Shadow X Drone Reviews: Scam? Do Not Buy Shadow X Drone Until You Read This!

Shadow X Drone Reviews: Scam? Do Not Buy Shadow X Drone Until You Read This!

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Shadow X Drone is a lightweight drone with  foldable arms and flexible blades making it small, light, compact, and perfect to take wherever life takes you for adventures.

We arrived at this post about the shadow X Drone for more than 550 hours of examination and careful audits of the most recent drones and interviews with specialists for shadow X Drone review in the United Kingdom and United States.

There are heaps of modest imitations drones that guarantee to offer you unbelievable chances but live below its promoting claims. Thus, we took as much time as is needed to survey Shadow X Drone to ensure you didn’t spend your cash for craps.

According to numerous verified Shadow X Drones, it has 656 positive audits right now. So, on the off chance that you look for a lightweight and solid robot, a shadow X Drone may be all you need.

Ever encountered those mouth-expanding drone shots of dream camps and travels and big-time games via web-based media and thought they were caught by hey tech drones costing $ 1,000. You are certainly not by any means the only one with that presumption.

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This mystery is what you should know, particularly if you want to take your pictures or expert pictures and videos. To accomplish any of these, you need staggering photographs and videos. There are various applications for drones, and strangely, more applications are yet assembling as many more clients of drones are consistently waiting for it. So, there is something for everybody in the drone world.

Going from business to photography, to personal use, to military instructional courses, utilizing a drone for no particular reason, and what have you. There is strangely something in the realm of drone for just anybody, and Shadow X Drone is quickly turning into a commonly recognized name in the current innovation world. Ages have thoroughly and promptly accepted this recent trend.

Shadow X Drone Reviews – Features, Benefits, Specifications, Pricing, Pros & Cons, Customer Reviews, Official Website, etc.

As indicated by drone specialists and some others we contacted for the shadow X Drone audit, shadow X Drones tend to be used in display mode or slo-mo mode. It has an expanded flying time contrasted with other robots and an excellent gravity sensor. Drones have profoundly infiltrated the innovation world with a steadily growing purchaser use. People and organizations are exploiting the great forces of this innovation to improve their administration, boost productivity, and have a good time.

As you know, Amazon has a project that focuses on the utilization of drone innovation to improve and expand its administrations. Working with a drone that delivers products proficiently for Amazon is amazingly intriguing. Life will turn out to be more calm and more fun with this bit of yet incredible innovation.

There are numerous impressive fundamental uses for drones, and they are additionally profoundly innovative thoughts that one can make out of drones. Individuals will play around with drones, and this isn’t only for grown-ups alone. Indeed, even children can rehearse with this innovation and become more inventive with them. Asides from the enjoyable part of working with drones, one can make waiting and enduring recollections when they catch astonishing and mouth-expanding aeronautical photos and recordings.

This Shadow X Drone survey article points toward giving the essential subtleties and audits of the item to direct purchasers’ decisions and choices.

What is Shadow X Drone?

The Shadow X Drone is a minimized and effective quadcopter with an advanced design, made for clients who love catching wonderful, marvelous, wide calculated, superior quality airborne photos and recordings. Unlike customary convictions and assessments of compact drones being simply toys, the Shadow X Drone has various incredible highlights that the client can extraordinarily profit with, which puts it far from toy views.

One of such incredible Features is the flight season of around 30 minutes which is eminent. So, the client gets many fun opportunities to catch and record fantastic elevated shots with this drone. It is likewise deserving of notice in this Shadow X Drone survey that it is only a basic planned quadcopter that even beginners in the drone world can work effortlessly. It tends to be operated and controlled with a portable application or its controller.

However, the client discovers more helpful to work it is okay, yet the alternatives are consistently accessible. With some driving industry highlights like the 4k camera, unparalleled speed, mobility, and programmed adjustment abilities, the Shadow X are what anybody needs for making madly excellent recordings just from its absolute first use.

The drone is speedy, and it flies at a very high speed of 19meters each second with a maximum transmission distance of 4km. It likewise has In-constructed pre-customized cameras like the boomerang and space rock k, so even a specialized fledgling can have a proficient quality film with simply a tick of a catch.

