Golden Revive Review 2022: SCAM? Truth REVEALED About UpWellness Golden Revive Plus

Golden Revive Review 2022: SCAM? Truth REVEALED About UpWellness Golden Revive Plus

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Overall, Golden Revive Review has received a lot of positive reviews from various satisfied customers. But we didn’t take their word for it. We tested it. And the result is published in this review. Golden Revive is a fast-selling natural supplement which helps with pain, aches, stress, etc.

Pains regardless of where they manifest in the body are an awful bunch to deal with. Burning discomfort emanating from joints of the knees, arms, feet, back as well as from muscle spasms and inflamed nerves have immensely had a negative impact on people’s lives, reducing their productivity at work and hindering them from freely doing the things they do to relax.

Somehow, getting up and showing up daily has suddenly become an arduous routine and there’s little or no joy anymore.

Who would be happy when it feels like an inferno has been lit all over their body? Further worsening the situation is the fact that several remedies have been sought ranging from hospital visits, refilling prescriptions, getting shots, and undergoing surgeries while enduring more discomfort from the side effects and invasiveness of the processes.

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Also, a lot of these patients have had to break the bank just to get these remedies that are yet to permanently ameliorate their problems.

Honestly, a ton of patients are frustrated with these short-term results. It also doesn’t help that Big Pharma are not interested in putting out a solution that could have a long-lasting effect because of the immense profit they rake in from selling short-term solutions for an excruciating problem.

Golden Revive + was created as an outstanding alternative to address this challenge while orbiting the drastic limitations and shortfalls of conventional solutions and pulling you out of a medication, surgeries, and excessive spending cycle.

What is Golden Revive?

Golden Revive is an all-natural remedy developed to address pains by tackling them at the root while enabling your body to heal, giving you a long-lasting relief at a relatively more affordable rate. Golden Revive + seeks to give you your life back and keep your purse from running dry while at it. It is the long-overdue required positive response to the cries of chronic pain patients who have been at the mercy of profit-orientated Big Pharmas and a medical system that has not been able to address their challenge.

Golden Revive was inspired by Himalayan Sherpers, incorporates a component of ayurvedic medicine and natural products with scientifically proven efficacy that has been in use for thousands of years, and was developed by Dr. Joshua Levitt also known as a doctor of inflammation, a board-certified naturopathic physician and clinical preceptor at Yale School of Medicine.

What People Are Saying About Golden Revive

With my job being very physical, my knees take a beating and always hurt. Since I’ve started Golden Revive + I’ve noticed a lot less knee pain. I Highly recommend

Richard R. Reviewed in the United States

How does Golden Revive work?

Golden Revive + deals with the pain by tackling it at the root where it stems from, joints, muscles, and nerves. Conventional painkillers block pain signals to the brain and subsequently block the signal the body needs to heal. Journal of knee surgery, sports, and traumatology published a report which found that NSAIDs interfere with cartilage and bone healing. Also, the British journal of sports medicine published another report which found that NSAIDs interfere with the healing of fractures.

Unlike these medicines, Golden Revive + addresses pain instead of masking it by addressing the three key sources of pain namely inflammation, muscle tension, and fibrosis. Inflammation is the first step to pain and needs to be addressed first. RFL proteins interact when triggered by an infection, injury, or trauma no matter the magnitude causing a cascade of biochemical reactions that result in pain.

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NFkb protein is the major RFL protein involved seeing as it sets this reaction in motion. This inflammation alters the immune system and inhibits healing and if not checked will produce more injuries that will trigger more inflammations, keeping the cycle rolling while causing damage to the joints, muscles, and nerves. Golden Revive + plus breaks the pain chain by shutting down NFkb protein.

Furthermore, muscle intension in an area cuts off blood supply and strangles delicate nerves which causes more pain. Golden Revive + takes this into consideration and incorporated an element charged with easing muscle tension.

Scar tissues form when the body heals from injuries. These scar tissues limit the range of motion for an individual and trap blood vessels and nerves which brings about pain. Golden Revive + has a component that tackles this issue so that individuals will have an increased range of motion sufficient to carry out their activities while experiencing no pain.

What Golden Revive is Made Up Of?

Golden Revive + is a six-component wonder carefully sought out and sourced for from the best quality available that provides redress to various known source of pain and brings about a lasting solution to pain.

Previously, there have been some natural remedies for chronic pain management, but none can boast of being as holistic as Golden Revive +. These other remedies usually contain one or two substances that may only be adequate to tackle one root cause of pain while the rest are not addressed.

