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Rising Seas 3: Weird weather and sea level inching up prompt Baltimore to confront future climate

In Baltimore’s waterfront neighborhoods, flooding is so common that many residents view it as an inevitable nuisance. Some families who have lived along the water for generations have seen dozens of floods and storm surges and have chosen to stay. If sea levels in the Chesapeake Bay region rise 2 to 5 feet this century, as researchers predict, Baltimore neighborhoods would be inundated — along with the 11,700 to 13,000 houses and apartments constructed on those blocks, according to a Capital News Service analysis.

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Leaving the Legislature: Carolyn Krysiak

Somebody wants to talk to Del. Carolyn Krysiak as soon as she steps into a Thames Street coffee shop on the Fells Point waterfront she’s represented for two decades.

It’s just a brief conversation, something about e-mails and maybe a meeting. Krysiak,a Southeast Baltimore Democrat who declared last week that she would not seek re-election, says Wednesday was a good day to meet. It’s been a rainy morning, not good for gardening.

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