Tactical X Drone review 2022: Don’t spend your money until you’ve read this

Tactical X Drone review 2022: Don’t spend your money until you’ve read this

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The world is evolving beyond the age where only a select few can afford the luxury of having a drone and enjoying views of the planet no one else can. We all deserve that scenery of beauty and green, people and things, love and light, everything lovely and in the quality of the human eye. The times when you see pictures taken from different angles far up above and you’ve always imagined flying one yourself or taking those pictures and videos, thinking of all the beautiful things you could do with them. Or those late evenings you see families that have drones take very beautiful shots of them with your thoughts going far and wide on how you could possibly get one.

The need to get one has even grown more intense especially with the internet age and social media. You get to see them on all those platforms on display from Facebook to WhatsApp or Instagram and you find yourself staring at them longer than you would with ordinary pictures. Coming online to watch reels and videos where people perform different stunt and take mountainous views of the world with pieces of technology that seem so amazing you just can’t help but admire. Even more amazing is the precision from all angles and details within one picture. It’s a combination of the two most wanted things when a capture is made. You want the picture in everything that includes its finest details and also be taken from different angles and contours while maintaining the former.

The love and admiration given to these set of pictures and videos are way different from any other and you know the feeling is different. It feels like nothing in comparison when you have that same stare with something else. It draws you in and you can’t tell if it’s the picture itself or what’s in the picture really. Amazing shots that even transverse the world of photography and social media even to the movies. In the world of cinematography, the imagination is different and limitless. You could imagine all the things you could do with it and even way more, so all you have to do is think and watch it happens at really low cost of just having the drone at your disposal.

You wonder how different cinematic universes can take incredible shots from high up Los Angeles or New York with all the beautiful lights shining at night and projecting a perfect view of the earth. Watching the world from that view and the imagination is just set to grow even wildly sitting from your room and having the beauty of the world from your eyes and on your bed. What more can you ask for? The drone affords you exploration with stuff you can’t imagine you would do on a very normal day. Now you could have even more pleasant days with beautiful pictures and videos of people, events, wonders of the earth and many more your exploration would come across.

TACTICAL X DRONE explored within this comprehensive article, is a brand new invention and a top rated drone technology built specifically to allow you capture quality images and take high resolution videos that can be transferred to any device and edited even further. It has become a trending piece of technology due to its unique features in being ultra-portable, foldable and with a lightweight design. These features alongside many others that are exquisitely talked about within this article, allow you to enjoy the device and all it can do and best serve you to your deepest satisfaction. Nothing short of that will this incredible, indelibly designed tech piece that can enhance your creativity and flexibility for air shots and films beyond your reach ordinarily.

Beyond photography and cinematography, the TACTICAL X DRONE is best in taking pictures and videos of people from an amazing bird’s eye view. Back in the days, people had to climb high rise building and take incessant risks trying to do the things they love and convey pictures of the world to people, which leave them staring in awe. These were the mark of the extent people were ready to go to spell a difference in the way they did things others couldn’t. Other times, individuals could hire larger manned flying objects like helicopters that use large photographic or video-graphic lenses to make those views happen.

In addition to taking risks to one’s life or expend energy going places just to do what we love, capturing such images and making that memory usually requires a whole lot of money when they are done without drones. If you take a look at the old methods that were used to make this pictures a reality, you would see that TACTICAL X DRONE does a whole with providing efficiency and quality at the same time, which makes it quite dual characteristics worth investing and spending money. Some of these include events like outdoor dinner nights, picnics, nuptials, parties and a lot more other occasions we wish to create special memories with. They are as beautiful as they should be and those memories stay on longer in your minds and everywhere else.

The beauty of TACTICAL X DRONE is that unlike other types of drones, this technological invention offers something completely different and unique. The ability to land you that job promotion or business advertisement commercial set to project you to where you want to be. Feel free to make your proposition to do anything and blow their minds away with diverse things you can do and make with this drone. Truly a drone for everyone and anyone, anything and everything, a drone for all that is. Everything you want as a career photographer, videographer or a lover of pictures and all good wonders of the earth is made possible by this drone. Read more to find out.




With a device like the TACTICAL X DRONE, anyone at all can take pictures, videos and have an amazing panorama view of anywhere in the world irrespective of place time and geography. The structure of the drone is one that is compact, sleek and with lightweight design built to operate at various locations from high altitude as far up rooftops and skyscrapers for outdoor shoots. It can also fit into small spaces in the home both indoors and outdoors within the different rooms of the house.

