Mass Gainer Protein Powder – Crazy Nutrition Benefits, Ingredients, Prices, Before and After Results

Mass Gainer Protein Powder – Crazy Nutrition Benefits, Ingredients, Prices, Before and After Results

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Not surprisingly, there are many mass gainer pills in the market, but not all of them perform properly up to the mark, unless combined with additional supplements. Mass gainer Protein powder supplements are the most demanded and commonly used combination in order to achieve amazing power and muscular size. But, the factor that is significant to consider is the ideal ratio of carbs and amino acids present in the protein supplement that is required by the human body for natural muscular growth. Crazy Nutrition has eased up the lives of those who don’t want to add any protein supplements and shakes or use any harmful steroids. Crazy Nutrition has come up with the great Mass Gainer formula. This formula is basically advertised for people that need to increase their muscle growth and bulk. Click Here to Buy Best Mass gainer Protein Powder

The fitness lovers know well that the skinny look may not be the most attractive one. Most of the fitness freaks and body builders look forward to stay in shape and want less fat and more muscle mass. However, achieving the dream of having muscular physique is not just a matter of few days. Most people follow strict diets and exercise regimens to ensure muscular mass remains, while some body builders and athletes follow proper personal trainings to preserve their well-built muscles and figures. To achieve these muscle goals, many people who are under budget use extreme means such as consuming harmful steroids to keep their muscle intact. However, this is not an ideal approach, as gaining muscle is now no longer an issue for body builders. There are many healthy and natural supplements available in the market that promised to help in gaining muscle gains.

To know more details about Mass Gainer supplement read out the complete review below.

What is Crazy Nutrition?

Crazy Nutrition manufactures a line of powerful and essential muscle-building supplements that are widely known and endorsed by bodybuilders and athletes all over the world. It is based on the popular Crazy Bulk brand, which is known as the pioneer in manufacturing legal steroids that has mostly replaced anabolic steroids with legal supplements. All the supplements manufactured by Crazy Nutrition are labelled as 100 percent safe, containing no dangerous or hidden chemicals.

Crazy Nutrition focuses on the consideration and requirements of athletes and fitness enthusiasts while manufacturing these supplement since they continuously need elements to enhance their workout performance and physical appearance. After selling three different formulas in 2021, now Crazy Nutrition is all set with their latest launch, “Mass Gainer”.

Crazy Nutrition Pros and Cons

Before purchasing the Mass Gainer meal replacement shake, it is better to analyse the pros and downsides of the product. Following are the shortlisted pros and cons of the Mass Gainer supplement.


  • It helps in leading faster gaining of muscles.
  • It contains creatine for faster results.
  • It is an efficient meal replacement with fewer calories ingested.
  • It contains no garbage fillers.
  • It helps in minimizing bloating and indigestion.
  • It delivers better energy levels.
  • It helps in supporting speedy muscle recovery.


  • This product is only available online through its official website.
  • The product could be out of stock sometimes due to the increased demand and limited stock.
  • Overall, Crazy Nutrition Mass Gainer has no adverse side effects, as it users only whole-food derived ingredients.

Click Here to Visit Official Crazy Nutrition Website

What is Crazy Nutrition Mass Gainer Formula?

Crazy Nutrition Mass Gainer is a powerful formula that is to be used on daily basis. It is comprised of bodybuilding foods and the formulation is ideal for maintain muscle mass while losing fat. Mass Gainer is entirely an organic formula that is safe to use. It consists of all proven ingredients and have not added any GMOs, fillers, and maltodextrin to make sure that you gain muscle effectively. Mass Gainer is a potent food replacement formula that can be consumed while following a specific diet plan for your fitness.

Mass Gainer is made in a US-based GMP and FDA-approved facility and is already known as one of the most body building and high quality formulations. Most bodybuilding supplements have serious side effects that may include stomach cramps, and bloating. However, Mass Gainer from Crazy Nutrition is rich in natural ingredients like DigeZyme that protects your gastrointestinal tract from problems and discomforts. Similarly, the formula is easy to consume and comes in delicious vanilla and chocolate flavours choices.

