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State Roundup, January 27, 2020

Republican Sid Saab asks that his name be removed from bill that would require the state to get approval from affected counties before building toll-financed roads; scientists question whether stream recovery projects are worth it; in fallout from Del. Glenn case, medical marijuana grower demands licenses be approved; lawmakers hope to repeal state’s archaic sex laws; Baltimore County community activist tapped to replace Del. Sydnor; before corruption, Del. Glenn found herself with mounting debt; bill would allow divorcing couples to remain under one roof; Del. Barve, Sen. Feldman consider running for comptroller; Kweisi Mfume seeks to regain seat he gave up to lead NAACP; Maryland schools, others begin to address coronavirus possibilities; Baltimore city business leaders seek new leadership in City Hall; and Arundel exec keeps tax hike option on the table.

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Legislature extends Md. driver’s licenses for immigrants here illegally

A bill granting immigrants in the country illegally with access to a legal driver’s license passed in the House of Delegates Friday after heated debate. The bill has already been approved in the Senate and awaits the governor’s signature.

The legislation extends a program allowing Marylanders to obtain a driver’s license without proving they are in the country legally or have a valid Social Security number – bringing issues of immigration, terrorism and compassion to the debate.

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