Speaker Busch makes House committee assignments

Speaker Busch makes House committee assignments

Assembly leaders confer with speaker at rostrum during special session.

File photo above: House Speaker Michael Busch confers with leaders at rostrum.

House Speaker Michael Busch late Friday announced committee assignments for six standing committees in the House of Delegates, giving 58 new delegates the spots where they will spend most of their time as legislators.

Most incumbent delegates kept their current assignments, but six Democrats moved over to the Economic Matters Committee, the most shifts for any committee.

In the upcoming session, Appropriations will have 26 members, 12 of them freshmen. Health & Government Operations and Economic Matters each will have 24 members, and Environmental Matters, Ways & Means and Judiciary will have 22 members.

Judiciary and Ways & Means have the most freshmen, 13 of the 22 members on each committee making up a majority of their members. The fewest new assignments are on the newly renamed Environment and Transportation Committee, which gets a new chair and vice chair.

According to the speaker’s office, the committees are balanced to reflect the demographic (gender, race), geographic and party makeup of the legislature.

The new assignments are listed first, including new chairs and vice chairs which Busch announced a month ago. He has yet to name most of the new subcommittee chairs.

The assignments of new delegates are grouped by party, and the delegates are designated by district and county, with any move from another committee noted. Returning delegates are listed by party and county.

Appropriations Committee


New Chair: Delegate Maggie McIntosh (District 43 -Baltimore City) moves from chair of Environmental Matters

Delegate Aruna Miller (District 15-Montgomery) moves from Ways & Means

Delegate Benjamin S. Barnes (District 21-Prince Georges & Anne Arundel) moves from Economic Matters

Delegate-elect Brooke Lierman (District 46, Baltimore City)

Delegate-elect Patrick Young (District 44B, Baltimore Co.)

Delegate-elect Shelly Hettleman (District 11, Baltimore Co.)

Delegate-elect Mark Chang (District 32, Anne Arundel)

Delegate-elect Marc Korman (District 16, Montgomery)

Delegate-elect Michael Jackson (District 27B, Prince George’s)

Delegate-elect Carol Krimm (District 3A, Frederick)


Delegate Andrew Serafini (Delegate 2A-Washington) moves from Ways & Means

Delegate-elect Jeff Ghrist (District 36, Caroline)

Delegate-elect Michael McKay (District 1C, Allegany)

Delegate-elect Mary Beth Carozza (District 38C, Wicomico)

Delegate-elect David Vogt (District 4, Frederick-Carroll)

Delegate-elect Robin Grammer (District 6, Baltimore Co.)

Returning members:

Vice Chair: James E. Proctor, Jr., D-Prince George’s

Adrienne A. Jones, R-Baltimore Co.

Wendell R. Beitzel, R-Garrett

Tony McConkey, R-Anne Arundel

Barbara A. Robinson, D-Baltimore City

Theodore J. Sophocleus, D-Anne Arundel

Tawanna P. Gaines, D-Prince George’s

Ana Sol Gutiérrez, D-Montgomery

Keith E. Haynes, D-Baltimore City

Craig J. Zucker, D-Montgomery

Economic Matters Committee


New Vice Chair: Sally Jameson, Charles

Delegate Luke Clippinger (District 46, Baltimore City) moves from Judiciary

Delegate Kris Valderrama (District 26, Prince George’s) moves from Judiciary

Delegate C. William Frick (District 16, Montgomery) moves from Ways & Means

Delegate Jeff Waldstreicher (District 18, , Montgomery) moves from Judiciary

Delegate Talmadge Branch (District 45, Baltimore City) moves from Ways & Means

Delegate C.T. Wilson (District 26-Charles)

Delegate-elect Mary Ann Lisanti (District 34A, Harford)

Delegate-elect Ned Carey (District 31A, Anne Arundel)

Delegate-elect Benjamin Brooks (District 10, D-Baltimore Co.)


Delegate Mark Fisher (District 27C, Calvert)

Delegate Steve Arentz (District 36, Queen Anne’s)

Delegate-elect Christopher Adams (District 37B, Talbot)

Delegate-elect Seth Howard (District 30B, Anne Arundel)

Delegate-elect Johnny Mautz (District 37B, Talbot-Dorchester)

Returning members

Chair: Dereck E. Davis, D-Prince George’s

Susan L.M. Aumann, R-Baltimore Co.

Ben Kramer, D-Montgomery

Charles Barkley, D-Montgomery

Warren E. Miller, R-Howard-Carroll

Cheryl D. Glenn, D-Baltimore City

Rick Impallaria, R-Harford-Baltimore Co.

Michael L. Vaughn, D-Prince George’s

Environment And Transportation Committee


New Chair: Kumar Barve, Montgomery, moves from Ways & Means

New Vice Chair: Dana M. Stein, Baltimore Co.

