Esports: How the Billion-Dollar Industry is shaping up in Maryland

Esports: How the Billion-Dollar Industry is shaping up in Maryland

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Esports is undoubtedly a billion-dollar industry. Interestingly, it is rearing to go even further, with the potential of being at par with popular sports such as soccer, NFL, and baseball. According to, global revenue from Esports in 2020 has surpassed $1 billion. It can only keep growing. With eSports, several questions also come to mind. For example, how are countries shaping taking up the challenge of legalizing eSports tournaments and events that pit professional and amateur players from different parts of the world? Well, you could start by taking advantage of these eSports betting offers as we explore how eSports is shaping up in Maryland, U.S.A.

Esports in the U.S.A

Before narrowing down to eSports in Maryland State in the U.S.A, it is prudent that we explore how the sport is shaping up in the whole country. First off, you should note that America is among the top-grossing countries when it comes to eSports revenue. Even more importantly, there are several betting sites in the U.S.A that feature eSports games such as CS: GO.

Esports in America falls under the United States eSports Federation (USeF), a governing body that is also a member of the International eSports Federation (IeSF). Charged with the mandate of uniting eSports stakeholders in the country among other responsibilities such as promoting eSports culture and nurturing talents, USeF has been hugely involved in legislation of the sport across the country. A particular interest in this post is how eSports is shaping up in Maryland, one of the few states in America that have recently embraced sports betting through state legislation.

Esports in Maryland, U.S.A

Maryland is among the states in the U.S.A that hosts eSports events and tournaments. On April 30th, 2019, Maryland governor, Larry Hogan approved eSports Act (House Bill 48). The act defined the sport as a competition that involves video games, strategy games, multiplayer online battle arenas, and first-person shooters.

The eSports act took effect on 1st October 2019. A notable clause in the act is that eSports event sponsors are charged with the mandate of awarding money prizes or other merchandise to players involved in eSports tournaments.

A Huge Leap Forward: Marylanders Looking To Reap Economically

Since the enactment of the eSports act in Maryland, several tournaments and events have been staged in the U.S state. More events are lined up for this year. It is noteworthy that legislators in states such as Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Washington D.C have welcomed the multi-billion dollar with the hope that it does not only provide employment to millions but also boost economies of the various states.

With the Legalization of Esports also comes eSports betting in Maryland. Punters now have a chance to place a wager on their favorite eSports games, something that further boosts the economy of Maryland.  Moreover, eSports games such as Super Smash Bros are being implemented in education, starting with Middle schools to boost STEM education. Elite Gaming Live eSports tournament was previously staged at Maryland Hall featuring middle school students from Bates and Annapolis. From every perspective, therefore, the economic value of eSports in Maryland cannot be underestimated going into the foreseeable future.

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