What You Wish You Knew Before Moving To Maryland

What You Wish You Knew Before Moving To Maryland

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If you are currently getting ready to contact some top Maryland long distance movers and officially become a Marylander or you have been living here for some time but are still trying to discover the most intriguing things about this place, you’ve landed the right page.

Without further ado, let us take a look at a few of the most interesting details about Maryland that we are certain you will find important enough to remember as you are planning your relocation.

#1: Maryland Is Great For Outdoor Fans

With an almost unlimited number of attractions, Maryland is one of the most appealing states to live in, especially if you are a big fan of nature. Of course, there is something new to discover, explore, and love about Maryland just about every corner, no matter which region you might have chosen to move to. Besides, you will always be just within driving distance to some of the best attractions located out of the state, whether it is NYC, Washington DC, Philly, or Atlantic City.

However, if being in the great outdoors is the dream of a lifetime for you, you will be glad to know that more than forty percent of the state’s surface is green and covered in trees. While Maryland might not have a lot of big cities and skyscrapers, it certainly makes up for it with its natural beauty.  The state’s geography resembles a beautiful selection of some of the most appealing geographical features in the country. For example, Chesapeake Bay is dominating the Eastern part of Maryland and its scattered islands, sandy beaches, coves, and creeks filled with freshwater will make your weekends unbelievably relaxing.

Maryland is also crossed by two beautiful mountain ranges, the Appalachian Mountains and the Blue Ridge Mountains and it also hosts the Assateague island where you will come across an impressive herd of wild ponies running wild and free.

#2: Living Here Can Be Expensive

Try to spend your money wisely, organize your budget every month, and keep in mind the state has one of the highest costs of living. Maryland is a very wealthy state, so you can also expect to pay some of the highest taxes of all US states. According to a CNBC report from a few years ago, Maryland was home to the highest concentration of US millionaires with 1 in 12 households worth at least $1 million. Looking for a modest one-bedroom apartment to rent here might mean paying at least $1,500 a month, while the median rent for a house here runs at $1,600.

#3: Maryland Is A Haven For Seafood Lovers

If you love seafood or you are just a foodie in general, you should rejoice at the news that the state is home to an incredibly large number of restaurants and eateries serving blue crabs, oysters, striped bass, soft clams, catfish, bluefish, and more. There is even a dedicated Maryland Seafood Festival held every year at the end of September that you could buy tickets for.

#4: Baltimore Is Your Only Big City Moving Option In Maryland

The Smithsonian has described Baltimore as “East Coast’s Next Cool City”. With a population of more than 575,000 people, Baltimore is the largest city in the state and also the only city with a population of over 609,000 residents, so if you are looking forward to experiencing the “big city life” in Maryland, Baltimore is your only option. The city is followed by Columbia with a population close to 103,000 and Germantown with a little over 90,000 residents.

If you are a young professional interested in being part of something great, Baltimore is the place for you, but smaller towns will bring you closer to the great outdoors, so the choice is ultimately yours.


  1. Ric

    Move to Delaware taxes are low, I live on the eastern shore all my life taxes are to high to retire here, property taxes are outrageous when I retire I will be moving away from beach and to mountains away from all the traffic

  2. Dorothy

    As a native Marylander I agree that Maryland is a lovely State with a lot to see and do. I live in an area that is very safe with very little crime. But, that is not true in every area. I advise you to check the crime records in an jurisdiction.

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