The States That Will Legalize Marijuana Next

The States That Will Legalize Marijuana Next

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The marijuana industry is thriving for a variety of reasons. The legalization of cannabis in several places has increased the number of people eager to try it, resulting in increased revenue for dispensaries. Many people believe that medical marijuana should not be illegal because it is frequently prescribed by doctors for medical purposes rather than recreational use. Over the last decade, the cannabis business has exploded in popularity, partly due to legalizing efforts. There are numerous unanswered issues regarding how this will affect society, for better or worse, but there is no doubt that it will be significantly different than it was previously. Now there are many physical stores where marijuana and related paraphernalia can be bought. This is done even easier through online outlets like Grasscity, which you can view through this link. As the world grows more aware of its benefits, more people are becoming open about its use; indeed, several states have already legalized it, with the following states expected to follow next.


Minnesota, also known as the “Gopher State”, has legalized the use of marijuana for medical use back in 2014 but it is still illegal in the state for any recreational use. Possession of 42.5 grams or less however has been decriminalized by the state. 53,361 patients were given the go signal to use marijuana for medical purposes in the state. Currently, the state has yet to pass the bill to legalize weed for recreational purposes and the ongoing friction between Democrats and Republicans might lead to its legalization in 2022.


The “Constitution State”, Connecticut makes second on the list of states most likely to legalize marijuana use soon. So long as you don’t exceed the limit of 2.5 ounces of medical marijuana you are pretty much safe. This state is expected to legalize the recreational use of marijuana this year, even sooner than anyone can think of. All 53,569 patients that have been allowed to use medical marijuana must be one of the reasons why some believe they will legalize it soon.


Also known as the “First State”, Delaware is one of the next states expected to legalize marijuana soon. In this state, patients, caregivers, and physicians are allowed to possess and administer marijuana for medical purposes. A law about possession of recreational marijuana has been passed in Delaware, HB 39, which penalizes possession of marijuana of more than an ounce. It is said that the cannabis market in Delaware amounts to more than $250 million. Neighboring states legalizing marijuana may just push Delaware to do the same, especially with that big a market.


Missouri, “Show Me State”, known also for their barbecue, is the next state on the list. This state has approved the passing of Amendment 2, which in turn, legalized the use of medical marijuana all over its borders. It is still illegal to use marijuana for any other purpose other than medical use in Missouri. In the medical field, 135,00 patients have received licenses from the state to use marijuana for medicinal purposes. People believe that Missouri will soon or will be next to legalize marijuana because its people are ready to vote for its legalization.


Think coconuts, flower necklaces, grass skirts, and say Aloha, Hawaii is next. In case you missed it, Hawaii was the first state to legalize the use of medical marijuana through their state legislature back in 2000. There are still laws that prohibit and forbid the use of recreational marijuana in Hawaii but they have decriminalized possession of three grams or less. 32,801 Hawaiian patients have employed the use of medical marijuana in their treatments. Many people believe Hawaii will be next in legalizing marijuana because its senate has approved proposals to legalize it, and are waiting for the House to make a decision.


The “Old Line State”, the nickname for Maryland, made the final list of states that may just legalize marijuana. Maryland currently has a law that legalizes marijuana for medical use but is still illegal for recreational use, possessing small amounts however has been finally decriminalized. There is a bill right now that is pushing to legalize the use of marijuana for recreational purposes, the chances of that happening this year is not yet possible but hopefully next year it will. There are about 123,000 people who are registered to use marijuana in this state. It was said in an interview of Senate President Bill Ferguson that there is an overwhelming amount of people who believe that their policies on marijuana are flawed.


Due to current legislation and the industry’s adoption of cutting-edge technologies, the cannabis sector has a promising future. The herb marijuana has long been seen as little more than an addictive narcotic, but recent research and debunking of myths have caused a sea-change in the way many people think about this substance, and in the next years, people should not be astonished if cannabis is legalized in a greater number of countries around the world.

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