PT Trim Fat Burn  Reviews – Does Purple Tea PT Trim Fat Burner Diet Pills Really Works?

PT Trim Fat Burn  Reviews – Does Purple Tea PT Trim Fat Burner Diet Pills Really Works?

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Looking for unbiased PT Trim Fat Burn reviews? Here is the right Purple tea PT Trim Fat Burner review blog for you . Some customers who have used PT Trim Fat Burn claim that they have lost as much as over 100 pounds within a few months of using the product. Moreover, they lost all that weight by only taking PT Trim Fat Burn supplements without making any drastic lifestyle changes such as dieting or establishing an exercise routine. Nevertheless, the million-dollar question remains whether those customer testimonials are true, and if they are, how does PT Trim Fat Burn help people burn fat?

What is PT Trim Fat Burn

It is common knowledge that exercising and dieting is the best way to lose weight. Any google search on how to lose weight usually comes back to exercising and dieting tips. However, what if we have been going around losing weight the wrong way? PT Fat Trim Burn challenges the dieting and exercise method of losing weight and claims to provide a more efficient and natural way of shedding that unwanted fat through natural extracts that increases metabolism, help burn fat, and suppresses weight gain. Yes, PT Trim Fat Burn mentions that it tackles weight gain from its root cause, unlike exercising and diet, which goes after the superficial symptoms of a much underlying issue.

The PT in PT Trim Fat Burn stands for purple tea. Unlike the tea we are used to, purple tea is an entirely new category of tea made from the leaves of the rare Camellia sinensis plant. Purple tea is high in the compounds anthocyanin, catechins, and GHG, which work to increase one’s metabolism and quickly burn fat. PT Trim Fat Burn is a diet supplement that comes in pill form and is entirely made from natural extracts, including purple tea and other ingredients. Visit PT Trim Fat Burn official Website Using This Link.

Is it hard to lose weight?

People who have found it difficult to loose weight know too well that the hardest part of losing weight is keeping off the weight lost. Scientists believe that the body has a set point weight that it is inclined to return to should one lose weight. People usually stay within a small range of weight for most of their adult life. Some people have systems that keep them lean until they get to middle age, while some people with high set points struggle to lose weight as they normally go back to their body weight set points after they lose weight through diet and exercise.

When one loses weight due to sickness, skipping meals, cardio, counting carbs, exercise, or dieting, the body works extra hard to put back on the weight. For instance, the proven contemporary way of losing weight is a caloric deficit, meaning that people are expected to burn more calories than they consume in order to lose weight. However, when one suddenly starts eating fewer calories and burning more calories than they normally do, the body will counter this by slowing down metabolism and changing how nutrients are absorbed in the body. The result is that one will feel hungrier, a factor that makes it easy to gain weight.

How does PT Trim Fat Burn work?

PT Trim Fat Burn goes about weight loss differently and does not require a caloric deficit. According to the company’s official website, PT Trim Fat Burn works by lowering the body’s genetically programmed set point. Hence, the product is different from other weight loss methods because it does not just help burn fat; it also helps keep the fat off.

PT Trim Fat Burn works by unlocking the fat-burning properties of purple tea, among other natural extracts that help increase metabolism, lower the body’s set point, and burn fat. For instance, PT Trim Fat Burn contains catechins and epigallocatechin extracted from purple tea, and these compounds reverse the effect of asymmetric biological control, which lowers metabolism and maintains the set point. PT Trim Fat Burn comes in capsules, and users are advised to take two capsules every day in the morning. You can learn more about how PT Trim Fat Burn helps you lose weight via this link

PT Trim Fat Burn ingredients

Each PT Trim Fat Burn capsule weighs about 1.3 grams and contains powerful extracts from natural sources that help burn fat and keep one energized. The main ingredient in PT Trim Fat Burn is purple tea.

Purple tea

Purple tea comes from the leaves of the Camella sinensis plant, the family of plants from which we also get green tea, black team, oolong, and other types of tea. Purple tea is distinguishable by its purple leaves. Purple tree is commercially grown in the Nandi Hills region of Kenya. The plant performs especially well in the high latitudes near the equator, which is optimum for greater UV bombardment, causing the plant to create very high amounts of antioxidants to protect its leaves from damage.

Purple tea is rich in the antioxidants polyphenols and anthocyanin and has very low levels of caffeine when compared to the other types of tea. The polyphenol called GHG found in purple tea is the compound responsible for the tea’s weight loss properties. Research shows that GHG decreases fat mass and thickness and increases lean body mass. GHG achieves its feat by affecting lipase, the enzyme that breaks down fat so that the body can easily digest them. Besides their weight loss properties, the antioxidants compounds found in green tea also scavenge for free radicals in cells and prevents the damage caused by oxidation; hence, reducing the risk of many diseases, including certain cancers and heart diseases.


Berberine is a compound in some plants such as the Oregon grape, European goldenseal, and tree turmeric. Berberine has many health benefits, including strengthening the heartbeat in people with cardiovascular diseases. A 2015 study by Chinese scientists found that berberine caused about 5 pounds of weight loss on their subjects on average. Furthermore, the participants lost 3.6% of their body fat. In another three month study, scientists noticed that by taking 300mg of berberine daily, participants lost a significant amount of their body mass index levels (BMI), with some moving from obese to overweight in three months. Participants significantly lost belly fat and improved several health markers. Scientists have concluded that berberine enriches leptin, adiponectin, and insulin functions, all of which work to regulate fat.