Delegate-elect Tony Knotts (Delegate 26, Prince George’s)

Delegate-elect Clarence Lam (District 12, Howard-Baltimore)

Delegate-elect Cory McCray (District 45, Baltimore City)


Delegate Kathy Szeliga (Delegate 7- Baltimore Co.) moves from Appropriations

Delegate-elect Carl Anderton (District 38B, Wicomico)

Delegate-elect Andrew Cassilly (District 35B, Harford )

Delegate-elect Robert Flanagan (District 9B, Howard)


Pamela G. Beidle, D-Anne Arundel

Stephen W. Lafferty, D-Baltimore Co.

Alfred C. Carr, Jr., D-Montgomery

David Fraser-Hildalgo, D-Montgomery

Anthony J. O’Donnell, R-Calvert

Barbara A. Frush, D-Prince George’s-Anne Arundel

Charles J. Otto, R-Somerset-Wicomico

James W. Gilchrist, D-Montgomery

Shane Robinson, D-Montgomery

Anne Healey, D-Prince George’s

Cathleen M. Vitale, R-Anne Arundel

Marvin E. Holmes, Jr, D-Prince George’s

Jay A. Jacobs, R-Kent

Health & Government Operations Committee


Delegate-elect Antonio Hayes (District 40, D-Baltimore City)

Delegate-elect Angela Angel (District 25, Prince George’s)

Delegate-elect Erek Barron (District 24, Prince George’s)

Delegate-elect Terri Hill (District 12, Howard-Baltimore)

Delegate-elect Sheree Sample-Hughes (37A, Dorchester)

Delegate-elect Karen Young (District 3A, Prince George’s)


Delegate Herb McMillan (District 30A-Anne Arundel) moves from Environmental Matters

Delegate-elect Matt Morgan (District 29A, St. Mary’s)

Delegate-elect Sid Saab (District 33, Anne Arundel)

Delegate-elect Christian Miele (District 8, Baltimore Co.)

Delegate-elect Chris West (District 42B, Baltimore Co.)


Chair: Peter A. Hammen, D-Baltimore City

Vice Chair: Shane E. Pendergrass, D-Howard

Eric M. Bromwell, D-Baltimore Co.

Patrick L. McDonough, R-Baltimore-Harford

Dan K. Morhaim, D-Baltimore

Bonnie L. Cullison, D-Montgomery

Nathaniel T. Oaks, D-Baltimore City

Joseline A. Peña-Melnyk, D-Prince George’s-Anne Arundel

Justin D. Ready, R-Carroll

Kirill Reznik, D-Montgomery

Ariana Kelly, D-Montgomery

Nicholaus R. Kipke, R-Anne Arundel

Susan W. Krebs, R-Carroll

Judiciary Committee


Delegate-elect Will Campos (District 47B, Prince George’s)

Delegate-elect Will Smith (District 20, Montgomery)

Delegate-elect David Moon (District 20, Montgomery)

Delegate-elect Marice Morales (District 19, Montgomery)

Delegate-elect Vanessa Atterbeary (District 13, Howard)

Delegate-elect Charles Sydnor (District 44B, Baltimore Co.)

Delegate-elect Jay Jalisi (District 10, Baltimore Co.)


Delegate-elect Deb Rey (District 29B, St. Mary’s)

Delegate-elect Brett Wilson (District 2B, Washington)

Delegate-elect Trent Kittleman (District 9A, Howard-Carroll)

Delegate-elect William Folden (District 3B, Frederick)


Chair: Joseph F. Vallario, Jr., Prince George’s

Vice Chair: Kathleen M. Dumais, Montgomery

Curt Anderson D-Baltimore City

Susan K. McComas, R-Harford

Jill P. Carter D-Baltimore City

Neil C. Parrott, R-Washington

Samuel I. Rosenberg D-Baltimore City

John W. E. Cluster, Jr. R-Baltimore Co.

Frank M. Conaway, Jr. D-Baltimore City

Glen Glass, R-Harford

Geraldine Valentino-Smith, D-Prince George’s

Ways & Means Committee


Delegate Mary Washington (District 43- Baltimore City) moves from Appropriations

Delegate-elect Andrew Platt (District 17, Montgomery)

Delegate-elect Eric Ebersole (District 12, Howard)

Delegate-elect Darryl Barnes (District 25, Prince George’s)

Delegate-elect Diana Fennell (District 15, Montgomery)

Delegate-elect Jimmy Tarlau (District 47A, Prince George’s)

Delegate-elect Edith Patterson (District 26, Charles)


Delegate-elect Bob Long (District 6, Baltimore Co.)

Delegate-elect Ric Metzgar (District 6 Baltimore Co.)

Delegate-elect Jason Buckel (District 1B, Washington)

Delegate-elect Meagan Simonaire (District 31B, Anne Arundel)

Delegate-elect Haven Shoemaker (District 5, Carroll)

Delegate-elect Kevin Hornberger (District 35A, Cecil)

Delegate-elect Teresa Reilly (District 35B, Harford)


Chair: Sheila E. Hixson, D-Montgomery

Vice Chair: Frank Turner, D-Howard

Kathryn L. Afzali, R-Frederick

Anne R. Kaiser, D-Montgomery

Eric Luedtke, D-Montgomery

Jay Walker, D-Prince George’s

Carolyn J. B. Howard, D-Prince George’s

Alonzo T. Washington, D-Prince George’s









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