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Maryland cell phone taxes ranked 12th highest in U.S.

Maryland taxpayers paid higher rates on cell phone taxes than 38 states did in 2012.

Combined state and local taxes on cell phones of 12.77% made Maryland the 12th highest in the nation, according to a study by the DC-based Tax Foundation. With federal taxes added into the mix, that rate rises to 18.59% for Marylanders.

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Not all millionaires are the same: wealth vs. income

The national Tax Foundation got into a bit of a blogging bout with Gov. Martin O’Malley’s office Tuesday over what the foundation saw as misuse of its tax figures. But another problem with the blog was its use of figures about millionaires. It confuses the 157,000 households with liquid assets of $1 million with the 7,000 or so households which have income of $1 million a year.

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Progressive delegates objected to the income tax hikes too

As Republican delegates railed against the proposed state income tax hike Wednesday afternoon, a lone freshman Democrat from one of the most liberal and affluent districts inside the Capital Beltway got up to explain why she too could not vote for the taxes.

“I believe this discriminates against two-income families with children at home,” said Del. Ariana Kelly, a Bethesda mom with two young children at home.

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