“I hope to be speaker as long as the body supports me and the leadership team that we built.” That’s what the speaker told MarylandReporter.com Editor Len Lazarick at the end of an interview done for Corridor Inc. magazine, which runs the Q&A as its April cover story.

Here we have five minutes of video clips from this half-hour sit-down.

Busch, former chair of the House Economic Matters Committee, responds to a number of issues that interest business – jobs, tax policy, transportation funding, stormwater regulations, Constellation and Northrop Grumman. But he also talks about the political climate that might be hazardous to his health and that of his elected colleagues.

“There’s a lot of anxiety out there and I don’t know whether it cuts to one particular party or the other or the fact that the general public is looking for changes of people that are currently in office for someone else. It could be [more] anti-incumbent than anything else and those sometimes are pretty dangerous elections.”

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