Why CBD Oil Can be Used for Treating Cancer in Pets

Why CBD Oil Can be Used for Treating Cancer in Pets

Image by Erin Stone from Pixabay From LolaHemp

Cancer is a nightmare for humans. However, this health complication is not only peculiar to humans as pets and livestock are affected as well.

Just as humans can experience various kinds of cancer in any part of the body, our dogs, cats, livestock, and many other mammals are also vulnerable. If you are interested in relevant facts about cancer in animals, you can check here.

As a result, there is a need for pet and livestock owners to be responsible for the mental and physical wellbeing of their pets and/or livestock. They should understand that prevention is better than cure.

However, not all pet parents are in positions to help prevent their canine, feline, or exotic animals from getting cancer. For some, the health complication had already held sway before they had the animal in their care.

This situation is common with animals that are adopted from shelters. For owners of such pets, there is the need for a proven effective treatment.

Against this backdrop, we will discuss how CBD oil for pets can help dogs, cats, exotic animals, and livestock battling cancer at any stage. The benefits of using cannabidiol treatment will be explained. But first, let us understand what CBD is and its source.

What Is CBD?

CBD is a chemical compound gotten from the cannabis plant. Many of the properties that make up this chemical compound are medicinal. As a result, products made from unadulterated and good strains of cannabidiol (as is the real name) can treat many mental and physical health problems.

Can Your Pet Get High Using Cannabidiol Oil and Products?

Despite its proven effectiveness, there is a concern about therapeutic cannabis products getting users high. For pet owners, this concern is relevant because all mammals (including our pets) have the endocannabinoid system, allowing for the possibility of them getting high.

So, can cannabidiol get your dog, cat, livestock, or exotic animal high?

The simple answer is no. However, the product in question has to meet certain guidelines to ensure this. For instance, if THC which is a psychoactive chemical substance is used to trigger synergistic effects, it should not exceed 0.3 percent.

If this is observed by the manufacturer, users of cannabidiol cannot even fail a drug test. This explains why sportsmen are increasingly using these products.

You can go to Holistapet for more information on getting CBD oil that meets all these requirements.

CBD Oil in Treating Cancer in Pets

Now that you know cannabidiol is safe and effective in treating various health problems, let us be more particular about cancer.

There are many ways cannabidiol can be administered on animals. The options are via topicals like salves, via treats, via capsules, and oil.

Frankly, it is hard to say one method is better than the other. However, the effectiveness of a form should be based on the health problem in question. For instance, when dealing with pain and inflammation to specific areas of the body; balms, salves, lotions, and other topical forms are highly effective.

This is because they have direct contact with the affected parts, causing the cannabinoid receptors to act faster. However, when dealing with very severe health problems like cancer, there is the need for an option that interacts with the bloodstream.

The option should also be great with drug bioavailability. As far as using cannabidiol on pets and livestock is concerned, CBD oil is the best in this regard.

Why CBD Oil Is Great for Treating Cancer in Pets?

The following are some of the reasons CBD oil is a great option for treating cancer in pets:

Organic Treatment

This treatment option uses little or no inorganic additions. This is important as going natural and organic is a better route when dealing with a situation like cancer.

Treatment Without Pain

To be candid, this is something to cheer about. Other options like radiotherapy, chemotherapy, surgery… all impart a certain amount of pain and inflammation.

On the contrary, cannabidiol treatment does so much without inflicting pain. So, with this option, you do not have to inflict pain to subdue the cancerous cell.

Can be Used with Other Treatment Option

Just in case you see reasons to opt for another cancer treatment option, you can still use cannabidiol product as a backup to your major treatment option. Also, aside from speeding up the healing and recovery process, it acts as a pain reliever.

For more information about using CBD as a complementary treatment, you can visit: https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/324745

Little or No side Effect

Although still considered an experimental drug by the FDA, it has been proven to present mild or no side effects. You cannot say the same for other effective cancer treatment options and drugs.


Ensuring that your pet/livestock is in the best mental and physical state is your responsibility. In doing this, you should be open to options that can help out.

In light of this, the article has discussed how CBD oil is one of the best cannabidiol forms and a general option for treating cancer in pets.

However, just as a warning, you should consult with your veterinarian before placing your animal on any drug. One reason to do this is to avoid dangerous drug interactions.