How does the real estate industry revolutionize its property listing and sales with QR code technology?

How does the real estate industry revolutionize its property listing and sales with QR code technology?

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As real estate is one of the most challenging industries that many agents and agencies conquer, sticking to the traditional means of selling a house may not be enough to close a deal to their next property owner.

Since the subsequent property owners are now integrating technological tools to sort and find hundreds of property listings within the vicinity of their current address, many real estate agents and agencies are now stepping up their selling game by modernizing their property listing and sales with technology.

And through their use of it, they can revolutionize their means of advertising the properties listed on their agency website, social media, and more.

But as they integrate technology into their property listing and sales, one technology has enabled them to simplify offline and online operations for their potential clients. And that is the QR code technology, where clients will only need to scan the codes placed in announcement boards, magazines, and more.

With the availability of an advanced QR code generator online, realtors now maximize their real estate marketing and sales tactics and expand their reach in both offline and online communities.

How do realtors modernize their property listings and sales with QR code technology?

To learn more about how tech-savvy realtors modernize their property listings and sales, here are some QR code ways they integrate today.

  1. Use them as a digital listing portal.

Real estate agents can use QR codes to direct realty inquirers to a digital listing of all estates for sale.

Realtors can fit ad spaces, real estate magazines, and community announcement boards by attaching a PDF QR code to a digital copy of the list of properties they are currently handling.

People interested in purchasing a home can conveniently obtain a copy of the listings that they can inquire about by scanning the dedicated digital listings QR code found in notable scanning areas.

  1. Take them on a virtual video tour online.

Some buyers don’t have time to visit the property on-site when realtors can incorporate the use of QR codes that redirect their buyers to an online virtual video tour of the property for them to watch.

  1. Direct them to your real estate firm’s social media.

Real estate agencies are expanding their methods to gather more clients and prospects because there are many ways to market their property effectively.

With social media being one of the online spaces where people spend most of their time, realtors can use QR codes to direct them to their social media handles and find more tips through their posts.

  1. Use them as a scan to contact tool for buyers

One of the concerns that realtors face when endorsing the properties they are selling is that most inquirers hesitate to ask for their contact information and thus miss out on the opportunity to finalize their agreement with them.

To emphasize this point, estate agents can use QR codes with their firm’s contact information and place them next to their signboards and public notice spaces. As a result, anyone interested in the property can instantly connect to them by scanning the QR code.

  1. Integrate as a scan to locate property QR code

According to the 2021 National Association of Realtors (NAR) report, 34 percent of total house buyers are first-time purchasers. Most of them get lost when attempting to visit the actual site before determining on actually purchasing the house.

As a result, most realtors are contemplating including map directions to the property they are selling. A straightforward way for them to provide first-time purchasers with a map of the property they are seeking is to allow them to scan a QR code and be directed to the location of the property they wish to purchase.


Since most marketers now list their goods and services with technology. A person can search and inquire about them; real estate agencies use these digital means to maximize property inquiries and select the best buyer to own them.

With QR codes as one of the tech tools utilized, realtors can simplify their transition to digitalization and attract more customers both offline and online by integrating the use of a QR code generator with logo online and creating a personalized QR code that buyers can acknowledge when scanning their way to buying the house they want to buy.

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