Tips on How to maximize your apartment space

Tips on How to maximize your apartment space

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Sometimes we feel the need to add more useful and important things in your apartment but a lack of space does not allow you to do so. This is a very common issue with the people whose abode is a small apartment, where they can keep all the necessary belongings but have to struggle to make extra space. You can adopt innovative and artistic ways to maximize your apartment space. In this article, we will be discussing some of the most amazing and simple tips which you can espouse to make your apartment look bigger and spacious.

  1. Dejunk belongings not in use

If you haven’t used some of your belongings for a year or so, then get rid of them. This will help you to make up more space. You can do this with cutlery, clothes, footwear, bags, etc. For instance, you have not used some of your clothes, footwear, or bags for quite a long time, you can donate them to charities. You can sell some items if you don’t find them useful, like books, board games, cutlery, etc.

If you don’t want to sell or donate your seldom-used belongings, you can use them as decor. For instance, you can make use of glass bottles, old books, or other objects to decorate your apartment.

  1. Organize smartly

Another way of maximizing space in your apartment is to organize your belongings creatively. For instance, if you have too many clothes, shoes, bags and accessories, then you can color-coordinate them to arrange them in your closet. This will enable you to arrange all your belongings in one wardrobe and make your room look tidy and spacious.

If you like to decorate the walls with frames, and your walls are never empty and your room looks smaller due to this, you can devise a plan to decorate the walls. You can put up two to three pictures on the wall and keep the rest in the drawers. You can rotate the pictures at regular intervals.

  1. Natural lighting subtly adds more space

Allow as much as natural light possible in your apartment if you want to make your apartment look spacious and airier. For instance, use thin, white color or light-colored curtains on the windows because it allows you to enjoy your privacy since it let’s natural light enter your room without the need of opening the curtains. Moreover, the scenery from the windows will always make you feel that you have a spacious apartment. Even if your apartment does not have enough windows, then you can use bright lights as a substitute.

  1. Furniture: Small or big

Use such furniture in your apartment that gives multiple benefits. Though small furniture will attract your attention more than large furniture, buying large furniture for your small apartment is a good decision to increase space. Instead of buying a bed with no drawers or a dresser bed, buy a bed with drawers, instead of buying tables and chairs, buy a big sofa, and one big shelf or wardrobe instead of two to three big shelves for wardrobes. Moreover, if you have a studio apartment you can buy a sofa bed to maximize space. My friend who relocated from San Diego took help from moving helpers San Diego to help in moving and arranging furniture systematically in her apartment. Therefore, you can adopt this method as well. This will relieve your stress as well.

  1. Built-in shelves

One way to maximize space in your apartment is to get those shelves that you can get attached to the walls and they can go up to the ceiling. Such shelves can be used for the storage of goods and decoration items as well. The shelves that are placed vertically and not horizontally take very less space and allows you to use the leftover space for other belongings. This can change the arrangement and appearance of the room. It will look more spacious.

Similarly, you can install hooks on the walls and ceiling to hang items that take a lot of space like bicycles, musical instruments like guitar, sleds, etc. You can stuff your apartment with a lot of things and it won’t look cramped. By doing so, you can have a capacious room.

  1. Light colors on the walls

Painting the walls with light colors also gives the illusion that the apartment is spacious and big. This is just like letting natural light in to make the apartment look spacious. Use light and solid colors on the walls instead of dark and bold colors. Moreover, don’t add any patterns along with the paint. Because patterns also make the apartment look small and compact.

  1. The illusion created by Mirror

Mirrors if placed wrongly can also create the illusion that the apartment is compact and less spacious. Place mirrors on the closet, doors of the washroom, and bathrooms, etc to make the room look bigger and voluminous. You can use big mirrors like the bathroom mirrors as they create the same effect of spaciousness and openness in the apartment.

  1. Partitions maximize space

If you live in a one-room apartment, you will need something to create a partition between your bedroom and living area. Don’t use a solid or permanent method to create a partition. For instance, you can use dark-colored thick curtains to create the partition. Else you can use a hollow shelf and put your belongings into it like books, photo frames, or other things to make the partition. In this way, you can create a partition and your apartment won’t look excessively-occupied.

By following these simple steps, you can easily create more space in your apartment in a smart way. You won’t feel the need for buying or renting a bigger apartment and you can save a lot of money, which you can use for other purposes. So instead of buying or renting a bigger home, you can use these tricks and tips in a small apartment and live in a spacious and homely apartment.

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