How to create a healthy interior design for a teenager

How to create a healthy interior design for a teenager

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Transforming a room decorated to the tastes of a child into a room adapted to the more assertive style of a teenager is not necessarily difficult, as long as the project remains affordable. The main goal for the parents is to radically change the style of the room and keep a low budget.

Adolescence, a period of transition

A true period of evolution and change, adolescence is the time when the youngest experience all the possibilities available to them. They position themselves in reaction to the authority of their parents, in order to assert their independence. This transition from child to adult is a pivotal period in which they must be guided and supported by making them discover this wonderful world. 

So let’s find out what is important in a teenager’s bedroom, both in terms of decor, colors, and health.

Today’s teens need less and less storage space as they get older. They usually save their data and games on devices such as a computer or smartphone, giving you great flexibility in choosing furniture. Moreover, while pastel colors and beige carpeting were perfect for a child, the now worn carpet and the style of the room are in need of a refresh to suit a teenager’s tastes.

Towards a bolder teenage room style

Teenagers love strong contrasts and bright colors (black is a very popular color). To avoid darkening the room too much, you can decide to paint only one wall black. The rest can be repainted in crisp shades, including that old blackboard that was no longer in use. 

For the bed, the parents must already choose an adult mattress, placed on a base without feet with a high headboard (also black, obviously), which would make the bed more imposing than before. The top of the headboard can also double as a shelf for posters or photos.

Pops of bright primary colors will bring the room to life, with yellows and reds on the furniture from NY Furniture Outlets, and accessories to brighten up the room. Some more childish elements, such as a toy box, must be removed. Others, like an office chair or a poster, might be replaced by more assertive versions.

Opt for nature-friendly paint

Use clay, casein, marble powder paints or essential oils. You can also choose from VOC (volatile organic compound) paints – another quite popular must-have in a child’s room.

Choosing the right flooring for a teenage room

Basic items, such as flooring, can easily transform a room. Choosing the right product can give a stunning result and perfect the new style of the room. For a teen, you can opt for a vinyl roll, a soft random pattern covering that combines several shades of gray. This particular type of flooring is available in a wide range of designs, easy to match with different styles and colors.

It is also durable and easy to clean, very convenient when its user is a fan of skateboarding. A timeless and understated decision, such flooring will not need to be changed as the tastes of the teenager do, even when the decor and furniture are replaced. An excellent choice for a coherent decoration!

Choose an eco-friendly type of floor

Natural bamboo parquet is the most ecological wood at the moment because it is the one plant that grows back the fastest and therefore decimates forests the least. Ecological, it combines many advantages: hypoallergenic, with antistatic and antibacterial properties (and also back in fashion)! For a graphic effect, opt for a set of colored bands, mixing, for example, white, pineapple, and Barbados.

While redecorating the looks of a teenage room, you can replace the old items with clean and modern lines: shelves, armchairs, sofa, lighting, furniture and accessories, new as well as second-hand, are to be chosen according to the tastes of the owner of the room.

In terms of decoration, it is important to provide a cozy corner for the kid to relax, read or listen to music. This space can be set up with:

  • comfortable cushions to enhance the cocooning teenage bedroom effect,
  • a hanging chair that brings a bohemian chic touch, perfect for a modern teenage bedroom decor

In terms of colors? Let your youngster’s tastes express themselves, keeping in mind that pastel tones are very pleasant and less boring over time and that they can be energized by touches of flashy colors (for example, with the help of accessories, bed set, plaids, appliques).

Dare to recycle for a vintage effect

Here are some ideas to decorate a teenage room without buying anything (furniture to make by yourself):

  • a sofa from pallets (untreated)
  • a desk with a large board and trestles
  • a hanging shelf with planks, ropes, or even a curtain rod attached to the wall.

Economical and ecological, such trendy items allow one to revamp old furniture with their teenager, according to his tastes, in colorful and flashy eras, or more rock, geek, etc.

A functional teenage bedroom: instructions for use

Your youngster is not very fond of decoration, but still wants to mark the transition between childhood and adolescence? A functional teenager’s room is another avenue to explore!

It must meet the 3 main needs of your child, namely:

  • work efficiently,
  • preserve their privacy,
  • be able to receive his friends.

Here comes the idea of modular furniture – useful for saving space and changing the atmosphere of the room according to one’s needs.

Let’s place the spotlight on the clever storage options that allow the teen to hide from his parents’ view, without hearing them say over and over again that he must tidy up his room: drawer under the bed, sliding shelf, and stools for the office, wooden boxes for storage, dressing room hidden behind a curtain, etc

Above all, remember about a good sleep

If you can easily let your teenager choose the bed model, the choice of the mattress must be yours, as it is essential for the sleep and development of your growing child. Invest in a quality mattress, you won’t regret it!

And remember: all tastes are different! Do not try to impose your ideas on your teenager. In the end, it is he or she that must feel good in their room! 

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