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Slots for veterans enlisted to help gaming bill pass

For years, veterans posts have come to Annapolis trying to get slot machines and the money they bring in to help them survive.The vets on the Eastern Shore have had slots at their posts for some time, but year after year, the House Ways & Means Committee has refused the same privilege to veterans groups in the rest of Maryland. Suddenly, Tuesday afternoon, the House veterans caucus was told that slots for vets everywhere in Maryland was going to be an ornament on the Christmas tree that the gaming bill had become. Delegates saw it as a blatant attempt to buy votes.

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Veteran legislators (part 3)

Harrison says ‘Momma’ isn’t going anywhere “You can’t throw Momma from the train,” said Del. Hattie Harrison, who is seeking her 10th elected term in office this year. “Momma’s still got too much to do.” Minnick...

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