TACTICAL X DRONE can be purchased at a very affordable price. People assume that when they see the pictures and videos on their Instagram or Facebook through other people’s account, everyone thinks it’s the expensive dollar-bill technology. The drone allows these captures to be made at very wide angles and in absolute high quality to be enjoyed by all.

The drone is a sturdy invention built to last a total flight time of at least 15 minutes after a single charge. When plugged, it charges very fast and is enable to save up energy for a long period of time. Other unique and amazing features of the TACTICAL X DRONE include its advanced GPS technology to enable the flight of the device to be tracked throughout and avoid object and human beings in its way.

Alongside its packaging comes a remote control that has three buttons majorly to allow the drone take off, another to descend and the last set to bring the drone to a stop and prevent collisions. A very easy to fly drone because it doesn’t require any level of experience and can be flown by anybody whether amateur or professional. If you are not comfortable using the remote controller, you can operate it through your mobile phone once its connected to the TACTICAL X DRONE through its Wi-Fi.

It also has the ability to stay in flight on its own without being controlled by anyone. This is made possible by its advanced height-setting density pressure sensor that aids it to keep track of objects, prevent collision with people and keep it off the ground for as long as you want it to. It can even detect other drones flying around to prevent its flying into them.

Special feature packaging includes a user manual that allows you go through what you need to understand especially for those who have never flown a drone before. But you don’t need to worry, the workings aren’t very tasking to read and comprehend. All you have to do is check it out yourself and follow the practice measures and in no time, you’re flying it no differently from an average individual who has always been using it.

In addition, you also have the tactical x camera drone itself which comes alongside a remote controller from which you can move the drone in any direction. It feels like holding a pad or the regular car controller when you were young and the buttons from which you can manoeuvre its directions while taking pictures and making videos of them. Your in-air shots are taken from 360-degrees with the controller and at different views, shades and colours as you please with just a piece of controller in your hand.

Alternatively, just in case you’re not a fan of controllers, you can have the tactical x drone connected to your phone directly and control it from there. For distances beyond your eye reach, you can monitor its trajectory and flight through the GPS technology all to aid you fly it safely and enjoyably without hitches along the way.

Beyond that, you have two rechargeable drone batteries. This would be up to four if you purchase in larger quantities. These replaceable rechargeable drone batteries are to allow for longer flight should you be capturing an event longer than what one battery can take. Say you are making a scene for a movie, capturing the live events of a really interesting football match or any other sport or possibly even an event for which you are making full coverage. You would not have to worry about the lifespan for which you would use the drone. You could easily have the batteries you are not using charged by the charging cables which it comes with.

So once the one in use runs out of power, you can have the next one quickly installed and go ahead making beautiful memories and without hitches. This also shouldn’t get you worried about how long the battery lasts or how effective the replacements are themselves compared to the actual battery itself. You would not notice a change in anything and enjoy the drone to its very last, something you don’t get with other drones out there.


The features of the TACTICAL X DRONE are unique to this piece of invention itself and they include;

  1. Gesture Control System: The drone is able to specifically recognize your movements and gestures to take pictures and record videos. Just by a flick of the finger, you can make the cameras start rolling and take pictures on your command.
  2. 2. Anti-Collision System: TACTICAL X DRONE is set up with great visibility and lighting to allow for easy viewing even in the dark and avoid coming in contact with different objects on its way. The lighting is provided by LED display and is installed on each arm thereby giving it great vision even from a distance with others
  3. Panorama Camera: The dual cameras installed within the body of the camera are made of wide angle lens which allows it the luxury to capture images and videos at 360 degree views and in high resolution quality up to 4K, 720P or 1080P depending on the quality you desire. It allows for dual screen imaging.
  4. Unique Self-Pilot Control: This is a control system that lets the drone fly on its own without any form of remote control. This also allows TACTICAL AIR DRONE to flow you wherever you go. The mechanism is perfect for those who are into cinematography where they have to make videos of themselves in a moving vehicle.
  5. Super-lasting Battery: For a drone within this price range, the portable TACTICAL AIR DRONE lasts for approximately 15-30minutes with its installed 3.7v 300Mah Lithium ion battery. Great thing about the battery is that it comes with a modular design to enable you change the battery if it runs out and thereafter continue using it without much interruption.


