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Smoking prevention gets just small slice of Maryland’s $2.3B from tobacco settlement

About 15 years and $2.3 billion later — and despite the creation of the state’s Cigarette Restitution Fund to deter and repair damage from tobacco — smoking prevention gets only a small slice of the tobacco settlement. This story explains how that happened, with a chart and four-minute video that capsulizes the findings of this investigative piece.

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Health group proposes another $1 cigarette tax hike

Maryland Citizens’ Health Initiative is proposing another dollar-per-pack increase to the state’s current $2 dollar cigarette tax. The cigarette tax has been raised three times in the last 15 years and has coincided with a 32% drop in cigarette smoking during that time, which is double the national average.

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Lawmakers seek to ban smoking in cars with children

A bill to ban smoking in a car with a child, which has been stopped in committee four years running, may finally make it to the floor of the House of Delegates. The bill has more sponsors this year than in the past, especially in the House Environmental Matters Committee, where it needs a favorable vote to get to the floor for debate.

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