Mass Gainer is manufactured with latest technology and is encapsulated with the potent bodybuilding formula in just one pill. Mass Gainer formula promotes muscle growth without fat during a workout. Mass Gainer works a meal replacement shake that helps in promoting extensive muscle repair along with a pleasant taste. It is different from other bodybuilding smoothies, as it does not have any unpleasant aftertaste. Crazy Nutrition’s Mass Gainer is an amazing substitute for heavy meals with neat and clean chocolate and vanilla beverages. Many bodybuilders are not advised to consume the hefty meals and for them Mass Gainer is a blessing, as it is densely packed with some extraordinary components. Meal replacement shakes for weight loss, and bodybuilding can sometimes result in fat gain or dangerous sugar spike in the blood. However, Mass Gainer is not among those and its reviews demonstrate that it is a well-conceived and well-researched supplement that does not cause any harmful or unpleasant effects while encouraging muscle growth.

What makes Crazy Nutrition Mass Gainer Different from Others?

Crazy Nutrition Mass Gainer supplement is specially designed as a daily formula that offers a potent range of ingredients to stimulate your muscle building process safely. It is a powerful formula with 100 safe and organic ingredients that are scientifically proven. Crazy Nutrition Mass Gainer contains zero GMOs, fillers and maltodextrin. Besides, this formula contains a commendable ratio of carbohydrates, calories, proteins, and other vital nutrients that makes it a complete meal replacement. This makes Mass Gainer a perfect and complete meal replacement shake.

Mass Gainer is different in comparison of other cheap mass gainer supplements, as it does not contains any harmful ingredients and it does not cause any side effects. Moreover, Mass Gainer by Crazy Nutrition contains patented ingredients that protect your gut from discomforts. Most of the time the orthodox bodybuilding plans fail, as consuming specific muscle building foods and managing the calorie count is tough for people. Also, some diet plans are expensive and are only ideal for specific people. In addition, there are some food types that cause allergic reactions such as dairy, chicken, and beans.

On the other hand, Crazy Nutrition claims that they have teamed up with experts and professionals from all over the world to provide with the best formula for muscle gains that is effective and enriched with science-proven ingredients only. The unbalanced ratio of carb-fillers and maltodextrin in numerous muscle gain supplements often results in hormonal imbalance and raise glycemic blood levels, hurt your gut health and cause bloating. Unlike the usual muscle gaining supplements, Mass Gainer contains the clinically proven dosages of all the components to ensure that you are provided with the required nourishment with better muscle growth and repair and that too with zero side effects.

How Does Crazy Nutrition Mass Gainer Formula Works?

Mass Gainer is an exceptional bulking supplement which is intended for people who are following a bulking cycle to gain extra muscle mass. The big difference between Mass Gainer and the alternative options is it is comprised of higher quality ingredients. The ingredients included in this formula are muscle food that also provides several helper ingredients to create the perfect anabolic environment. During the bulking phase, you need to maintain a surplus of calories, and a big part of it should come from protein because it provides the amino acids that are the building blocks of muscle. Though bulking can also be done without supplements, but it would be a challenging option, as meeting the calorie surplus through food only would be time-consuming and make you feel bloated. Also, eating in frequent times throughout the day in more amounts is also a worse thing to handle. On the other hand, Mass Gainer can works wonders by making it easier for you to get extra calories with nutrient rich meal replacement shake, which eventually helps you in avoiding the sick and bloated feeling and the hassle of eating at all hours of the day.

All the ingredients of Crazy Nutrition Mass Gainer are derived from whole-food sources and are equally free from gluten and are designed to be gut-friendly. In addition, Mass Gainer is far superior from the similar products by providing the users with 2:1 carbs to protein ratio. This implies that for every 100 g of carbs you take, you also consume 50 g of protein, which makes it a potent bodybuilding supplements among the competitor products in the market. All the state-of-the-art ingredients of Mass Gainer helps in improving absorption and digestion rates. Consequently, your system will be able to utilize more of the formula’s ingredients instead of excreting it. The manufacturer is confident about the Mass Gainer and therefore offers a money back guarantee as well.

