What Makes Mohamed ‘Rated’ Soliman The Most Celebrated League of Legends Player in Egypt?

What Makes Mohamed ‘Rated’ Soliman The Most Celebrated League of Legends Player in Egypt?

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Mohamed “Rated” Soliman is the most celebrated League of Legends player in Egypt. Here are some of his achievements that will blow your mind:

  • Secure fourth place in the 2018 IeSF world championship in Taiwan with the Egyptian national team.
  • Led Anubis Gaming to its first international title by winning the Intel Arabian Cup in 2019.
  • Content creator and streamer for Anubis Gaming.
  • Leading player for the Egyptian National eSports team.
  • Honored and celebrated by the Egyptian minister of youth & sports for winning an official regional championship held by The Arab League.
  • Won most of the tournaments in the MENA region, making him the most valuable player in Egypt.

Magdy on Anubis Gaming’s success at the Intel Arabian Cup

There is hardly any team that wins a tournament like the Intel Arabian Cup in its first attempt. It took Anubis Gaming four years. Magdy recently said in an interview, “League of Legends is so challenging that even the best can succumb to amateur teams in the qualifying round. Its unpredictability is what makes the game so enjoyable. Winning the Intel Arabian Cup feels fantastic. But I would like to shed light on some of the team members that helped the team win this tournament:

  • Khaled El Noshokaty, aka, Fev3r.
  • Maged Mohammad, aka, Maged.
  • Ahmed Jalala, aka, Dakrai.
  • Islam Ali, aka, Dattura.

I think I couldn’t get a better team than these players here. It’s an honor to be in a winning team that has these incredibly talented players. If it wasn’t for them, I don’t think we would have even survived the qualifying stage. 

Many people ask me the secret to winning a big tournament. To me, it’s all about how your team members divide the responsibility of handling different aspects of the game. My role was to segregate the jobs and play freely. That’s what won us the tournament.”

Magdy’s achievements

It’s a surreal feeling to lead a team to victory in an international tournament. But Magdy feels that representing your country is an even more significant honor. Magdy’s excellent skills in LoL earned him a spot in the Egyptian National eSports team. The Egyptian government event hailed and celebrated Magdy for winning an official regional championship hosted by The Arab League.

Egypt wasn’t doing well in these tournaments until Magdy turned up. He single-handedly changed the way people look at Egypt as a participating nation. They now consider it as a strong contender, thanks to the remarkable achievements of Magdy. He even led the Egyptian national team to fourth place in the IeSF world championship in Taiwan. That was another feather in Magdy’s cap.

The secret to winning a big tournament

Magdy doesn’t hold back on sharing his team’s secret to winning the Intel Arabian Cup. He said, “You shouldn’t be afraid of losing. We have been trying to win a big tournament since 2015 and managed to win it after four years. Our team simply refused to give up. We put in the work, and it paid off for a big time.”

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