Green tea extract

Green tea comes from the same family of plants as purple tea; however, green tea contains a higher number of antioxidants and has more concentrations of caffeine when compared to purple tea. Research shows that green tea’s caffeinated nature serves as a stimulant for fat burning and exercise performance.

Garcinia fruit extracts 

Garcinia cambogia is a tropical fruit famous for its weight loss properties. Garcinia blocks the body’s ability to make fat and puts a brake on a person’s appetite. The fruit contains high amounts of hydroxylic acid (HCA), which blocks the enzyme citrate lyase, which the body uses to make fat. The fruit reduces one’s appetite by stimulating serotonin production, making people feel less hungry, happy, and energetic. However, the FDA recommends that people with underlying medical problems should consult with their physicians before taking garcinia or its equivalent extracts.

All the ingredients used in PT Trim Fat Burn are natural. Besides their weight loss properties, the ingredients found in PT Trim Fat Burn collectively have additional health benefits such as better heart health, a strong immune system, and an overall greater quality of life.

In what format is the PT Trim Fat Burn?

PT Trim Fat Burn comes in powder form contained in capsules swallowed using water. Unlike other dietary supplements that need to be mixed with water, PT Trim Fat Burn is easier to use and can be taken on the go. The product’s official website recommends that PT Trim Fat Burn users take two capsules every day in the morning. When one purchases PT Trim fat Burn, they are also given bonuses. Bonus #1 is the 14-Day Flat belly Diet, Bonus #2 is the 24-Hour Fat Melting Protocol, and Bonus #3 provides unique recipes for smoothies that promote weight loss, help with cravings, and trigger fat burning. Hurry and get the best weight loss supplement You can access the discount offers here

Frequently asked questions about PT Trim Fat Burn

Q: Does PT Trim Fat Burn has any side effects?

A: The ingredients list shows that PT Trim Fat Burn is primarily made from herbs, antioxidants, and fruit extracts, which are all natural. There have been no reports of anyone reacting negatively to PT Trim Fat Burn. However, people have reported experiencing slight headaches, nausea, dizziness and gastrointestinal discomfort when they exceeded the recommended dosage. As a rule of thumb, one should stick to the dosage and not take more of the PT Trim Fat Burn supplements should they start experiencing these symptoms.

PT Trim Fat Burn is not recommended for lactating mothers or people below 18. People on medication for other illnesses should also avoid this dietary supplement. Nevertheless, due to its all-natural composition, one can be assured that the side effects of using PT Trim Fat Burn cannot be extreme.

Q: How long does it take one to see the results of PT Trim Fat Burn? 

A: One will start noticing the results of using the dietary supplement within the first twenty-four hours. Because PT Trim Fat Burn stimulates metabolism, one will feel energized for the rest of the day after taking the supplement. Moreover, PT Trim Fat Burn also contains compounds that boost the production of serotonin and suppress appetite and one should feel happy and less hungry within 24 hours of taking PT Trim Fat supplements.

Q: Where can I buy PT Trim Fat Burn?

A: PT Trim Fat Burn can only be bought from the company’s official website. The dietary supplement is not sold on stores or Amazon to prevent customers from being cheated into buying fake products.

Q: Does PT Trim fat Burn have a money-back guarantee?

A: Although PT Trim Fat Burn is confident that all its customers will benefit from the product, the company still protects the money of customers that are not satisfied with the results. The company has a 60 days money guarantee, which only works when one buys the product from the company’s official website. To request a refund, users are directed to call Clickbank Toll-Free: 1-800-390-6035.

How much does PT Trim Fat Burn Cost?

It costs a whopping $89 to buy a one month supply of the dietary supplement. PT Trim Fat Burn is priced higher than most of its competitors from the same tier. However, the cost is reasonable given the rarity of the ingredients used to make the dietary supplement. PT Trim Fat Burn is offered in three pricing categories: the one month supply, three months supply, and six months supply. The prices reduce depending on the period of supply. For instance, it costs $58 a bottle for three bottles when one buys the three-month package, and it costs $39 a bottle for six bottles when one buys the six-month supply package. Visit PT Trim Fat Burn Official Website To Get Huge Discount

PT Trim Fat Burn Reviews – Final Verdict

Overall PT Trim Fat Burn reviews conclusion, The million-dollar question was whether PT Trim Fat Burner helps with losing weight or whether it was just another weight loss scam. PT Trim Fat Burn is transparent with the ingredients they use, which are all-natural and scientifically proven to help with fat burning and losing weight. Hence, PT Trim Fat Burn is NOT a scam.

The company is very confident about their product that they provide a money-back guarantee should one not be satisfied with the product within the first six months of purchase, meaning that the dietary supplement works fast. Besides its fat burning properties, PT Trim Fat Burn also offers users other benefits, including faster metabolism, a stronger immune system, better heart health, and a greater quality of life.

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