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DeVore tells Joint Audit Committee he’s been fixing problems

Outgoing Juvenile Services Secretary Donald DeVore told the legislature’s Joint Audit Committee Tuesday that when he received the findings of a scathing audit that exposed a host of large problems with record-keeping, financial management, contracts, monitoring and personnel in his department, he didn’t get defensive.

Instead, DeVore got to work.

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State auditors seek criminal probe into possible fraud and misuse of money in Baltimore-area prisons

There were so many opportunities for fraud and misuse of money by workers in the Baltimore region of the state prison system that state auditors are asking the attorney general to look into possible criminal charges.

Auditors found an “almost complete lack of control and accountability” for the corrections region’s working funds, uncovering included thousands of dollars in penalties for bounced checks, checking accounts out of balance by hundreds of thousands of dollars, and checks machine-signed by people who no longer worked at the department.

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Harsh audit of Juvenile Services Department finds millions in federal aid lost, contracts without proper approval, and employees and contractors overpaid

scathing audit of the Department of Juvenile Services exposed a host of large problems with recordkeeping, financial management, contracts, monitoring and personnel, including the loss of $3 million in federal Medicaid funds. Treatment funds were not recovered, $148 million in contracts did not get the proper approval, millions in other contracts were overpaid and ineligible employees got overtime pay or were paid twice.

The problems are so many and so severe that the General Assembly’s Joint Audit Committee plans a hearing on the report next month, its staff said.

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State auto insurer defends spending, bonuses

Officials with the Maryland Automobile Insurance Fund defended their spending and staff bonuses to legislators on the joint audit committee Monday.

In a December report, state auditors were highly critical of $1.4 million in bonuses paid out to management and staff at the quasi-public agency for motorists who can’t get coverage anywhere else in 2008. That year, the insurer lost $20 million.

The audit also criticized MAIF spending $250,000 on consultants, marketing and lobbying, as well as on a $15,000 “appreciation” dinner for agents who refer clients.

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