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Smoking prevention gets just small slice of Maryland’s $2.3B from tobacco settlement

About 15 years and $2.3 billion later — and despite the creation of the state’s Cigarette Restitution Fund to deter and repair damage from tobacco — smoking prevention gets only a small slice of the tobacco settlement. This story explains how that happened, with a chart and four-minute video that capsulizes the findings of this investigative piece.

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Voters’ Rights Protection Act passes despite Republican objections on First Amendment grounds

A bill intended to prevent voter suppression was passed by the House of Delegates 90-46 on Tuesday, after a heated argument between Democrats and Republicans about the impact of the legislation on Marylanders’ civil rights.

HB220, which passed along party lines, would enable the attorney general to go to court and seek injunctive relief in cases where the attorney general believes voter intimidation and ballot fraud has a high probability of influencing the results of an election.

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