Maryland Recommendations

Maryland Recommendations

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Recommendations and Business Directory in Maryland     

Many Marylanders lead busy lives juggling work, family, friends, and attending to an endless list of errands that never quite seem to be done. MD Recommendations aims to make life a little less stressful by presenting researched and recommended business listings. These useful, professional listings can save you time and energy in searching for trustworthy companies without having to hunt them down yourself. The services listed include, but are not limited to, auto repair, accountants, home repairs, retail shops. Medical services, restaurants, and fun things to do in Maryland.

We first started as a group on Facebook called “Maryland Recommendations” which is still going strong. Group members traded reviews and recommendations on all things Maryland. They listed their favorite retail stores and coffee shops, beauty salons and barbershops they frequent, the best restaurants to eat at, medical doctors and dentists they preferred, even their top choice of national parks. We appreciate these referrals, and we continue to encourage our group members to not only share their recommendations but to request them as well. After hearing of these inquiries, Maryland Recommendations members give back new suggestions they can try. Our members and readers are assured of receiving trustworthy recommendations since they have been searched out, scrutinized, and then given the thumbs-up of approval by other members before being passed along. A win-win for all.

Now, MD Recommendations website has combined those suggestions as well as reviews on social media platforms such as Google and Yelp into an extensive list of vetted endorsements. Included on our website and in our Facebook group are service recommendations for legal representation, auto repair, home repair, education, and resources for beauty, fitness and health. From listings of tattoo artists to equestrian centers, from realtors to garage door repairmen, or animal trainers to the best seafood restaurant near you, MD Recommendations has you covered. Additionally, there is a great article section under Categories that many of our members find helpful. These blog posts cover everything from tips for weight loss to how to find the right plumber (or how to know if you even need one!).

MD Recommendations also has a business directory that is made up of strictly Maryland businesses. This listing offers many corporate owners many important professionals services such as attorneys, accountants, marketing consultants, and photographers. We offer a large Google map of Maryland conveniently plotted with marker icons of business locations so you can see at a glance services in your area. Maryland has a healthy corporate climate and there are many service options available for the discerning business owner.

There is something for everyone on MD Recommendations. Our vetted listings make life just a little bit easier for busy Marylanders in search of good products and services without the hassle and worry of choosing from seemingly limitless options online. The time, effort, and even money you may save by perusing our articles, tips, and recommendations is well worth a visit to MD Recommendations. Try us out and see for yourself – we guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

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