The components of Golden Revive + include:


Found in turmeric is an agent known to squelch inflammation and is its most bioactive compound. Having been in use for over 4000 years and proven in 10,000 studies, curcumin stops relentless longstanding joint, muscle, nerve, and post-surgery pain, pain intensity, and joint stiffness by shutting down NFkb protein. Emory University,

National Cancer Institute, Institute of Anatomy in Munich, Germany, University of New Mexico, Harvard University, Linus Pauling Institute at the University of Oregon have all named it the potent inhibitor of NF-kB.

Curcumin by inhibiting NFkb reduces all inflammation-promoting molecular targets. Curcumin inhibits all of them. Curcumin also works on the same receptor opioids target to relieve pain and unlike opioids, it has no side effects and is non-addictive. This product was prepared from the world’s best curcumin extract. For an individual to match up the amount of curcumin per daily intake of the product, 4-5 spoons of turmeric need to be consumed which is quite discouraging.

Boswellia (Indian frankincense)

This plant product contains boswellic acid, an extremely potent anti-inflammatory agent that works by keeping 5-lipoxygenase in check. 5-lipoxygenase production is the gas that keeps the fire of inflammation going while causing joint stiffness, swelling, and reducing mobility. Keeping this compound in check averts these negative outcomes.

Boswellia also stimulates healing and joint repair by activating collagen production in the body to lubricate joints and improves blood supply to the joints ensuring a steady supply of materials necessary for joint repair is maintained.


A very important element that is sadly lacking in the diet of a good number of Americans. About 75% of Americans are not meeting their daily magnesium intake requirement. Magnesium plays a crucial part in muscle contraction and an inadequate supply triggers muscle spasm. Golden Revive + contains a suitable amount of magnesium to supply the body with its daily need and take care of muscle spasms. It also settles NMDA in the body and relaxes tense muscles with absolutely no toxicity.


Biochemical reactions in the body bring about the production of free radicals which are toxic molecules that damage cells and tissues including those of the joints, muscles, and nerves. This contributes immensely to chronic pain. Golden Revive + has quercetin, a very potent antioxidant included in it to mop up these free radicals and avert their damaging effects on the body cells and tissues.


Absorption of substances taken to alter disease states in the body is a rate-limiting step to it achieving its purpose.  Piperine is a part of the Golden Revive + and it plays a very important part by enhancing the absorption of curcumin. Piperine has been demonstrated to increase the absorption of curcumin by 2000% in a study carried out at St John’s University. This is a great improvement and sets this product apart from other curcumin-containing products because optimal absorption of curcumin to exert its very desired effect is ensured by Piperine.


Obtained from the juice and stem of pineapples, this substance breaks down scar tissues. Break down of these scar tissues found around the joints frees up the joints aiding mobility and further relieving pain. It also reduces swelling and tenderness around the joints. The formation of new scar tissues is also prevented.

The combination of these substances in appropriate amounts brought about this wonder, Golden Revive +, and is its secret for a pain-free, limber joint. This is also the first product of its kind to have all these components unified in a capsule.

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What are the benefits of Golden Revive +?

All the benefits are covered in detail in this Golden Revive Review

There is a growing dissatisfaction with conventional medicines and approaches to pain relief among chronic pain patients. This usually stems from their short-term effect which is not equivalent to the money, time, and painful procedure after another painful procedure that goes into it. Constant hospital visit takes away from time that could have been spent on productive or leisure tasks.

Refilling prescriptions takes a dig on finances and the side effects of this medication like NSAIDs including gastrointestinal upsets, ulcers, and GIT bleedings and the addictive nature of opioids are further sources of distress to patients and their loved ones. FDA reported that NSAIDs raise the chance of serious heart problems by 50% which is quite mind-boggling. Surgeries and getting cortisone shots are also not cost-effective while putting the patients through additional pain.

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Golden Revive + was designed to address pain and provide a long-lasting effect at a cost-effective rate without the hassles of conventional methods that have been in use.

  • Motion range is improved because joint stiffness gets taken care of.
  • Dependency on others is reduced. With zero inhibition you get to about your activities just like before without needing to be helped around by another individual. Individuals who pay others for assisted care cause of the limitations due to joint, muscle or nerve pains and stiffness get to save that money when using this product as there will be no need for such assistance anymore.
  • Individuals take back their life from pain and go about their programs normally.
  • Normal sleep pattern previously distorted by pain gets restored so the individual is well-rested after each sleep.
  • Individuals become happier and more energetic. Pain is extremely draining.
  • Addiction to opioids is avoided and you stop depending on pills to do the barest minimum.

Why choose Golden Revive +?

Golden Revive + is a safe alternative to what is currently in place, requires no hospital visits, and waiting to be seen by a physician or prescription. It can be easily ordered for and have it delivered at your doorstep in a matter of 3-5 working days. There is no need to be wary of life-altering side effects or being put at risk of coming down with chronic diseases like heart problems and diabetes mellitus which usually come hand-in-hand with protracted use of prescription medicines.

