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Attorneys general team up with Facebook to protect privacy

Led by Maryland Attorney General Doug Gansler, the National Association of Attorney Generals (NAAG) has teamed up with Facebook to improve social media security with the launch of a new consumer education program. “Just as we must address bullying, harmful content and other dangers in our schools and in our neighborhoods, we must address them online,” said Gansler, president of NAAG.

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State government uses Facebook to “friend” Marylanders

Several Maryland state government agencies are discovering that there’s a lot to “like” on Facebook.

The social networking site, which boasts more than 500 million users worldwide, is free; offers an easy way to share information, videos and pictures; and is becoming a social necessity for anyone with a computer.

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Who’s tweeting? Candidates differ on delegating social media tasks

Politicians are increasingly using social media sites like Facebook and Twitter to pass along views and opinions to voters with the click of mouse, but is it worth a busy candidate’s effort to sit and tweet all day?

Maryland office seekers differ on how directly candidates should be involved in their social networking promotions. Some aspiring lawmakers are limited by their financial shortcomings and are unable to hire social media gurus, while others say putting their own fingers to keys is the only way to ensure authenticity.

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Tweet by Authority of: Elections officials making rules for social media

State elections officials are developing regulations to tell candidates on how they should identify themselves on social media such as Facebook and Twitter.

The rules will likely involve displaying Maryland’s traditional “By Authority of” line that includes the name of the campaign committee and treasurer on the Internet postings. This is probably unworkable for Twitter’s 140-character count, but they’re working on an alternative.

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Analysis: Wired primary in Western Md.

You’ve probably read that House Minority Whip Chris Shank plans a challenge to longtime Sen. Don Munson in the Republican primary this year. It appears that both men believe their bases are going to be following the debate online.

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