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Unusual bill grants opens access to retail restrooms

Legislators work on big issues like gun control, the death penalty and taxes, but then there are hundreds of other bills addressing smaller problems that fly under the radar. The governor just signed a bill into law that expands access to an “employees only” bathroom in a retail store for individuals suffering from Crohn’s disease or other medical conditions that require immediate access to a restroom.

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Sen. Cardin and retailers support taxing all Internet sales

Supporters of the Marketplace Fairness Act, including co-sponsor U.S. Sen. Ben Cardin, D-Md., say the failure to collect taxes on Internet sales is only taking money out the pockets of retailers with a physical presence. Improved Internet tax law, said Cardin, would’ve helped Maryland capture $375 million in revenue, enough to solve the doomsday budget problem in Annapolis and eliminate the need for the special session of the legislature.

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