In addition, the pain-relieving effect of Golden Revive + kicks in after about two days of commencing it and it offers a long-lasting solution to chronic pain. It stops pain while allowing your body to heal and repair what triggered the pain. Conventional approaches only scratch the surface by merely blocking pain signals, creating a distraction but not addressing the root cause of the problem. Golden Revive + addresses the root causes of pain.

How much does Golden Revive + cost?

A 30-day container of Golden Revive + goes for $97 but it has been discounted to $57 for each client’s first 30 days. The 3-month supply is available at $45 per container. Clients get to pay $135 instead of $201 dollars saving $66. There is also a 6-month supply option where each container is given for $33, a total price of $198 instead of $402 and you get to save $204.

To avoid running out of this product, you can sign up for our VIP auto-delivery program which gives you this product at the best rate while ensuring you have a steady supply. Signing up for this, ensures you get fresh products for everyone, for three, or six months at the lowest available prices with an additional 10% discount and shipping at no cost.

Where can I Buy Golden Revive + from?

Golden Revive + can be ordered online using this link. You select the package you are interested in and fill out the necessary information. Buying from the official link below would give you the privilege of buying at a discounted Price. You can also sign up for the VIP auto-delivery program and be a beneficiary of all its perks.

Click Here to Buy Golden Revive at the Lowest Available Price From the Official Website

The company offers a 60-day, 100% money back guarantee on Golden Revive plus. Golden Revive are aware it sounds too good to be true but it absolutely is true. This means you have a whopping 60 days to see if this product is good for you and if for whatsoever reason you believe it isn’t, reach out to our friendly U.S. based customer service via call or email to return any unused portion to them and get a refund of your investment. They are this level of confidence in this product.

Golden Revive + was made with the intention of bringing high-quality, long-lasting solutions to chronic pain patients and their friends at very pocket-friendly rates. You don’t need to break the bank to be able to afford this product.

What are customers saying about Golden Revive +?

Clients who have made use of this product have nothing short of praises for it for how it has enabled them to take back their life from pain and return to literally doing everything from taking a walk to lifting items without any qualms. Here are some customer reviews:

I feel like…me again. Less pain, freedom of movement, and I’m able to be active again. Highly recommend!

Clara R. Reviewed in the United States

I lost my thyroid five years ago, and have been very sore since then. Now, after taking Golden Revie + for 2 weeks, I no longer feel any of the pain. All the inflammation has gone away. Thanks, Golden Revive

Jeanie L. Reviewed in the United States

Frequently Asked Questions About Golden Revive + Reviews

In order to boost your confidence in this product and provide further clarification, we have compiled some questions people have asked about Golden Revive + in this review and provided answers to it. We hope it will clear every confusion and stir you to the path of purchasing this product for yourself and the people that are dear to you who are going through a lot cause of pain of any form or at any location in their bodies.

How long after taking Golden Revive + should I expect results?

A large deal of people notices improvement after a few days. The product’s effectiveness tends to build over the first several weeks of taking standard doses and maximal results are expected to come after three months.

Are there any side effects? (Golden Revive + Reviews)

Golden Revive + is very safe and well-tolerated by the body. Once in a while, people might notice some nausea or upset stomach, which can usually be prevented by taking the product with food.

Should I take Golden Revive + with food?

It is ideal to take Golden Revive + between meals for maximum effectiveness but if there is any nausea or upset stomach (which are not very common), taking it with meals is allowed.

What is the recommended daily dosage of Golden Revive +?

The recommended dose of Golden Revive + is one capsule taken two times a day which works well for most people.  Some individuals like to start with a higher “loading dose” of two capsules taken two times daily for the first two weeks and then step down to the maintenance dose of one capsule two times daily after that. In a situation where there is severe or acute pain flare, Golden Revive + can be taken at a maximum dose of two capsules taken three times daily.

Final Verdict on Golden Revive Review

Over the years, individuals have had their lives negatively impacted on by pain. Things they did with ease gradually became a tedious chore they can’t perform at all or without assistance. The fact that available resources and procedures which they pay a lot for were only able to offer a paltry amount of relief while asking more of them and predisposing them to more harm compounds the issue and raises their level of general dissatisfaction with the life they are living several notches than they can bear.

Many Golden Revive Review agree that it is a 100% natural product is a sure way out of this mess. It has shown reproducible results in members of the populace. It is an absolute delight to have a solution for a pressing issue that doesn’t put you in more harm or render you bankrupt and gives you the opportunity to enjoy life as you have known it yet again.

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