Furthermore, the Shadow X Drones have additional edges for substitution if any harm to the edges arises. Nonetheless, clients ought to be mindful when fixing the blades. The Guideline for selecting the edges is contained in the manual should be carefully followed to avoid the danger of speedy or straightforward harm because of helpless fixing.

The speed and direction should be controlled to guarantee that the cutting blades don’t fall into different designs and get broken or harmed. If the sharp edges get damaged, one can essentially adhere to the guidelines to replace them with the extra one. The shadow X Drone has a straightforward form and is easy to use includes that even a beginner in the drone world can operate without hiccups. Aside from the specific plan, it contains an itemized, easy-to-understand manual specifying bit-by-bit guidance on the best way to get the best out of the drone.

How does Shadow X Drone work?

Shadow X Drone works in two ways, and one can operate the drone utilizing any of the two different ways and make it fly once it is out of the container. The primary method of activity is the utilization of the controller. The controller has guidelines composed on them, and it is straightforward to follow the orders and get the drone flying and making delightful aeronautical efforts. What’s more, the Shadow X Drone can be worked utilizing a downloadable application to a cell phone adhering to the directions to get the drone up and flying. It has a simple easy to understand interface and is very simple to set up.

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A total package of the Shadow X Drone has four propeller blades that can explore expediently through the sky. The screwdriver provided in the shadow X Drone set can be utilized to fix and fix the sharp edges. When the sharp edges are firmly fixed, it is prepared to shake the skies and catch great and all-encompassing pictures straight on.

The top-quality wide point camera of the shadow X Drone can capture a 360-degree all-encompassing shot and give one great outcome. Likewise, the 12-megapixel camera of the horizon drone guarantees that the quality is positive.

When the shadow X Drone gets into the air, one can handle the scope of a trip of the drone utilizing the accessible choices on the settings bar. As far as possible, one can fly the drone is movable. The Shadow robot can be dispatched up to a tallness of 70 to 80 meters out and out.

By associating the Shadow X Drone to the portable application, one can get live updates on its position and potential snags during flight, assuming any. The area of the shadow X Drone can be followed utilizing the GPS innovation. Thus, one can generally know about the specific area of the robot. This decreases the danger of losing the drone, or it is moving lost or taking off.

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Shadow X Drone Specifications

  • Battery life: high
  • Flight time: high
  • Drone battery: 1 x 3.7v 500mah LIPO (included)
  • Running time: 15-31 minutes
  • Remote control battery: 3 x 1.5AA batteries (not included)

Shadow X Drone Features: 

What Does the Shadow X Drone Package come with?

Shadow is a Foldable Drone:

Shadow flexible and affordable drone, it is also lightweight, compact and easy to carry. Also, it requires a small space.

It has HD Photos and Video Experience:  

It has a unique 4K Ultra HD picture and a stunning video quality with fantastic clarity, deep contrast, and nice vivid colors. The Experience gotten from the mouth-gaping beauty in all ultra-high-definition moments is fantastic.

Shadow X Drone has high Flying Time:  

shadow X Drone is great because of its high battery capacity. As a result, one can capture up to sixty minutes of video before the need for recharging arises.

It has a Gravity Sensor:  

It has good electronic image stabilization, and its altitude holding inbuilt features enables beginners to film and fly like professionals right from the first flight.

It has Slo-mo Mode: 

Slow-motion videos are just it. The game-changing feature of the shadow X Drone allows you to capture nice footage of high-speed moving objects. and also creates amazing videos.

Shadow X Drone has Unique Functions: 

shadow X Drone can drive sideways; it has three-speed modes, a red light, headless mode, WiFi FPV function, take off/land, forward/backwards, left/right. But, unfortunately, it has no “follow me” function!

  • A Shadow X Drone Quadcopter
  • A cable (for charging)
  • 3.7 V 600 mAh Lipo Battery
  • Rechargeable Controller
  • An English instruction manual

Is Shadow X Drone Better than other Drones?

Shadow X Drone is good and has an adaptable, conservative plan that quickly moves the sky and avoids obstacles. The solid breeze opposition feature of the Shadow X Drone empowers it takes a smooth move through the air.

Its activity isn’t confounded. It can undoubtedly move through limited spaces and blocked spaces where normal development is beyond the realm of imagination.