  1. Sturdy/Compact Structure: The rigidity of the TACTICAL X DRONE is designed and built to withstand hits, cracks or hard impacts to the bodies when in flight. This guarantees the durability of the drone and long-lasting nature to which it would be enjoyed in the future.
  2. 2. Foldable/Ultraportable: The packaging and transportation of the drone is usually very important and of top priority for most people. Usually this applies to explorers and adventurers or bloggers who are always on the move from place to place or country to country. The foldability of the drone allows for easy carriage without damage to the camera, blades or body the drone itself.
  3. Lightweight/Sleek Build: A simple and sleek build is very necessary for its flight without wind resistance or shaky motion while in the air. This also allows its flight through the air even against the storm or the weather in majority of cases, making it useful for capturing all forms of experiences.


Frequency – 2.4G

Gyro – 6-Axis

Channels – 4CH

Flying time – Approximately 15 minutes

Flying Distance – 150meters

Propeller Diameter – 14.5cm/5.8inches

Front Camera Resolution – Wide-angle 1080P High Definition

Bottom Camera – 720P

Product Size – 16.5 x 5 x 7cm/6.6 x 2x 3inches(Folded) or 16.5 x 14 x 7cm/6.6 x 5.6 x 3inches(Expanded)

FPV – Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi Distance – Approximately 90m

Package Weight – 0.49kg/1.1lb

Product Weight – 0.32kg/0.7lb

Transmitter Mode – Mode 2 (left hand throttle)

R/C Distance – Approximately 150m

Drone Battery – 1 3.7v 1800mAH LIPO

Transmitter Battery – Internal, Built-in 3.7v, 350mAH

Package Size – 20.5 x 19.7 x 11.5cm/8.07 x 7.76 x 4.53inches

Charging Time – About 28minutes


The TACTICAL X DRONE is set to be the future of drone technology with the level of impact it’s about to make. The features and qualities of the drone allows it to stand out and be very different from other technological inventions, and even better. Here is what makes this a disruptive innovation to the world and its users specifically;

  1. Cinematography: The world of video making and cinemas is usually very large and modifiable. People are able to make wowing videos and ones able to capture a whole lot of attention on a very different level. Videographers are now able to shoot shots from heights unlike before and with very little cost. Movie producers and directors can now reduce the amount of money spent on production and even be able to gain more with its captivating view unlike traditional movies
  2. Photographers: This is usually unique especially for TACTICAL AIR DRONE users. The quality of its pictures are off the chart and with high resolution qualities up to 720P and 1080P. This pictures need for further editing and are can be captured from any angle at very wide ranges giving the image a perfect capture unlike before. The pictures can be taken up close without the use of a selfie stick, allow for maximum expression and from very far distance, all producing quality effects.
  3. Adventuring/Vlogging: A lot of people love to take tours around the world and explore different locations like mountains, landscapes and a lot of other interesting places. The idea is to take incredible pictures for fun and create memories for the future. Some others use it to make interesting videos for their YouTube pages or Instagram reels. This can also be achieved indoors even for introverts who love to vlog about different things and make interesting videos from the bosom of their home
  4. 4. Event Coverage: This is similar to the world of cinematography but on a smaller scale and with easier precision for the desired result. This is set to replace all the complex photographs and complex ways of taking pictures or making sky roof videos for video entries. This helps to save a lot of money for those who are organizing the event and allows them to create for an even better and more memorable event on the whole.
  5. Hobbies: People have various reasons why they do various things and they have their individual reasons for why they enjoy these things. Hobbies can be made even more interesting when people can enjoy them more comfortably. The Follow Me Mode and Intelligent Gesture Control System makes people even prefer this to their phones due to its ease of control. Alongside, the high resolution qualities allow them take those lovely pictures and roll those really sharp videos. Anything to make them really happy.


The drone is specifically designed to cover a long range and fly distances other drones are unable to cover. On a steady average, the drone can fly up to 120 meters away from the remote controller or the mobile device it is connected to. It can be kept track of through the advanced GPS technology it makes use of and still enjoy the featured embedded within. Irrespective of the distance, the flight time still stays approximately at 15-30minutes. When the battery starts running low, it can be returned to charge through the USB cable which takes place for just 28minutes maximum, after which you can continue enjoying it.



