4 Materials to Choose From for Your Table Base at Home

4 Materials to Choose From for Your Table Base at Home

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Before table legs were customizable, people used to purchase tables as a whole. The table industry had to produce tables using different materials to cater to all types of table demands. Today, tables could now have a combination of different materials. Wood tabletops can be personalized with metal table legs. The innovation and creativity in this type of project are continuous. We already have foldable tables that can be easily assembled.

Are you currently looking for custom metal table base ideas? Let us guide you through the process of deciding the right table base for your table project. With the furniture industry never stopping in creating newer products almost every day, who would not be confused about deciding which material is best for your table at home? This is why we are here to help you in making your decisions because this is an investment that should be taken with utmost priority.

Determining the style 

Identifying the most appropriate table style which is also comfortable for those who will be using it is a very crucial part of personalizing a table for your space. This would also help you in deciding the best table base to complete your table needs. 

Deciding on the thickness of table bases

Table bases usually have two types of table bases based on their thickness. First, is the light-duty type, which is very thin in appearance and material. For this type, tables are utilized for casual purposes that do not require too much weight for the objects placed on the top. Commonly for display purposes, whether to showcase a plant, painting, mini sculpture, or book. Coffee and side tables are created using this kind of base.

On the contrary, heavy-duty table bases are applied under tabletops when the table is manufactured for major industrial or commercial purposes. These are made using heavy steel and are installed under tabletops to support the weight.


Timber or wood is one of the natural and renewable building materials utilized in many industries today since it involves a procedure that includes the sustainable regeneration of these resources. Furthermore, wood is a long-lasting and robust material which is also the right choice for those looking for a durable product. It is undoubtedly the most common material used for producing furniture even before the existence of modernized civilizations. In addition, it displays a feeling of warmth and comfort as a combination of its aesthetic appeal that makes it reliable as a material for furniture. Its structural integrity justifies its quality as a tabletop and table legs made from different materials will be able to balance its weight. Aside from a good choice of material for those homes aiming for a natural or elemental concept, it provides an excellent value for money because it can be a part of your design plan as well as versatile since it can be displayed indoors and outdoors. 


Metal has already established itself as a quality material at the beginning of industrialization. Almost every object you see now is created with parts made of metal. Among all the materials out there, metal is on a different level. The longevity, versatility, and durability – other materials are definitely of no match to it. Metal as a table base immediately equates to quality and is expected to be considered heavy-duty.

Marble or Quartz 

Marble or quartz is a material that truly evokes elegance and a timeless ambiance to homes. Its classic look appears as if it was an expensive material but as much as we hate to break it to you, this material is affordable and is lesser in price compared to other natural stone materials. Furthermore, since it is a natural stone, one of its advantages of being scratch-resistant. It cannot be easily broken and cracked, unlike other materials. It is much softer than granite which makes it easier to be customized into different forms. Due to its surface, many companies across the world have attempted to create duplicates that only had none to little success. The marble itself is made from sedimentary rocks or limestone which makes every piece of marble different from each other. Another quality of this material is its resistance to heat which is best for creating cooking equipment while serving its timeless appeal.


One of the best materials for tables out there is glass. Such material displays a sense of formality and elegance. Similar to the previous materials shown, it can also cater to different sizes, shapes, and designs. Glass material is low maintenance, especially for a transparent glass because you will only be needing a clean cloth and soapy water. Moreover, it also contributes to projecting an illusion of pace, to make it appear that as if your area is spacious. It also works well with other materials such as wood which could function as a frame for the glass surface. This is a common design for modern tabletops especially for those searching for illumination of the place eerie morning. You can also integrate a unique design for the glass surface to add a bit of creativity.

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