The exceptional conservative design of the shadow X Drone empowers clients to arrive at a high height and catch the delightful world scenes from a higher place.

The numerous in-assembled highlights of the Shadow X Drone guarantee effective outcomes with ideal level quality recordings and pictures. One can work and fly the Shadow X Drone for up to 30 minutes. The flying time is interestingly contrasted with other drone cameras out there. This review of the shadow X Drone contains customers who got more than their assumptions from utilizing the Shadow X Drone.

Shadow  Drone Benefits

One can get various advantages from a drone camera, and they are significantly more when the drone has progressed highlights that augment the benefits. A portion of the benefits of the Shadow X Drone are:

Amazing Aerial Photography:

Aside from being very versatile, Shadow X Drones catch stunning shots and videos of an amazingly high advanced quality – 4k. Nowadays, all families pride themselves on possessing a drone to take wonderful family pictures and catch those astounding family breaks.

But, be that as it may, the inquiry is: what number of those drones in the market can guarantee incredible and quality pictures at a reasonable cost? Furthermore, what many of them are not adequately convoluted and can be utilized securely by kids without being harmed or harmed?

Shadow X Drone ends up being the answer to the previously mentioned questions. It’s a drone that can securely depend on when discussing quality photographs and videos at a pocket well-disposed cost with ensured convenience and a first-rate plan for both indoor and open-air purposes.

The Shadow X Drone is worked to adjust viably to both indoor and outside conditions. The brushed engine type configuration permits a consistent trip with no hitches. The brushed rendition is satisfactorily furnished with a camera that has profound clarity and accuracy in catching photos and great shots.

The specs likewise have a WiFi application control framework. Again, one can utilize the accessible first-individual view (FPV) or distant individual view (RPV) settings and WiFi FPV. It is worked to empower one to have a detailed picture according to a straight point of view.

Compact and portable: 

The exceptional design Shadow X Drone is convenient and lightweight, notwithstanding its extraordinary capacity to cross over the obstruction. Despite the depreciation, it is as yet organized to convey magnificently and produce proficient outcomes. There is no restriction to what one can accomplish with this exactness, top-quality innovation.

It empowers one to make outstanding quality move shots from transcending statures. The full HD 720p camera catches the all-encompassing magnificence of spots with the most extreme clearness and exactness of core interest.


The Shadow X Drone is designed to be viable with a wide range of programming. It has uncommon highlights that uphold all android programming going from the 2.2 variant to its most recent rendition. Essentially, all apple gadgets with the 5.1.1 version or above of the IOS framework can adequately utilize the Shadow X Drone. This specification suggests that the robot can serve a bigger crowd. The Shadow X Drone is worked with a cordless engine 0720 with first-class working properties.

Easy to operate: 

The activity and control of the Shadow X Drone should be possible utilizing a versatile application or its controller, which makes its activity proficient and straightforward. To put the drone to use with a cell phone, immediately associate the Shadow X Drones to the telephone by introducing the JY UFO application.

The application. It is promptly accessible for download From the Google play store, and it is effortless to utilize. With simply a download click from the google play store, your Shadow is prepared for use. One can also exploit the QR code on the customer manual to examine and download the application. By following these simple advances, you will want to fly your Shadow X Drone and make lovely recollections.

Is the Shadow X Drone Any Good?

The Shadow X Drone is the ideal, conservative, versatile, and lightweight flying camera you can at any point get. This pocket-accommodating gadget weighs 85 grams and has a decent and precise exhibition level with guaranteed quality shots. This Shadow X Drone survey attests that this robot will make your fantasy about catching great photograph recollections a reality.

If your craving is to have a lightweight drone with astounding highlights, sharp differentiation and quality outcomes, the Shadow X Drone is only the best accessible decision for you. With all the fashioner highlights like the 4k Ultra HD and expanded flying time accessible at a pocket agreeable cost.

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Shadow X Drone Reviews – Pros 

For this shadow X Drone survey, we investigated both the upsides and downsides. the under listed are the upsides and downsides resultant from utilizing the most recent shadow X Drone

Commendable flight speed:

Shadow X Drone has a fantastic, most extraordinary speed that is flexible. One can choose a reasonable pace from the Pretoria of speed choices and spotlight more on catching decorate elevated photos than diverting energies on controlling the robot speed. This guarantees that one has sufficient authority over the drone and its speed.

