Bitcoin Era Reviews – Is This App Legitimate? Shocking Australia Fact Checked!

Bitcoin Era Reviews – Is This App Legitimate? Shocking Australia Fact Checked!

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The cryptocurrency market is known for its extreme volatility which constitutes one of its cons. However, fluctuations also mean traders can make profits by reading the patterns and anticipating the market direction. It may not be possible for the traders to analyze the market manually and arrive at precise predictions. Hence, there is a demand for trading software such as the Bitcoin Era among market players to engage in crypto trades effortlessly and securely.

About Bitcoin Era

Bitcoin Era is a cryptocurrency trading facility that enables users to trade digital assets either manually or automatically. One can modify the settings in the software to select automatic mode. While in the auto mode, the software trades in digital assets as per pre-determined parameters set by the user.

Anyone can register on the trading software and begin trading in cryptocurrencies to generate daily profits. The trading platform is user-friendly and completely free to register. The software uses an algorithm that is AI-based to read and analyze market data and locate profitable trades.

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Benefits of Bitcoin Era

The software offers a variety of beneficial features to traders. Although a few of the below is why it is such a sought after trading platform to engage in crypto trading;

Free App: The trading platform is free to use. It does not charge a registration fee, usage fee, download, withdrawal, or deposit fees.

Traders can withdraw 100% of the money they make while trading. Withdrawals are possible at any time without any hassle.

Supports Crypto and Fiat Currencies: Traders can trade in both fiat and cryptocurrencies using this platform. The fiat currencies that users can trade in are CHF (Swiss franc), USD (United States dollars), and EUR (euro). The various crypto assets available for trading on this platform are Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Dash, Ethereum, XRP, Monero, and Bitcoin.

No Software Download: Since this is a web-based trading platform, users need not download the trading tools or the software. The facility is accessible via a web browser on any device, such as a laptop, mobile phone, tablet, or desktop computer. There is no installation or frequent updating requirements associated with this software. It is very convenient to use. All the users would need is a web browser and an internet connection.

Impressive Success Rate: The software stands out from the rest in the market due to its high success rate. It is regarded as a reliable and efficient automated trading platform, owing to its impressive accuracy rate. Due to this reason, users can achieve stable profits every day through crypto trading.

Swift Setup: Setting up the automated trading software and registering on the platform is a very easy and quick process. The user-friendly interface of the software is convenient to navigate and get started, even for users who have never traded before.

Consistent Profits: Irrespective of the skill levels of the traders or prior knowledge of trading in cryptocurrencies, this platform enables every trader to book consistent profits. Trading with this software is easy, secure, and has very low risk.

Fast Account Verification

Although account verification is compulsory, the process has been made easy and quick. By entering the right payment details and accurate user data, the verification process completes at a faster rate without having to go through lengthy procedures or a long waiting time to confirm registration.

The verification process is vital to ensure that the users have a safe and secure trading experience using the software.

More Information on Bitcoin Era Can Be Found On The Official Website Here

Easy Deposit and Fund Withdrawals: Deposits and withdrawals using this trading platform are as easy as they can get. One can use multiple debit and credit cards such as MasterCard, American Express, Visa, and Discover for this purpose. E-wallets such as Skrill and Neteller are also accepted. The company credits the funds w to the bank account of the user’s choice within 24 hours of placing a withdrawal request.

Demo Trading Account: The software offers the feature of a demo trading account that allows users to test various features of the platform by trading using virtual funds. It enables traders to arrive at the best trading strategies that work for them and gives a fair idea about how the trading platform functions.

Customer Support: Traders part of the trading platform’s community get access to their 24/7 customer support service. One can resolve any queries or issues with the trading software with the help of this feature at any time. Customer support is available in multiple languages to serve users at their convenience.

Low Starting Investment: To begin trading in cryptocurrencies using this software a deposit of $250 is required. However, users can go as low as $25 for each trade when they start trading.

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Bitcoin Era Features

The platform has become famous worldwide due to its advanced elements. Following are the salient features of the software;

  • Backend: The software employs an advanced backend feature that allows traders to test their trading strategies on historical market conditions. This enables users to make the necessary adjustments to suit the market sentiment and execute profitable trades.
  • Demo Trading: The demo trading option enables users to gain a good understanding of the crypto market and also how the software works. The users can utilize the virtual funds in the demo account to test the effectiveness of their trading strategies, make necessary changes, and know more about the intricacies of the crypto trading arena without having to risk their funds.
  • Live Trading: Users can go for the live trading feature after they’ve finalized their strategy, tested it with the help of the backend feature and the demo account. The live trading platform allows users to trade in several cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies.
    Live Auto-trading: The platform has a live automated trading feature that will execute trades as per previously set parameters by the user. The algorithm utilizes the trade signals from the market to open and close trades. The automated software constantly analyses the market to locate lucrative trading opportunities with the assistance of its advanced algorithm.

How does the Bitcoin Era Work?

The trading platform uses artificial intelligence tools to read and analyze the cryptocurrency market and arrive at trends and patterns that help identify ideal trades. Once the software spots a profitable trading opportunity, it sends across an automatic signal to an API or the Application Programming Interface to instruct the partner broker to purchase or sell the relevant crypto asset.

The algorithms of the software automate over 15 different types of trading strategies employed in high-frequency trades. The software is connected to many cryptocurrency brokers to execute trades in real-time.

The platform works out the ideal entry and exit points in the market with the help of its algorithm and sends an API signal to a partner broker, who then executes trades according to the parameters communicated to them.

How to make an account?


Open A Free Trading Account: Visit the homepage of the website and fill out a short application form. After accurately filling in all the required details, submit the form. The registration process gets complete immediately, and users will get access to the trading platform for free.


Deposit And Start Investing: To commence trading activity, users need to make an initial deposit of $250 in the trading account. These deposit accounts for the trading capital and can be withdrawn, along with other earnings in the account at any point in time without any glitches.


Auto Trade And Enjoy Profits: After making the initial deposit and finalizing the trade settings in the software, users can go for auto-trade. The software then analyzes the market and trades on behalf of the users, with the help of its high-end algorithm.


  • Easy registration and verification mechanism.
  • Allows modifying trade settings
  • No hidden charges, brokerages, or other fees.
  • No limits are placed on withdrawals.
  • The platform permits daily payouts.
  • Transactions are completed using fiat currency since the trades are conducted through CFD brokers.

Why Choose Bitcoin Era? Australia Consumer Report Released Here


  • Other trading software may provide more currency options.
  • It does not have a mobile application
  • Information found on the software is at times unclear and incorrect.
  • Because the platform has many websites, verifying its legitimacy can be difficult.
  • Although the software claims to have won awards, there is no evidence for the same.


What are the daily expected returns from using this platform?

The software claims that traders can earn up to $800 every day in profits.

Is there an upper ceiling for profits earned?

There are no upper limits to profits earned. The earnings depend on the trading strategies employed and the amount invested in trades.

Is the trading platform genuine and trustworthy?

Yes, the software is renowned in the industry for its impressive accuracy rates and a secure trading platform. It is a legitimate facility that enables traders to earn profits every day via trading in cryptocurrency.

Conclusion: Bitcoin Era

Bitcoin Era is a crypto trading platform that is web-based and does not require installations or software downloads. The platform claims to have a high accuracy rate of 98%. With its user-friendly features, it is a safe and secure platform even for beginners in crypto trading.

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