Key Features of Crazy Nutrition Mass Gainer

Following are some key features of Crazy Nutrition’s Mass Gainer formula:

  • All ingredients included in this formula are from whole food sources that includes oat, flaxseeds, and sweet potatoes.
  • It flood your system with solid foods and nutrition that stays in your system for extended periods of time.
  • The whole-food constituents of Mass Gainer alleviate hunger pangs and keeps your nourished for long hours.
  • The formula contains zero fillers, binders, maltodextrin, and other crap ingredients that may cause side effects in long term.
  • Mass Gainer contains zero stimulants that may affect your metabolism and cognitive health.
  • The Mass Gainer by Crazy Nutrition comes in delicious choices of vanilla and chocolate flavours and easily mixes with hot and cold beverages.
  • Mass Gainer formula comprises of DigeZyme, which assists in digestion and prevents cramping and bloating. This ingredient protects the gut health as well.
  • It comprises of Carb10 proprietary formula to maintain the glycemic indexes of blood at optimal ranges.
  • Mass Gainer tubs are only available on the official Crazy Nutrition website without any prescription.
  • Each Mass Gainer tub comes with a 60 days money back guarantee.
  • Mass Gainer is a powerful meal replacement formula that provides you with sufficient calories while satisfying your sweet cravings.

Crazy Nutrition’s Mass Gainer Benefits

In comparison to other mass gaining and bulking supplements, Mass Gainer meal replacement shake is an excellent option for the people who are serious about making their gains. Following are some of the potential benefits that you can gain after using this powerful and optimal meal replacement drink:

Accelerated Muscle Recovery

This is certainly the desire of every bodybuilder, especially those who have compromised muscle fibres due to intense weight lifting sessions. Mass Gainer is an ideal formula for them, as it is packed with high-quality amino acids that helps in muscle recovery. Mass Gainer contains 100 mg of SENACTIV, which is a unique blend of natural substances that helps replace the older, weakening muscle cells with newer, stronger ones.

Muscle Growth and Density Enhancement

The Mass Gainer supplement consists of whopping 695 calories per serving which contains 50 grams of protein and 100 grams of whole-food carbs. This proportion of proteins and carbs will help in quickly adding significant lean muscle mass to the body. Within just two weeks, you will be able to notice great results. The premium quality protein included in Mass Gainer helps in creating muscles. The superior quality amino acids supports the regeneration of new muscle cells which leads to better muscle mass gains. Mass Gainer formula contains a particular type of protein (SENACTIV) to accelerate muscle recovery. Moreover, this muscle enhancer shake is great in taste and much more convenient to use in daily routine.

Simple and Convenient to Prepare

Crazy Nutrition’s Mass Gainer is a rapid-acting and effective meal replacement shake that satisfies the sweet appetite and suppresses annoying cravings. It is considered as the finest meal substitute for bodybuilders, as it satisfies the stomach with the optimal number of calories and nutrition by delivering a sustained boost in energy levels.

Boosted and Intense Energy levels

Mass Gainer contains complex carbohydrates, protein, and creatine, which are essential components for the human body in maintaining energy levels without experiencing a mental collapse. With the powerful blend of these ingredients, Mass Gainer helps the users in breaking through the performance plateau without adversely influencing their blood sugar levels. While most of the supplements are enriched with stimulants that provide your system with temporary energy, Mass Gainer doesn’t rely on these. The stimulants causes you to feel jitteriness and fatigued after wearing off. However, Mass Gainer helps in supplying your body with sufficient energy levels that help you to stay focused and improve your performance for extended periods. At the same time, Mass Gainer helps in boosting your energy levels without causing a sudden spike in the glycemic index.

Enhanced Mental Focus and Concentration

Consuming a hefty amount of calories in the form of large meal at any time of the day make one tired, lethargic, and detrimental towards their workout plan. However, muscle growth would not be possible without adequate drive and concentration ability and only relying on muscle gain pills. The constituents present in Mass Gainer contribute towards increasing the mental focus and power during workouts, so that you can perform even better in the gym with complete concentration and focus.

Following are some benefits highlights of the Crazy Nutrition Mass Gainer formula:

  • It helps in increasing muscle gains and bulk up fast.
  • It assists in speeding up muscle recovery.
  • The 2:1 carb to protein ratio is a powerful formula
  • It is low in natural sugars
  • It delivers clean energy without the risk of thrashing down the levels.
  • It is gluten free
  • It provides DigeZyme to prevent bloating and Carb10 to stop insulin spikes
  • Each 100 grams serving of Mass Gainer contains low-glycemic carbs, 50 grams of protein, and 695 calories.

