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Referendum changes still awaiting action in House committee

The chairman of the election law subcommittee handling controversial changes to the referendum and petition process said Tuesday that the bill isn’t dead, despite the fact that it awaits action by the subcommittee and would need numerous amendments to make it palatable to stakeholders. But with just 13 days left in the 90-day session, Election Law Subcommittee Chairman Jon Cardin, D-Baltimore County, conceded, “The chances of it moving have decreased.”

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Proposed new referendum requirements will be amended, election law subcommittee chair Cardin says

The Referendum Integrity Act, a bill that’s been lambasted as voter suppression, contains numerous clauses that could potentially disqualify thousands of online petition signature pages before they are even signed. But the chairman of the subcommittee in charge of HB493, Del. Jon Cardin, who is also a co-sponsor, says his goal in reforming petition legislation is not to make the process more difficult.

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Teenagers registering to vote causes GOP heartburn

Teenagers may soon be able to register to vote as soon as they can get their driver’s licenses, under a proposal passed by the House Monday.

The bill would allow all 16-year-old residents to register to vote. Although they still would not be able to vote in an election until they turn 18, they would be able to sign petitions for referendums and potential candidates, a point of contention among Republicans.

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