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Eastern Shore struggles with higher unemployment, more business closings than rest of Maryland

Between 2007 and 2011, the most recent available data, Maryland’s nine Eastern Shore counties averaged a loss of 11% of its business establishments employing people. Statewide, the loss was much less, declining 5.7%.Since 2000, the state of Maryland has actually gained businesses by about 4%, but the Eastern Shore is lagging with a gain of less than 1%.

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Anti-tax advocate Norquist says GOP can ‘change Maryland’

Grover Norquist, president of Americans for Tax Reform, is the man Democrats blame for partisan gridlock in Washington stemming from the no-new-taxes pledge he has gotten most Republican lawmakers to sign.

He brought his conservative message to Queen Anne’s County Republicans at their annual Reagan Day Dinner Thursday night and praised the party for emphasizing electing officials at the local level as a way to counter Maryland’s Democratic leanings.

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State pulls back on child support privatization

The state is pulling back on its exploration of privatized child support enforcement with the elimination of a Queen Anne’s County pilot program, and some believe Baltimore City should follow suit.

After the General Assembly allowed the Child Support Enforcement Privatization Pilot Program to expire in 2009, the Department of Human Resources decided it would be beneficial for Queen Anne’s County to return to a public program, while in Baltimore City it would be more cost-effective for child support enforcement to remain privatized.

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