Crazy Nutrition Mass Gainer Ingredients

Each serving of Mass Gainer is of 695 calories and contains a whopping 50 gms of protein and refined carbs derived from real foods. It is a great meal replacement shakes for bodybuilders, as all its components have been carefully chosen and evaluated by third-party laboratories. Mass Gainer meal replacement shake offers enough nourishment to replace a whole meal with the macronutrients necessary by users’ bodybuilding regimens. The minor carbohydrate content quenches the palate, while other ingredients in the mix promote fat metabolism. It helps in alleviating muscle weariness in rapid times.

Crazy Nutrition Mass Gainer meal replacement shake is intended for use by active bodybuilders and athletes who wish to maintain a healthy weight while helping in gaining great muscle mass. Mass Gainer substitutes lipids for carbohydrates, and thus created a new trick that delights their taste senses while promoting fat oxidation, which is quite enough to supply the consumers with boosted energy levels. Crazy Nutrition’s Mass Gainer formula is available in two delicious flavours – Chocolate and Vanilla. This formula is derived from natural foods that function more rapidly and are easily digested by the body. Following are the details about the ingredients present in this formulation:

Oat Flour

As per the scientific studies, the gluten-free oat flour is a complex carb providing your system with sufficient energy for longer periods. Oat Flour present in Mass Gainer acts as a natural appetite suppressant, which enables you to feel satiated for extended periods. At the same time, oat flour is important element in boosting the digestion and absorption processes and helps in protecting the gut Bacteria against invasion by an unhealthy microbiome. This ingredient also supports a healthy glycemic index.


CARB10 is a patented form of pea starch, and the researches have shown that it is an essential element in boosting digestion and providing your body with complex carbs without causing unhealthy sugar spikes. Many clinical trials have suggested that CARB10 users showed 87 percent lower insulin responses than maltodextrin.

DigeZyme® – Whey Protein Blend

DigeZyme is a premium patented ingredient included in Mass Gainer that combines the isolate and concentrated forms of whey protein to make sure that the user achieve fast muscle gains. In addition, the potent combination of enzymes provides your body with adequate amount of amino acids to synthesize proteins in your muscles for better strength.

Sweet Potato Flour

This ingredient is a rich source of minerals and vitamins that helps in boosting muscle growth. Sweet potato flour has natural sugars that keep your glycemic index at optimal levels. At the same time, this component helps you keeping satiated for extended periods and can hinder sweet cravings.

Creatine Monohydrate

This ingredient helps in supporting the creation of phosphocreatine that speeds up the muscle growth and enhances energy levels. Moreover, creatine monohydrate supports better performance and strength while assisting in quick muscle recovery, thus making it easy to grow muscles.


Flaxseeds are enriched with Omega-3 and soluble fibers, which help greatly in improving heart health digestion and combat against spiking blood glucose.


This is another patented compound that is 100% natural and safe to consume, as it further increases the bioavailability of all the nutrients that are present in this mass gainer formula. In addition, Astragin helps in promoting a healthy gut lining and tight junction functioning, which helps in reducing inflammation in the intestinal lining.


Senactiv® is a patented ingredient, which is a plant-based sport nutraceutical proven to promote muscle energy and preservation through senescent cell clearance. The critical two players in Senactive are Panax notoginseng and Rosa roxburghii and the combined effect of these two greatly work together to boost citrate synthase activity and reduced inflammation.

How to Use Crazy Nutrition Mass Gainer Protein Powder?

Mass Gainer can be used by anyone who wants to build lean muscle mass. However, people under medication, pregnant, and nursing should not be using Mass Gainer. It is advisable to use this meal replacement shake 45 minutes before exercising to give you the boosted energy and power that you actually need to enhance your performance. Crazy Nutrition recommends mixing six scoops of the formula with 15 – 20 oz. of water or a smoothie. Mass Gainer is breaking the norm of bulking supplements, as it can be consumed as a drink. The powder of Mass Gainer formula can be easily mix with a shaker but you can use a blender if you prefer. This may be the better option if you want to make an extra thick and frothy drink.

Crazy Nutrition Mass Gainer shakes is a great option for healthy breakfast, lunch, dinner, or any other time when you want the kick of nutrition for a quick delivery of high-quality protein and calories. For the best results, it is recommended to intake the Mass Gainer daily.

