Finding Affordable Insurance for Landscapers Can Be Hard: Know Where to Look

Finding Affordable Insurance for Landscapers Can Be Hard: Know Where to Look

Landscaping contractors have specific requirements when it comes to considering insurances for their business. It is your job to beautify and maintain your client’s houses, offices, stores, hotels, and restaurants.

You also might be hired for the beautification of the streets of a particular city. Any kind of service that you provide is exclusively at a client’s premises. This means that the risks associated with your business to result in damages to a property are higher than the most.

The risks rise even higher not only because you are working at a client’s premises, but because of other reasons as well. You often have to leave your tools and equipment in the open without any infrastructure to guard them, like walls or even a fence, which means they are constantly at the risk of getting damaged or stolen. During most of your work, you have members of the public nearby which raise the risk factors of causing physical injury to third parties or even your employees.

To keep your landscaping or lawn care business protected you may consider tailored and affordable insurance options for landscapers. These are some of the insurance coverages you might consider for your landscaping business.

General Liability Insurance

General liability insurance can provide your landscaping business coverage in case of any damages to properties or inquiry to people due to your business. Some examples of such incidents are:

  • A water sprinkler system gets damaged by one of your staff.
  • The neighbor’s fence is broken by an employee.
  • A passed by slips on the gravel you left on the pathway and gets injured.

All such incidents can not only prove costly for you to fix, but you might also have to face lawsuits due to such incidents. Legal expenses can be quite expensive and might drown you in debt, or drive you to bankruptcy. Even if the lawsuit is superficial, you could end up paying thousands of dollars towards legal fees.

General liability insurance can save you from such unnecessary expenses and provide coverage for any repairs, medical bills, legal fees, and damages that might need to be paid.

Workers’ Compensation

The pieces of equipment that are required to carry out the job can be potentially quite dangerous and prove perilous for your employees. Understandably, these machines might prove to be an occupational hazard. Your employees could get injured or fall sick from so many factors while doing their jobs. Only only can your machines hurt them, they can even fall ill from an allergic reaction to a bee sting or certain flower pollen.

Workers’ comp can protect your landscaping business by providing the following coverages for your employee:

  • Payment of hospital and medicine bills
  • Payment for loss of earnings
  • Payment of disability
  • Death benefits

With a sufficient policy in place, your insurer can cover the unexpected financial expenditures in the form of medical bills, legal fees, or settlements that might result from an accident.

Tools and Equipment Insurance

Often known as Inland Marine insurance, the name can be quite misleading and most landscaping businesses would shrug it off thinking that they won’t need it. But it is essential insurance for those businesses whose tools and equipment are transported quite often.

Being a landscaper or lawn care specialist you must have to transport your pieces of equipment, tools, and supplies within your city, state, or country, depending on the nature and extent of your business. Inland Marine insurance provides coverage for these in case they get lost, damaged, or stolen in transit. The insurance not only covers the sturdy assets such as lawnmowers, sheers, weed eaters but also digital tools and electronic assets along with information and data contained in them.

Commercial Auto Insurance

In case you use any vehicles for your landscaping business, they will not be covered under personnel auto policies. Since the probability and extent of damages can be greater for commercial vehicles, you will need commercial auto insurance to cover for damages to your vehicle. The insurance will also provide coverage for any injury caused to an employee while driving a company vehicle for your business purposes. Your commercial auto policy can also be extended to your employee’s policies in case your employees use their vehicles for your company’s purposes.

Commercial Umbrella

Many times when someone faces an accident, they realize that their coverage might fall short of the actual billing. It is always advisable to have an umbrella liability insurance that can expand your landscaping business insurance if the situation calls for it. Umbrella Liability is the easiest and most affordable way of increasing the limits of your insurance in case you need it.

Accidents can happen randomly in your landscaping business. Speak to an insurance provider or advisor to get yourself a business insurance information or a quote.