Do Good Knives Matter in the Restaurant Kitchen?

Do Good Knives Matter in the Restaurant Kitchen?

Image by Martin Vorel from Pixabay

What kind of knives should be used in the kitchen? What should chefs in restaurants choose as the best knives for their daily needs? Well, every chef or cook has a favorite piece of equipment or tool that they can’t do without in their cooking process. Good knives such as the cangshan knife set are important for the chefs and the cooks. So, what kind of knives are good for the restaurant kitchen? In this article, we shall consider the advantages of good knives for restaurant kitchens.

Here are the reasons good knives are necessary for the restaurants:

Good knives are vital for use in the kitchen. Also known as a chef’s knife, a kitchen knife should be multipurpose. They can be used for purposes such as slicing, mincing, slicing meat, cutting vegetables, and so on. A good kitchen knife should be easy to sharpen and remain sharp for long. A good kitchen knife is not just about the hand feel. Other factors make a good kitchen knife.

Here are some of these factors:

  1.     Good kitchen knives should have an agile blade and a sharp edge. It should also have great edge retention so that it is easy to use in the restaurant kitchen.
  2.     Kitchen knives used for pairing or trimming should be at least 3 ½ inches in blade length because its blade is normally held aloft for roles such as eyeing potatoes, trimming vegetable edges, and coring fruit. However, the length of the blade can differ based on the size of the chef’s hands. Therefore, one may go with the most comfortable blade length.
  3.     Kitchen knives used for slicing are always held with the hand above the blade for leverage. These knives will have serrated blades so that they do not come into contact with the chopping board. These knives will be good for gentle cuts of foods like watermelons, cakes, semi-soft cheese, salami, and so on.
  4.     Knives for curving should be narrow-bladed, so they are easy to cut through tissue and fiber in meats such as roasted turkey, hams, and bone-in meat. The blade on these knives should also be long enough so it covers long pieces of meat. It should also be sharp-tipped so it can be easy to handle bones with carves.

Having said the above about the qualities of some kitchen knives, many advantages come with good knives in the restaurant kitchen. Here are such advantages:

Good kitchen knives are razor-sharp. This means that one will need not use brutal force as they cut foodstuff. With these sharp knives, prep jobs are easy on you, and you get to enjoy working in the kitchen. You will also see by yourself that the herbs and vegetables look fresh when cut with sharp knives.

Good kitchen knives offer you better control when slicing and chopping. You can easily control their blade movements and are more predictable due to their sharp nature. You won’t easily injure yourself as you work with these knives.

Good kitchen knives are easy to sharpen. Due to their build, chef knives can quickly have their sharpness restored when they become blunt. Therefore, these knives can be used in your restaurant and remain relevant and stylish for longer. 

Good kitchen knives are built with professionalism in mind. They, therefore, look more stylish, perform better, and have better features, unlike regular knives.

In conclusion, remember that your restaurant kitchen knives need to be easy to wash and store. Therefore, as you go shopping for these knives, ensure that you buy knives that will be easy to maintain and those that your staff will conveniently use for better restaurant services.