Crazy Nutrition Mass Gainer Before and After Results

Crazy Nutrition Mass Gainer is the ideal choice as the substitute of steroids and muscle building supplements that cost a lot for an average person a hefty amount. When seen from a broad perspective, Mass Gainer is a formulation with excellent ingredients and includes some fantastic before and after photos.

The results of Mass Gainer would be dependent on different factors that may include, exercising routine and duration, nutrition, genetics, lifestyle or habits, and environmental influences. Most of the consumers have reported positive and satisfactory outcomes after using the Mass Gainer supplement for six months. Within few months, users have noticed great muscle definition with a revealing vascular display. Also, the users have noticed great improvement in mental focus, better commitment to workout goals, and maximum muscle energy. To summarize the results and as per the general reviews and analysis, a normal personal weighing 60 kgs can gain up to 10 kg of lean muscle mass within 4 to 8 weeks of using Crazy Nutrition’s Mass Gainer.

Where to Buy Crazy Nutrition’s Mass Gainer?

This authentic meal replacement shake for bodybuilding is just available on the official website. Unfortunately, you could not find Mass Gainer in any physical stores. This also includes Walmart and GNC, which both sell different meal replacement brands. On the other hand, Crazy Nutrition’s official website sells only their products online, as they don’t have any physical store. The best way to purchase the authentic Mass Gainer meal replacement shake is to visit their official store, which features a variety of money-saving bundles and membership plans.

The manufacturer has offered different huge offers and discounts plans for the bulk buyers. Besides, all orders above $ 50 can get the offer of FREE shipping. The purchase process is smooth and really secure, and it enables you to get the Crazy Nutrition Mass Gainer in reasonable prices.

Following are the price packages available on the official website:

  • One tub of Mass Gainer can be purchased at the price of $ 34.99 + $ 7.95 Shipping
  • Two tubs of Mass Gainer can be purchased at the price of $ 62.99 + FREE Shipping
  • Three tubs of Mass Gainer can be purchased at $ 83.99 + FREE SHIPPING

The users can choose between chocolate and vanilla flavours for all the three packages mentioned above. The bulk buying offer of 3 tubs is the most recommended one to get the massive discounts. Instead the regular price of $ 134, the buyers have to pay only $ 83.99 and get free shipping for the package that is enough for them for three months.

Money Back Guarantee and Refund Policy

The manufacturers are so confident about Mass Gainer, that every order is accompanied with a 60 day money back guarantee. In case, if you are unsatisfied with the results of the formula or are not happy with the purchase, you can take benefit from the 60 day money back guarantee that is provided to substantiate the claims. You can find more information and details regarding their return and refund policy on the Crazy Nutrition’s Mass Gainer official website.

Concluding Thoughts – Best Mass Gainer Protein Powder in Market

Crazy Nutrition’s Mass Gainer is one of the latest products from the manufacturer, which is a revolutionary addition for the bodybuilders and athletes to power up their bulking phase. Mass Gainer is a complete meal replacement shake formula that works best for the people who don’t want to be skinny even though they are not undergoing intense training routine.

As a concluding remark, we can say that Crazy Nutrition Mass Gainer is intended towards serious bodybuilders, who are serious for some real mass gains and wants to acquire excellent bulk. The Mass Gainer meal replacement shake is ideal to take for breakfast as it is the finest option for powered up nutrition. Numerous professional athletes and bodybuilders are experiencing the best quality training sessions of their careers due to the powerful formulation of Mass Gainer’s cutting-edge recipe, which is backed by research and increases the absorption rate of the ingredients used by the body. This helps the body to get rid of bloating and gastric discomfort, which are known as the most common side effects of meal replacement shakes for men.

The formula is considered an ideal choice for the people who want to enhance their calorie intake without putting greater load on their stomach. Mass Gainer is an excellent way to get into the calorie surplus with proper nutritional value, without putting unnecessary load on your gastrointestinal tract, thus helps you avoiding gut issues. In addition, Mass Gainer comes with an exciting 60 days money back guarantee, which makes it a total risk free investment for the users. With this meal replacer, the user will be able to replace one meal with this nutritious tall glass of delicious shake enriched with proteins and natural ingredients that helps in making their every training day the powerful one. This eventually helps them in yielding the best results and great mass gains within the small duration of few weeks.

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