  1. It is an ultra-portable device and can be easily moved around with its foldable ability in order to protect it while being moved around
  2. It has a sleek lightweight and aerodynamic design which allows it to fly through the air smoothly and without wobbling from side to side.
  3. The drone is installed with a GPS technology which acts as a tracking device for the drone. It is almost impossible to have this drone get lost whether you’re in the midst of a crowd or in the woods taking beautiful pictures of nature.
  4. It comes with replaceable batteries to allow you replace the battery already installed within the packaged drone. This way, you can just keep switching the batteries and having a fun time making those memorable pictures and videos in all its ramifications.
  5. The Wi-Fi allows it to travel an approximate distance of 90m while still being controlled. This eases the distance which you have to stand to make those captures. It also means that you can stay in the comfort of your home and take pictures or make videos of the things you love outside within that distance. This can also happen indoors.
  6. The camera is fitted to make the pictures and videos be made with high quality resolution set to make your day and leave your boss smiling sheepishly at the wonder you just created. Just unbelievable! More so, it can happen from any angle while maintaining that same quality.
  7. The propellers are smooth and steady with a standard diameter set to allow it fly through the air without wobbling or being affected by disturbances. It can even be flown in tough weathers and make those captures just the way you want it. The quality may not be as excellent as it should be but you really won’t notice the difference, trust me.

8.It has a battery that lasts long enough to allow you engage in your activities and a charging time that allows you get back to that very activity should the battery run down at any point.

  1. It has a 30-day guarantee for which you will purchase the product and enjoy it within which you would evaluate your satisfaction with the drone.
  2. You will also enjoy a free shipping offer for every piece of drone purchased
  3. There is available discount with the higher the quantity purchased.
  4. It is really cheap and affordable for all kinds of persons


  1. Due to its high demand for what it can do and the incredible features offered, it exists only in very limited stock for those who want to enjoy it. So don’t wait for long. Make up your mind and grab this drone.
  2. It can only be purchased straight from the manufacturer through the official website so you won’t find this piece of beauty anywhere else. All you have to do is fill the shipping form alongside some details in line with your mode of payment.


The TACTICAL X DRONE as earlier stated can be purchased from the manufacturer on their official website. It is only available online and on their site so don’t bother trying to buy it anywhere else or don’t fall for people who offer this outside the website.

It will also require you to input your details and make payments through debit card, credit card or PayPal. Your details will not be revealed to any third party whatsoever.


The TACTICAL X DRONE is up for grabs at a very user friendly and discounted price. It is discounted at 50% for affordability.

1 Tactical X drone sells at $99 with free shipping and saving 50%

2 Tactical X drones sell at $197 with each selling at $98.5 with free shipping and saving 50%

3 Tactical X drones sell at $297 with each selling at $99 with an extra drone added and free shipping, saving you 63%.

It also has a 30-day guarantee period to allow you return the product and acquire a new one. It should be noted that the damage has to be internal or shown to come from the company should any damage be incurred. Once the return form is filled, the TACTICAL X DRONE can be returned and the manufacturer will have it fixed and suited to your satisfaction for use once again.



Is the tactical x drone legit?

Very much legit. As long as you make purchase from the manufacturer through the official benefits, you will enjoy the wonderful qualities and features of the drone with vast use in all areas ranging from photography to cinematography and other events that you would love to make memorable in your mind and heart. The specifications are stated within this article which all allow you explore all the benefits that you would love.

What makes the TACTICAL X DRONE better than other drones?

It has very specific features such as its GPS technology, slow-mo mode, high resolution quality pictures and a lot of other things that make it really enjoyable. In addition to all that, the drone can be gotten at a really affordable and discounted price. It also comes with extra sets of rechargeable batteries that allow for its continuous use after the installed battery has run down.


This drone, lightweight and ultra-portable, is very enjoyable and designed specifically to allow anyone fly it at good range. You can move around with it and its compact and sturdy body allows it to be flown at a very high height without affecting its stability. It captures very high quality pictures like your normal high tech cameras would but also do it from different angles in a 360-degree fashion. It also has the ability to manoeuver through spaces and between objects while maintaining balance. With its ability to travel distances beyond eye reach, installed within is the GPS technology that allows it to be tracked effectively even when between people. All these and more, you have to worry no more of those beautiful pictures you see or interesting and captivating movies you watch, just sit back and enjoy because TACTICAL X DRONE got you.


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