Captures wide angle:

The Shadow X Drone has resisted the age-long conviction that a hefty professional drone must catch more extensive points. Instead, with its minimal and proficient plan, the Shadow x captures broad points and aeronautical shots, yet additionally offers you all your favored chances from any point of your decision.

Good flight time:

The Shadow X Drone exhibits a high flight time that is sufficiently quick to cover 12 meters each second. In addition, its transmission range is up to 2km, and it has enduring battery effectiveness added to the benefit of the hour of flight. These highlights give clients a protected span, and when the drone is re-energized to the total limit, it becomes prepared to catch astonishing minutes.

Flight stability:

The Shadow X Drone has proficient flight security that can adjust in somewhat cruel climate conditions. Nonetheless, it is prompted against flying the robot or any drone that is concerned in ominous climate conditions. Thus, on a particularly wonderful day, clients can unwind and zero in on their specialty of recording and flying without engaging any dread of losing their robots, or it is slamming abruptly.

Fantastic size and design:

It is significantly the conviction and presumption by numerous who have not taken care of a drone previously that they are confounded, gigantic flying camera gadgets and is in this way a thing for enormous folks as it were. This supposition isn’t the situation with the Shadow X Drone. Even though it has numerous marvelous highlights, it is convenient, lightweight and minimized, with a sweet plan that suits current taste. It is likewise challenging and isn’t effectively harmed.

Simple device control:

The Shadow X Drone accompanies a straightforward controller outfitted with two sticks and significant catches that empower one with a controlled and adaptable directing during inactivity. The Shadow X Drone likewise relates to a cell phone. Its in-fabricated WiFi association permits it to be utilized with an application that essentially all cell phone clients can undoubtedly introduce and work. This makes the Shadow X Drone activity very simple and effectively determined.

The operating speed:

The Shadow X Drone is delightfully designed to give the client unlimited oversight and authority. He has the alternative of choice as far as possible they need to fly on, contingent upon what they are going after or recording. This element empowers clients to make some sweet memories recording accuracy, and guarantees they don’t pass up anything they were trusting or looking to catch.

Impressive modes:

The Shadow X Drone is worked with various modes for flying and catching/recording. It likewise accompanies a client guide that helps clients with a bit-by-bit portrayal of how to work every mode. One fundamental and helpful mode is the height hold mode. With this mode, the robot’s area and elevation can be held or secured; then, at that point, the drove floats that equivalent way or spot, catching beautiful photographs and videos of great HD recordings.

Gravity effect:

The solid gravity sensor consolidated in the Shadow X Drone empowers it to distinguish objects on the ground and assists with its recognition and moving capacities. It can move through obstructions during flight, subsequently turning away a potential crash. The electronic film adjustment and the elevation holding highlight permits fledglings/novices to fly and film like experts directly from their absolute first flight.

4k full HD, 5G WIFI, 12-megapixel camera:

With its 5G WiFi speed association, you make sure to review continuous recordings, catch staggering pictures, and shoot professional quality 4k recordings from your absolute first flight.

Shadow X Drone Review – Cons

Limited Stock:

As expressed on the producer’s authentic site, there is an expanded interest in the shadow X Drone, and this infers that the delivered amount will before long be purchased out. Therefore, any individual who needs to buy a horizon drone is urged to do as such rapidly.

It is a digital product:

The Manufacturers of shadow X Drones clarified that it had not authorized any disconnected exchange of any sort. In this manner, there is no current separate retail or discount store that arrangements on the shadow X Drone. Therefore, be careful with where and from whom you buy the Shadow x robot. Shadow X Drones can’t be purchased from another online store or site other than the maker.

The discount is only valid for a few days:

Any individual who wishes to visit the shadow X Drone official site claims has a discount for a few days. After that, the individual may relinquish their rebate.

Where to buy Shadow X Drone and pricing?

One can purchase the drone from the Official Shadow X Drone site. This is the extraordinary, most secure all-around request. It also offers one the affirmation and chance to settle on a decision from the accessible purchasing alternatives and fit the bill for rewards and limits. The most available and hitch-free method of working with a buy is by visiting the official site of Shadow X Drone.

