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Despite protests, $600 million contract for inmate health care approved

Despite a strong protest, the Board of Public Works unanimously awarded a $598 million contract to provide health services to 26,000 prison inmates over the next five years to Wexford Health Sources of Pittsburgh. As prison officials advised, it rejected the bid by Corizon Inc. of St. Louis, which has been providing two-thirds of the services to the prisoners for the last seven years.

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House approves suspension of child support payments for inmates

The House of Delegates narrowly passed a bill on Wednesday that would exclude individuals from making child support payments while serving a prison sentence.

Under the legislation, child support payments would be suspended for anyone incarcerated for more than 18 consecutive months and continuing 60 days after their release to avoid the accrual of an unmanageable lump sum.

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Flag Day: Banners are symbol of liberty their seamstresses hope to regain

From the State House to the courthouse, the Stars-and-Stripes flying this Flag Day morning and throughout the year may be a symbol of “liberty and justice for all.” But the women who sewed them lost their liberty a good while ago in Maryland’s justice system.

The flags flown by government agencies in Maryland are hand-stitched by the inmates of the Maryland Correctional Institution for Women in Jessup, women who expect their work will bring them closer to freedom .

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Rural lawmakers fight bill to count inmates at home instead of jail

Urban and rural delegates locked horns Saturday afternoon over where inmates should be counted by the U.S. Census — at their former homes or in prison.

The House gave preliminary approval to a bill that would prohibit the state from counting prisoners as residents of the county where they are in jail, unless those prisoners resided in that county before they were put away. The information would be used in the redrawing of legislative districts in the state following this year’s Census count.

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