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Analysis: Legislative redistricting has Republicans frowning

The two top Democrats in the General Assembly are pretty happy with the legislative district maps they helped draw, safely slicing the pie to protect their super-majorities. Republicans, on the other hand, are not pasting smiley face stickers on the plan submitted Friday evening, which could force some incumbents to run against each other.

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Black Caucus to submit legislative redistricting maps this week, seeking more black senators

The Legislative Black Caucus plans on submitting General Assembly redistricting maps to the Governor’s Redistricting Advisory Committee (GRAC) this week, saying black voters are under-represented in the legislature. “We can’t operate in the same way we’ve operated in the past because we’re going to run afoul of the Voting Rights Act,” said the Black Caucus Redistricting Committee chair, Del. Aisha Braveboy.

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Republican official shares Democrats’ redistricting plan

A Republican official passed along a version of a congressional redistricting map that he was told was one of the top options for Democratic leaders. The map and the accompanying chart of population and voting statistics suggest that this is a credible option for how Democratic officials would redraw the 6th Congressional District to make Republican Rep. Roscoe Bartlett vulnerable in 2012.

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Hurricane impacts redistricting hearings

Former Delegate Jim King put on a suit and tie for the redistricting hearings in Annapolis and Columbia Tuesday. But earlier in the day, the lone Republican on the Governor’s Redistricting Advisory Committee was in jeans, throwing out $25,000 worth of food from his two restaurants, Rockfish in Annapolis and Kaufman’s Tavern in Gambrills. Both eateries had been without power for three days after Hurricane Irene came through, and King bemoaned the loss of business and spoiled food at one of the busiest times of the year.

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