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At the hour of writing down this article, the Shadow X Drone is sold at a half rebate rate and can be guaranteed on the authority item site. So, you can buy two and get one free or at a limited cost.

Buying from the authority site offers one the chance of understanding the return and cashback approach and the means engaged with returns. For example, a 30-day unconditional promise usually is connected to every shadow X Drone.

There are basically four purchase options that users can select from:




Shadow X Drone Customer Reviews: (What People Are Saying About Shadow X Drone)

Shadow X Drone has garnered some good customer reports from our online reviews.

“Regardless of whether you’re barely getting started or a more experienced flier who utilizes it for business and media, the Shadow X Drone is an amazing innovation that can take your recordings to an advantageous stature.”

– James P. | Ft. Myers, FL


“Robots are getting further developed and modern, and they are also dropping in cost as time passes. Notwithstanding, getting a drone with an excellent camera that makes amazing flying photographs and videos like this at this cost is unreasonable and unimaginable. Shadow X Drone is perhaps the best drone in the market with a cordial pocket cost and extraordinary worth. Five stars, review!”


– Bob C. | Breckenridge, CO


“I want to utilize the shadow X Drone for everything. I have had it for under about fourteen days and have effectively made efforts of my girl riding her bicycle without preparing wheels interestingly, discovered a ball she dispatched onto the rooftop a few weeks prior, and assisted my supervisor with recording some special adverts and videos for the organization. I haven’t slammed it yet!”


– Jillian R. | New York, NY


“This weekend, we took Shadow X Drone on the boat and made incredible efforts of everybody skiing and riding the pontoon! I can hardly wait to fly Shadow x during special times of the year!”


– Dale B. | San Diego, CA


“I love taking my shadow X Drone to the seashore both first thing in the morning and nightfall. It sure gives you a higher perspective of the whole sea. You truly see things according to their point of view. When the drone is far enough over the water, everyone individuals seemed like little spots strolling along the water. The lights of Shadow X ponders clear water. The 4K Ultra HD is truly pleasant.”

Shadow X Drone Frequently Asked Questions Reviews

The following are some frequently posed inquiries about Shadow X Drone Reviews. Finally, after a few meetings for specific clients, we showed up with these answers to address any trouble you may experience about this most recent Shadow X Drone.

How Long Does Shadow X Drone Take to Charge?

The shadow X Drone takes about 60-70 minutes to full charge.

Can You Fine-Tune the Balance of Shadow X Drone?

You can counterbalance the equilibrium of the shadow X Drone by squeezing the Fine-tune catch to change or address the direction.

Does Shadow X Drone Have Altitude Hold?

With a decent air pressing factor and one key set high, you can precisely lock the stature and area of the shadow X Drone. At the point when steadily got along these lines, it drifts from any point you direct while making advantageous shootings.

Does Shadow X Drone Have FPV (First Person View) Capability?

The Shadow X Drone WiFi continuous transmission FPV framework can associate your telephone with the drone, and the view will be shown straightforwardly on your telephone. With this component, you will partake on the planet over the shadow X Drone, make all-encompassing photographs and record staggering videos for recollections.

Contact Details of Shadow X Drone

Address: M-F 7AM-7PM Pacific Standard Time

Phone: +1 (888) 206-2009

21606 Devonshire St #3159 Chatsworth, CA 91313 United States

Shadow X Drone Review – Final Verdict

Shadow X Drone is worked for any person who may wish to possess a drone, particularly novices. The drone that is operated considering compactness. It takes incredible pictures and recordings that can fill special and significant needs from broad points.

Many shadow X Drone reviews affirm that this drone functions Productively. On the rudiments, it does not affect how old one is. Shadow X Drone is undoubtedly the ideal choice. It is worked for all ages since it joins essential and straightforward to utilize steps. Its novice and easy-to-use highlights are standard for an optimal drone for beginners, even though it is also a quality drone for state-of-the-art clients.

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The Shadow X Drone has numerous in-assembled highlights that guarantee profoundly productive outcomes. In addition, it gives top-level quality recordings and pictures. One can work the robot for as long as 30 minutes and catch the embodiment of picturesque ethereal photos. This is a decent element thinking about its size and cost. Likewise, the flying velocity is sublime, contrasted with other comparative drone cameras in the market space.

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