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Maryland Dems insist conventions are worth all the fuss and bother — and money

Hoopla, hooch and horse manure are all in abundance at conventions of either political party.

But why do thousands of people spend all that time, effort and millions of their own money and taxpayer dollars to come together every four years for an extended infomercial? Experienced Democratic politicos from Maryland who’ve been to as many as a dozen national political conventions say they’re worth the expense.

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Maryland polarized politically, but still dominated by Democrats, new book says

Maryland has become increasingly polarized politically over the past two decades, but it will likely stay dominated by Democrats as it has been since the 19th century, although today’s Democrats bear little resemblance to those a century ago. That’s among the broad conclusions of a new book on the state’s political past, present and future by two local professors, who have also played an active hand in many election campaigns – mostly on the Democratic side.

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