Is Destiny 2 Still Worth Playing in 2021?

Is Destiny 2 Still Worth Playing in 2021?

Image by Felix Lichtenfeld from Pixabay

Now, the basic version of Destiny 2 is free to play on consoles and PC. Every season brings fantastic story missions packed with legendaries to the farm. This is a great time to start playing the game. Every fan of looter shooters can appreciate it. Here are five key reasons.

1. Plenty of Rich Campaigns, Lore, Raids, And Modes

Do you have a penchant for fascinating missions with generous lore? Destiny 2 will not disappoint you. Its paid expansions contain some of the best gaming content in the franchise. This explains why the demand for Destiny 2 boost is so high. It has no shortage of exciting campaign missions with solid storylines.

Gambit, a PvEvP game mode, allows you to share the fun with friends or practice matchmaking. Meanwhile, Crucible is great for PvP matches. The 6-player raids are incredibly intense.

2. A Vibrant International Fan Community

This game has fans around the world and over 50,000 active players, based on the Steam Charts stats. Public events are quite frequent, and matchmaking is fast. Playing Destiny 2 with a bunch of friends is the best experience.

3. Saving That Works Across All Popular Platforms

Players can easily switch between devices. The game works on PCs, Xbox and PS4. Log into your account from any platform, and continue progressing in the game. Now, data is exchanged instantly, so you can always pick up where you left off.

4. Quarterly Seasons Keep You Inspired

Every season, the community sees plenty of exciting events and novel game modes. This happens every quarter. In addition to the endgame, there is lots of other stuff to keep you inspired. Boredom is simply impossible. Even after you finish the campaigns, there will always be plenty of events, missions, quests, and bounties to explore.

5. Fresh Expansions Bring Riveting Content

Upon its release in 2017, the game received a lukewarm reaction from gamers and critics. However, the team managed to turn their luck around when they unveiled the thrilling Forsaken expansion. This was a dramatic enhancement, and the momentum is still strong. The developers solidified the game’s success with two other captivating and entertaining expansions — Shadowkeep and Beyond Light.

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