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State Roundup, January 7, 2020

While Gov. Hogan may not like a lot of what President Trump is doing, the way the two real estate executives have handled their private business affairs while in office is strikingly similar; Hogan faced a bumpy, windy road on the way to compromises over his Capital-area highway widening plans; a top Hogan aide is leaving to take government relations job with highway construction firm; on the eve of the General Assembly’s 441st session, Kirwan education reforms expected to remain top issue in Annapolis; with new leadership in the House of Delegates and the Senate comes uncertainty; new prescription drug board kicks off with bipartisanship, hope of reining in costs; Gonzales Poll finds Hogan’s popularity continues; and former U.S. Treasury official joins race for Baltimore mayor.

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Gas tax bill approved by Senate committee

A controversial gas tax hike already passed by the House of Delegates was approved by a Senate committee Thursday, moving it one step closer to becoming law. The committee also approved a constitutional amendment requiring three-fifths votes in both houses to use transportation money for other purposes, a so-called lockbox.

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Transportation study finds support for higher fees for gas guzzlers, opposition to gas tax hike

Marylanders agree that the state’s roads need work. According to a study to be presented at Morgan State University’s National Transportation Center Symposium today, residents say the best ways to raise new money to fix the problems are raising inspection and licensing fees for vehicles with the worst gas mileage, and then for other motorists.

They also favor directing general obligation bond money toward roads, not just money from transportation revenues.

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Poor road conditions cost Md. drivers more than $2,200 in maintenance, gas per year

The congestion and poor condition of Maryland’s roads cost drivers an average of more than $2,200 annually in added maintenance, gasoline, and safety costs, according to a new report from a national nonprofit transportation research group.

The report from the TRIP organization says the average driver in the Baltimore area ends up paying $2,226 each year because of road conditions and traffic. Average DC-area drivers end up paying $2,296 each year. This adds up to $7 billion in costs to motorists statewide, the report estimates.

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City roads money, other programs survive panels’ axe

Baltimore City is likely to keep its share of the money that the state puts aside to help it fix its roads, as a Senate budget subcommittee rejected a plan to share $30 million in city highway aid with the 23 other counties.

That was one of dozens of proposed spending changes rejected by two Senate subcommittees as they cut about $200 million from the governor’s $32 billion budget.

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