Report claims $60 million in annual state tax breaks to corporations

Progressive Maryland released a report highlighting gaps in Maryland’s tax policy that prevent the state from bringing in almost $60 million in annual tax revenue from corporate sectors.

The report identifies seven sectors of Maryland’s tax policy that allow big businesses to take advantage of the state tax code. Business groups dispute the findings.

495 Washington beltway

Poor road conditions cost Md. drivers more than $2,200 in maintenance, gas per year

The congestion and poor condition of Maryland’s roads cost drivers an average of more than $2,200 annually in added maintenance, gasoline, and safety costs, according to a new report from a national nonprofit transportation research group.

The report from the TRIP organization says the average driver in the Baltimore area ends up paying $2,226 each year because of road conditions and traffic. Average DC-area drivers end up paying $2,296 each year. This adds up to $7 billion in costs to motorists statewide, the report estimates.

School funding may be next target for state budget cuts

Will school funding need to be cut or at least frozen next year? Will some of the burden of teachers’ pensions need to be shifted to the counties?

Some of these most contentious budget issues of the upcoming General Assembly session were previewed last week in Annapolis hearings.

GOP leaders urge business backing for their candidates

In a familiar refrain, the General Assembly’s Republican leaders urged the members of the Maryland Chamber of Commerce Friday to back candidates who support their interests – not the Democrats who now dominate the legislature.

“The business community has a strong interest in a viable two-party system in the state of Maryland,” House Minority Leader Tony O’Donnell, R-Calvert and St. Mary’s, told the Chamber’s policy conference in Cambridge.