How to Bead Earrings

How to Bead Earrings

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Globally, many people find it hard to make bead earrings. However, making bead earrings can be a simple and quick task. People need only to master the skills. Due to the new technology people can get bead earrings at every corner of the world. Yellow gold earrings have a variety of these products. On the other hand, people can make them using several techniques, such as single or plain technique or wire wrapping.

Beading Earrings Using the Single or Plain Looping Technique

Gather the Need Materials

Beading earrings require unique materials, such as earring hooks, beads, round nose pliers, and wire cutters. One also needs to have endpins put at the end of the wires to ensure the beads do not fall out. Beginners need to visit their friends or relatives who have the skills of beading earrings. To ensure they will be able to carry out the task.

Add the Beads on the Wire

After collecting all the needed materials, add a bead with a small hole compared to the other beads on the wire. Put the little dot at the bottom of the endpin to ensure no crossing of the other beads above that point. Then, arrange the other pearls of your choice to create an excellent colorful pattern and design. It is essential to try different colors and styles to get the best. Use a spacer to separate the colorful beads as desired.

Continue Adding the Beads on The Wire

To bead a great and stylish earring. Add more beads until a small space is left. It is necessary to go a little space to allow the movement of the earring. Stiff earrings can be uncomfortable.

Bending the Top of The Endpin

After adding the beads, cut the wires to the desired size with a wire cutter. It is vital to wear plastic glasses while cutting the wires to avoid them flying into the eyes. Then, bend the end of the wire with round nose pliers until you reach the angle of 90 degrees. Bending the wire end will secure the beads and also give a space for earring hook attachment.

Put an Earring Hook

After bending the endpin, attach an earring hook. At this stage, use the round nose pliers to close the loop attached to the earring hook. Following these steps will make a good beaded earring. Several companies sell quality and stylish beaded earrings across the world.  One can see or purchase some of these products from earrings for women online.

Beading Earrings Using the Wire Wrapping Technique

Gather the Needed Materials

Collect the necessary materials such as wire, round nose pliers, beads, and snipe nose pliers. After gathering the needed materials, cut a long wire, and slip the beads onto it.

Pinch the Wire Together Above the Bead

After slipping the beads in the wire, put the ends together and pinch them. Ensure the beads are centered and cut the short side and leave a small space. Then, create a loop at the longer side of the wire and bend it at 180 degrees.

Wrap the Wire

After bending the long side of the wire, wrap it around using a snipe nose pliers. Then, cut the excess part of the wire.

Put an Earring Hook

After wrapping the beaded wire, join it with a hook and incorporate the desired design. One can try making different designs to meet the need of clients. Furthermore, more designs can help them to gain a competitive advantage.

In conclusion, bead earrings are simple and quick jewelry that people can make. There are several techniques that people can follow to make them. They include a single loop and wire wrapping.

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