NutraGenesis Multi supplement for Men can help support all elements of male health. It is designed to give users a comprehensive set of health advantages and aid in maintaining the system’s health and stability.

The supplement is intended for men of all ages and will help protect their health. Many of the underlying health concerns crucial for males are being addressed.

The NutriGensis technology is used in this Performance Lab multivitamin. A breakthrough in the extraction, refinement, and delivery of natural nutrients and compounds to the body.

Whom Are Performance Lab Supplements Made For?

The beauty of the Performance Lab is that they offer a variety of items that allow users to personalize what users use based on their specific needs.

Perhaps users want to get in shape and need the SPORT supplement line to help them. Users combine it with the NutraGenesis Multi supplement, and users are good to go.

Others may simply contain only a few vitamins, such as the Flex or Vision supplements, which is OK.

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  • The Performance Lab employs a variety of high-quality natural substances.
  • No stimulants are utilized in any vegan-friendly supplement!
  • Provides a comprehensive health and exercise program for people from all areas of life
  • Ingredients are non-GMO and non-irradiated.
  • Dosage regimens that work
  • Premium products that are reasonably priced, with considerable bulk bundle discounts
  • Totally risk-free
  • There are no harmful ingredients in this composition
  • Allergen-free
  • There is no danger of overdosing.
  • All proteins are derived from plant sources.
  • Ideal for everyday use
  • Designs for low-carb formulas


Is the Performance Lab secure?


All of the supplements in the Performance Lab line use an all-natural recipe, and none of the ingredients have been connected to any negative effects.

The whole product line has been subjected to several clinical and industry-specific trials and sold to tens of thousands of people worldwide. There have never been any reports of negative effects from either of these sources.

Important: The supplements are not for people under eighteen and pregnant or breastfeeding women.

This is not a Performance Lab-specific standard but rather a guideline that all supplements must follow.

How Long Does It Take for Performance Lab Supplements to Work?

Because of the large variety of Performance Lab supplements on the market, the answer to this question is open to interpretation. This is also because the all-natural formulae that support these supplements rely greatly on the body’s capacity to absorb their contents to give their advantages.

For the bulk of the other supplements offered by Performance Lab, users will need to be patient.

Most users will notice improvements within the first two weeks of use, with the full benefits of the supplements taking effect around the four-to-six-week mark.

What Is the Best Way to Take Performance Lab Supplements?

Each supplement available from Performance Lab has somewhat varying dosage needs. Fortunately, each of them will include an easy-to-follow dosage regimen guide.

Simply follow the directions, and users will be on the way to a world of advantages!

Important: Take no more of the supplement to achieve better outcomes. This is not going to work. Always stick to the recommended dosage.

Where Can One Purchase Performance Lab Supplements?

All Performance Lab supplements can be purchased through the company’s official website.

Each supplement in the Performance Lab line is priced differently, although they are all marketed in the same package sizes.

All Performance Lab supplements are available in one-month bundles ranging from $29 to $59, with discounts available for two-month packages and a free bottle provided for four-month packages.

Is there a return policy at Performance Lab?

If users are dissatisfied with Performance Lab or are not seeing the results they expected, users have 60 days to return them.

This is a policy with no questions asked.

Closing Thoughts: Performance Lab

It’s not often that we come across a complete supplement bundle on the level that Performance Lab manages to give. Performance Lab continues to push the limits of the supplement market to this day, with each formula behind its supplements adopting a unique and intuitive design.

With tens of thousands of people utilizing Performance Lab supplements every day and the products receiving great consumer and industry ratings, it’s no surprise that Performance Lab is so popular.


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